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3-0 "Truth"

"I didn't know, you could do that with a girl!" Makoto flopped back with a heavy breath of air.

The panting blonde rolled over and snuggled against the taller girl's side. Makoto wrapped an arm around her form. Warily she pulled Mina on top of her, until the girl's head rested on her shoulder and a long shapely leg was wrapped around Mako's waist.

Soft hands traced random patterns across Makoto's stomach, following the lines of her relaxed abs. She could feel the the girl's breath on her skin, smell the scent of her still. She could get used to this; the sound of rain as it drummed lightly against the panes, the room silent save for their own breath, the feel of Mina's body, warm and easy against her own...

"Hnn..." Minako paused her lazy drawing and turned her head into the curve of Makoto's neck. Though Mako couldn't see her features, she felt the girl furrow her eyebrows against her skin.

"You okay?" Makoto tried to pull her head back to look at Mina, but the girl wrapped her arms around Mako's shoulders, holding on tight.

"I-.. ...I can't feel my legs..."

Mako blinked, confusedly. And then she felt the vibration from Mina's chest, just before a bubbly giggle erupted from the blonde. Makoto couldn't help but grin. She wrapped her arms around Mina and snuggled against her happily giggling form, chuckling herself.

Eventually, Minako pulled her head back and grinned at Mako. She stretched her neck, but when Mako leaned in to meet her lips half-way, Mina pulled back again. Shifting her weight onto her leg next to Mako, the blonde pushed herself a bit upwards, pressing her own body against Makoto's in the motion. She caught the taller girl by surprise as she planted a light peck onto the tip of her nose. Another chuckle escaped Makoto as Mina winked playfully at her, then Makoto tightened her arms around the Senshi of Love, pulling her down to claim her lips in a gentle, devoted kiss.

They parted slowly, both breathing heavily again. Minako smiled down at her lover and leaned her head against the strong hand that tenderly pushed some stray blonde strands behind her ear. Mina's own fingers trailed lightly over Makoto's cheek. She leaned back down, hovering ever so slightly before Makoto's face. Her eyes locked with the emeralds before her. Mina moved her body, carefully allowing herself to rest more of her own weight onto the strong form below her. She pressed herself teasingly against the bare body, drawing a low purring sound from Mako. With a glint in her eyes, the blonde closed the distance between their faces and gently nudged her nose against the other girl's.

"So... You really wanted to get me into your bed, didn't you?"

The purr stopped. "..oh?" A frown appeared on Makoto's features, before she tore her eyes wide open, settling on the goddess before her. "... Oh! No! Actually, I wanted to get... more comfortable, but the couch... hn... And then, your.. dress was so damp and getting in between things... and..." Somewhere between the stuttering, Makoto's hands had started to travel along Mina's body again; now she lifted her head and brushed her cheek against Minako's. "...you... you smell good..."

The blonde giggled in delight. "...hey, I am not complaining... Do I look like I was complaining?" She lifted herself up a bit and grinned down at the brunette, causing an adorable pout to form on the athlete's lips.

Mako shifted her hands against Minako's spine and adding light pressure, she demanded the disruptive gap between their bodies to be closed. Minako followed suit, but slid down a little, returning with her head to the comfortable notch at Makoto's neck. The taller girl sighed pleasurably at the renewed full body contact and resumed caressing the blonde's back, stroking her long, silky hair and purring contently.


Makoto's thoughtful voice caused Minako to raise an eyebrow, but before she could ask what her precious body-pillow had been agreeing to, the girl roamed her hands one more time over her body, this time though with a somewhat seizing grip, and spoke again.

"Definitely. My favorite dress on you. ...though, on second thought, off is good too..."

Minako laughed and placed a kiss against the tender skin of Mako's neck. "...speaking of which... I have NO idea where any of my clothes went..."

With a light huff, Mako lifted her head to look around them. Her bedroom was a mess. But she couldn't care less. She held a pure beauty in her arms. Naked. And all hers...

Dropping her head back, Makoto shifted beneath her girl until she laid half on the side, Minako's head resting on her upper arm, her legs entangled with Mina's. Mako closed her eyes as she relished in the contact and smiled. "You don't need them..."

Minako let her gaze fall side-ways in a thoughtful manner, though her eyes glittered happily. "Well... They're kinda soaked anyhow. Geez, that was some rain, wasn't it?"

The brunette holding her shrugged lightly, then leaned forward, brushing some golden locks off Minako's shoulder and placing a light kiss on the exposed, smooth skin.

The blonde sighed pleasurably, but kept talking, her voice quietening in thought. "...No, really, was it? I barely remember..." Then, a sudden jerk and a happy squeal of the blonde forced Mako to pull back. "Oh! Can I borrow one of your shirts then?"

Makoto raised an eyebrow at her giddy Love Goddess. Before she could even quite digest what Mina just had asked, the blonde widened her eyes as if suddenly realizing something.

"...oh, if you don't like me to-... I mean, I can bring my own clothes... That's, if you don't mind that either-..."

