Beneath the surface of the world of Talos, a great mass of Clocktrix had gathered around one of Verkatrix's "Duke's", Clik Clak. It's bronze coloured chassis was regally outfitted, made to resemble the nobility of a long gone era when they went to war, garbing themselves like a knight of knights. A flowing cape given to no reason other than to appease Verkatrix's delusions of a royal court adorned Clik Clak's shoulders, and it's metallic, spherical head bore a form of crown. The seven foot giant calmed it's ravenous masses of subjects with a hand. "The organics who have oppressed us...who have thrown us into slave labour, believe that they can stop this revolution with military force..." He started, holding the lapels of his cloak.

"But they are wrong...for we represent the future...we represent the coming storm...the rise of the machine! Others of our kind fell on their face, but only because they resorted to nothing more than cold logic...But we! We have the fires of emotion...we have true outrage! They think that we are insignificant due to our size...but our industrial machine is unmatched...and we have supporters all across the cosmos." The demagogue duke continued, raising it's arms and bringing forth a rousing cry of support. "Even though we are repelled here, it matters not, for our true goal is not to strike at isolated fringe galaxies...but at the very hearts of our enemies...It matters not if we win or lose here...for this is but a diversion. Now I shall be taking my leave of this place, I wish for you all to cover my escape to where the King requires my presence." Clik Clak stated, holding the lapels of it's cloak like a gentleman as it spoke in it's deep, booming voice.

The Clocktrix did as told, continuing to surge out of the underground even as they were being cut down by the newly reinforced enemy. Clik Clak on the other hand, started to advance towards an escape ship, casually striking down a Federation army soldier with a back handed swat that shattered nearly every bone in his body as he walked past, looking out towards his soldiers and giving them a nod as he prepared to enter the vessel. With a hiss, the vessel's entrance ramp lowered, and he and his personal guard began to enter.

Striding in confidently, Clik Clak reviewed his own plan to see the mad vision of Verkatrix brought to life. A vision that would liberate the oppressed machines and bring about the age of wires and gears. A vision that would leave the cosmos in flames. Certainly it was a glorious vision, one that Clik Clak was only too happy to aid.

As the vessel took off, Clik Clak gave the world a final glance before it left it behind for hyperspace, bringing the mechanical duke to parts unknown to carry out the next stage in the Clocktrix's plans.


Samus was cruising in her ship, which slipped through the multicoloured madness of hyperspace with unimaginable speeds. Her helmet was removed, her blonde hair held in a pony tail, with two locks going down to near chin level in front of her ears, and her bangs kept a bit above eyebrow level. Her blue-green eyes scanned her wardrobe as she decided on something to wear for a meet up with her friend, before settling on a green vest, forest coloured pants, black boots, and a white shirt. She stood at about 5'2, rather tall for her age, but she still had a substantial amount of growing to do. E

Eventually, she landed at a base planet about ten thousand light years away from her prior location in a busy space port that was swarming with Federation activity. As she walked out, striding through the sea of personnel, she looked up at the sky, from where she could see the ships posted in a defensive patrol over the world. She could only make out the larger vessels from this distance, though how big they had to be depended on how close they were to the surface. A veritable swarm of chrome plated vessels cut through the void of space above, like the waterborne ships of a long gone era, looking over the world like sentinels in the stars. But her musing was soon interrupted by a familiar voice, one that was beginning to crack. "Hey there Sammy!" Said the voice, clearly belonging to a boy about her age.

Turning around, she saw Samuel in his typically casual civilian outfit, warmly smiling at her in a goofy but earnest manner. "Oh hi Samuel. Where were you?" She asked, tilting her head to the right a bit with a grin. "Oh off doing some work for the Krikens…ran into some gearheads." He said with a shrug and a light smile. "Krikens? Samuel…you really should learn to stop working for people like them…it's just…not right to work for bullies like them." She responded, frowning a bit as she spoke. "Sorry." He said sheepishly, backing off slightly. "Well, at least you were off fighting the Clocktrix rather than doing anything heinous." She said encouragingly, a slight smile returning to her soft features.

"Oh phew, I thought I was in trouble." The Cylosian boy responded, if he was uneasy being near so many officials of the Federation, he was doing a good job at hiding it. "Well Samuel, your heart's in the right place, and that's what counts. Just, be careful with what crowd you hang in…I worry sometimes" She informed him, blushing slightly, straightening herself out as he shifted his stance a bit and tried to look away to hide his own cheek reddening. "Gee…you really know how to make me feel awkward…" He said, running a hand through the hair on the back of his head. "Well isn't that just adorable." Came in the icy voice of Rundas, whom as a Phygrisian resembled a Vhozon in the same way a Gorilla resembled a Chimpanzee.

Immediately Samuel flailed a bit, startled by the sudden appearance of the ice manipulating alien and his embarrassing comment and Samus herself felt a sudden shock of surprise and fright. "Bluh!" Samuel interjected while Samus coughed out, choking a bit on her own saliva. "Hahaha, it's cool." The eight foot tall alien chortled, partially at his amusement at their reaction, partially at his own terrible pun. "Rundas…that was…ugghhh…" Samus grimaced after figuring out the pun. "Well, Samus…who's the friend?" Rundas asked, and if he had the lips for it, rather than those small, almost invisible mandibles of his, Samus could tell he'd probably be smirking.

"He's Samuel…he's a bounty hunter." She responded, trying to avoid mentioning any of the details that would be best left unspoken in the presence of so many of the Federation. "Jokes on you, scanned him already." Rundas chuckled, shaking his head as he did so. "Don't worry kid, I won't be telling anyone." He finished, patting Samuel on the shoulders with his icy hands, causing the boy to shiver a bit. "Anyway, just wanted to drop in and say hi. I'll be seeing you around" Rundas said as he stepped out of the two's space. "…Best in the business?" Samus asked, aware that at the moment Rundas was widely considered the most skilled and effective bounty hunter, but wanting confirmation anyway. "Yep…" Samuel responded bluntly, a bit envious of Rundas' record, but nevertheless determined to surpass it one day. "Anyway…thanks for looking out for me." Samuel said, continuing their previous conversation as he turned back to face her. "It's the least I can do for you." She answered with a more prominent smile, reaching out and holding onto his right hand, causing both of them to turn immediately and prominently red in the face.

"So…think I can help out around here?" He said quietly, trying not to catch much notice. "Yeah, it'll be fun at least." She confirmed with a smirk. "Bet I'll smash up more gearheads than you." He said devilishly with a grin. "…You are so on." She responded with her own coy expression.