The year was 122,802 A.D and the cosmos were in a state of cold war. Vast sections of the universe were divided by the four reigning superpowers and their collection of allies and clients. The mighty Galactic Federation, perhaps the most cosmopolitan of these powers, claimed to be fighting for democracy and a free market system, it was to this government that most humans laid their allegience to, as mankind was one of the founding members of the federation and Earth was one of it's most important worlds. Despite their claims to the status of the most morally upstanding of the superpowers, the Federation was rife with dark elements.

Hidden from the public eye, these shadow corps were given free reign to act upon the Federation's enemies without having to constrain themselves to the moral code that many higher ups felt were a disadvantage against many of their more rapacious foes. It was these elements who lead the brazen and scarcely provoked assault on the world of Cylosis, capital of the Cylosian Reich; a great power founded by the descendants of Germanic colonists, killing everyone save for the only child of the Prime Minister, a boy named Samuel von Sanders, at that time only three years old. Samuel was rushed to a bunker just in time to see the world he had grown up in be pummelled by orbital bombardment, and to see his mother be cut down by the bioweapon known as Frank in order to give the bunker's blast doors enough time to seal properly.

The rapacious Space Pirate Confederacy, ruled by the junta like High Command based on the hyper industrialized world of Urtraghus, was the Federation's primary rival, consisting of some of the most violent species in the cosmos, the Space Pirate Confederacy was a socially darwinistic society in the most extreme of ways. Those who were strong could take what they wanted from those who lacked their personal might and political clout, a philosophy they extended to other species, such as their brutal raid on the federation world of K-2L, which was attacked for no reason other than that the Federation fleet that was supposed to be protecting it was busy launching a raid deep into Cylosian space and that it was rich in the energy dense crystal known as Aflorite.

Lead by one of High Command's enforcers; the sadistic Space Dragon Ridley, the Space Pirates slaughtered everyone on the planet with brutal relish, taking care to utterly desecrate the planet. The Governor of the world, one Rodney Aran, sacrificed himself and detonated a cache of Aflorite to destroy Ridley's command ship, while his wife, Virginia gave her own life to save her only daughter, three year old Samus Aran, from Ridley who had lured the little girl with the intention of messily devouring her. Samus was able to watch in horror as Ridley devoured the body of her mother in front of her before he was forced to flee due to word of a relief fleet arriving.

Two other powers, the expansionist Kriken Empire and the Justice obsessed Vhozon Kingdom, generally fell into uneasy alliances with the Space Pirates and the Federation respectively. A veritable sea of other nations, from Great powers such as the Cylosian Reich to minor countries like the League of Ophelian Planets, generally fell into these two great blocks, few survived on their own. But while it is important to our story, the politics of the time are not the centerpiece of this tale. Rather, it is the tale of the two Orphans, Samus Aran and Samuel von Sanders.

Samus would be raised by the Chozo,, an ancient but fading race of birdmen with technology far beyond what the main powers had; a conclave of whom Rodney and Virginia were personal friends with, one who would raise her as their final warrior, one that would imbue her with the best aspects of their remarkable genetic code. Samuel von Sanders would be taken in by the Alimbics, a once mighty species of hyperadvanced intellectuals who were all but wiped out by the predations of the lovecraftian monstrosity known as Gorea ten thousand years ago. The hundred or so remaining Alimbics, much like the Chozo, also knew the orphan to be's parents, and out of guilt for advising Heinrich von Sanders down the path that would lead to Cylosis' burning, would adopt Samuel and imbue upon him their technology and training to become strong enough to one day take revenge.

Both would be bestowed with remarkable suits of power armour. Samus with a golden yellow armorsuit with a red breastplate and helmet, flaring pauldrons, a blue T shaped visor, and her iconic green arm cannon. Samuel with a modified Cylosian Commando suit, an ebony black suit of armour with red trimmings, inward curving pauldrons, a spiked pickelhaube style helmet, and an armoured long nozzled full face gas mask, equipped with a modular assault rifle. And when both reached thirteen, they would embark into the cosmic scene at large. The tales of their first forays into that scene have already been told, as have the tales of their respective rises, these are the tales of the adventures and missions they underwent between those pivotal moments.