Okay, I had to. I had to start this new story. I was dying okay? But I will try to update this and "Fading Fast" evenly.

Lightning cracked across the sky and flashed its static light through the darkened clouds, plunging the land below into darkness and thick rain. The winds whirled and thrashed like a wild beast, making the shutters of the small homes crack against the walls. Not a single person dared to quest out into the storm… except for a lone figure, shrouded in blood red, with a hood covering their head. They sped through the allies and kept off the main roads, fearing of being seen.

This village was called Jezzeru, a small, belittled place, just outside the larger cities of the kingdom. It was a seldom visited place, but tonight it would bear the future, the good and the bad, within that very storm.

The woman in the cloak lifted her head, revealing her shining blue eyes to the wind, and looked beyond the ally of the small shops to the homes just beyond. She raced forward, feeling the full force whipping at the drapes of her cloak. The storm was fierce, but she was more so.

She arrived onto the poor street of her destination and she could hear the woman's cries from several homes away. She quickened her stride, through the mud of the road, and flung herself at the closed door, placing a quick hand to tap her arrival.

The door flew open, revealing a young, pale man with dark black hair, looking thoroughly relieved. "Doctor," he gasped, just as a woman behind him screamed in agony.

"Mr. Hitachiin," she greeted in returned, sweeping past him into the room. He closed the door behind her, bolting it in place.

The scene before her was shabby and dark. A single candle lit the room on the kitchen table. To the right was a bed, and on it was Yuzuha, her patient today. Quickly shrugging off her cloak and rolling up her sleeves on her dress, she approached Yuzuha who was clutching her swollen belly, panting hard. "Can you light more candles?" the Doctor asked, turning to the husband with an eyebrow raised.

"Of course, Miss… uh…"

"No need," she replied, "just called me Doctor." She liked to keep her identity hidden because if the Queen ever found out…

"Alright," he said, hurrying to the small closet.

The Doctor turned away, pulling blonde strands out of her face and got to work. A birthing could be painful and very much dangerous. This woman was far along… If only she could have gotten here faster but she had to abandon her horse just outside of the village to ward off suspicion.

"Come dear. It'll be alright," she whispered, placing a warm rag upon Yuzuha's forehead. "Now let's check below." She lifted up the blanket and gasped, "Oh no!"

Yuzuha was fully dilated, blood soaked, and the baby was coming right now. She screamed out as she began to push the baby through. "Mister," the Doctor called, "hold your wife's hand. It is happening."


"Go!" she roared, placing herself between the woman's legs. She wished there was more she could do; she wished she had medicine or even forbidden magic to help this young woman, because things weren't looking so good.

The process was slow but so fast. Yuzuha screamed as her insides tore under the strain and she soiled herself, creating a horrid stench about the room. There was so much yelling, so much screaming, until finally the baby was spent forth in a scream of its own.

The Doctor was relieved, because any longer would have killed the girl. "It's a boy," she proclaimed happily over the screams of the babe. But then she looked up. Yuzuha was still panting, still pushing, with tears streaming from her eyes.

She gasped in surprise as she realized there was another baby coming. She grabbed at the sheers sitting on the table, and cut the umbilical cord of the baby in her hands and shoved it at the stunned father before returning to her previous position. "You can do this!" she yelled, turning to the screaming mother as she fought to bring her second child out.

But before her very eyes, the doctor watched Yuzuha convulse. There was too much blood. She was going to die.

The doctor spun around and searched the instruments on the table until she found the dagger, old but sharp, and she brought it around to the fading woman. "What are you doing?" the husband yelled her, catching her hands before she could do anything.

"Any second your wife will be dead. There is nothing I can do but your child is still in there. I must cut it out."

"No, NO!" he roared. "She can still make it."

Yuzuha shook her head, drawing the attention of them both. And she spoke her last words, "Save him."

And the doctor complied. She brought the knife forward and the blade bit into Yuzuha's stomach, making her scream in complete agony. But it was already too late. That scream dulled into the background of the first baby's screams and the husband's sobbing.

The Doctor cut delicately and expertly into the womb, ignoring the blood and the gore and the complete mess of it all. She focused on saving that life just under the skin. Ripping open flesh, she tossed the knife aside and scooped her hand inside, feeling the writhing baby within the warmth. And as lightly as she could, she pulled the baby from the womb and wiped it clean with a ratty towel. The baby screamed instantly and insistently. She cut the cord.

"A second boy," she whispered, standing above the mutilated corpse. She brushed the towel across the babe's head, revealing just a trace of orange hair. Her breath caught. Were these the two of the prophecy?

"Twins," the father murmured. "We must kill the second." He gestured to the baby in her hands.

The Doctor's eyes widened. "NO! It is your dead wife's last wish for him to live."

"But it is the law," Mr. Hitachiin whispered but his eyes were conflicted. "It has been decreed that the second baby will be evil spawn and must be put down."

"The Queen is a liar," the Doctor hissed.

Mr. Hitachiin was shocked into silence. "Then you must take him," he replied. "You must take both of them."

"Both? Are you abandoning your children?"

He looked utterly destroyed and defeated. "No, but I go to war in the morning. The Queen has sent for soldiers... You must take them, take care of them."

The Doctor looked down at the baby in her hands, who had quieted in unison with the first. Her own child had been taken away from her just one year before. Yes, she would take them. At least she could protect them from the Queen. "Then I must leave, before they are discovered."

Mr. Hitachiin was already ahead of her, wrapping the oldest twin in a swath, and then the second. Then he handed her a large basket to carry the twins, but still could be discreet with.

And soon after, she slipped out into the raging night.