A heartfelt laugh interrupted Mina. "Mina, you can wear my shirts and bring as much over as you want to. I mean... you are half-moved in here anyhow," with that, she pointed into the general direction of her closet, in which Mina had stored quite a bunch of clothes over time. She smiled at the girl in her arms and moved her hand to cup the blonde's perfectly shaped cheek. "...other than that, I just don't think you need any clothing anytime soon..."

To emphasize her words, Makoto leaned in and gently kissed the girl, sensually nestling her body against the Goddess'.

"Oh... I see..." Minako chuckled happily in between devoted nibbling. Her giggling though soon died away, as Makoto's hand resumed wandering along the side of her form. Gently she caressed her lover's shapely body until she reached her well-defined bum, teasingly yet claiming taking hold of her. Minako sighed contently, arching herself against her Thunder's athletic figure in pleasure. She let her own hand travel along Makoto's ribs, her fingertips brushing against the temptingly smooth skin of Mako's soft and firm curves, and resisting the lure before her slid her hand up to the back of Makoto's neck.

Minako let out another sigh as Makoto moved her lips away from hers, to treat the blonde's neck by showering the area with gentle nibbles and kisses. Her fingers entwined with maroon, still somewhat damp locks, following their length by letting them glide through her fingers and over her palm. Minako smiled.

"Hnnn... I like it down."

She felt Mako grin against her neck, "Just for you, then."

The blonde grinned happily and moved her head, planting a kiss on top of Makoto's hair when another stray thought entered her mind.

"...can I be proud, that I managed to get in bed with the straightest girl of Japan?"

Makoto stiffened in her arms and Minako immediately regretted her choice of words. With wide, worried eyes she watched as Makoto pulled away from her neck and regarded her with a dead serious expression. Then, Makoto's gaze fell to the side, a quizzical frown on her features.

"...can I be proud, that I got into bed with the incarnation of Venus?"

For a moment, they just stared at each other. Then Makoto giggled and pulled Minako into another breathtaking kiss. But the blonde pulled away way too quickly, leaving Makoto to frown suspiciously at her gloating Venus' pink lips.

"Does this mean I get your cooking more often?"

Makoto dropped her frown and rolled her eyes good-naturedly. "Daily."

"Yay!" Obviously very happy with the response, Mina leaned in to resume the kiss, but this time it was Makoto who pulled away.

" ...what do you want for lunch then?"

Minako took a deep breath and turned her head to consider the ceiling in what seemed to be deep thought. Makoto looked on as the blonde in her arms squinted her eyes and tilted her head. Muttering incoherently, Mina pulled her hand in front of her face, slowly retracting a finger at a time. Makoto blinked at the girl, wondering kind of mathematics her question could have implied that she wasn't aware of. Eventually, Minako's stern expression lifted and the wide, happy grin returned as she turned her head back to Mako. She moved her hand between them and tapped the tip of Makoto's nose with her index. "...you."

Grinning, Makoto rolled her eyes at the girl and just gently pulled her back into her arms. "Well, I still owe you that hot chocolate, don't I?"

"...later, maybe. I feel sufficiently warm and snug at the moment..."


"Perfectly," Mina sighed contently, letting herself drown in the endless emeralds before her, but after a few moments of calmness, her eyes narrowed a bit. A quizzical expression appeared on her features. She licked her lips and let her gaze fall to the side before she spoke. "So, I hope I'm not disappointing, compared to those charmingly charming Prince Charmings in those books of yours..."


Mina paused, the confusion plain on her face, her baby-blue eyes reflecting worry, insecurity and fear.

Makoto tilted her head and nudged Mina's nose gently with her own, answering confidently. "You're better."

"I am?" The blonde widened her eyes and pulled her head back in honest surprise.

An offended groan erupted from the brunette as she tightened her hold on Minako again. "D'aww, c'mon! Why would I want a Prince Charming, when I can have the Goddess Of Love?"

Makoto watched Minako blink, a blank look on the pretty face as the girl digested her words. A mute 'oh' formed on her lips before she was able to grasp the words flowing in her head and speak, still carefully choosing her words. "…...I was afraid you were going to say 'no'."

Mako's voice softened to a whisper. "I could never say 'no' to you."

A wicked grin appeared on Mina's lips. "I'll hold you to that, you know."

"...I just set myself up, didn't I?"

"You know... I really like those..." The blonde's words sounded rather serious and Makoto felt herself frown, as she tried to follow the girl's sudden change of subject. Yet, the blue eyes before her sparkled with mischief. Wiggling her eyebrows the blonde cast a pointing gaze down towards Makoto's chest. Joining her words and gaze, Mina's fingers gradually circled upwards on Makoto's ribcage while the grinning blonde bit her lower lip.

Makoto felt a deep crimson crawl up her cheeks, feeling awkwardly conscious all of a sudden. "They-.. I-"

"Oh, c'mon, Mako!" Minako almost growled at her, glaring at her in protest. "You are beautiful! Your heart, your body, your eyes, your soul, your hands-... Everything about you is! You are stunning!"

The blush on Makoto's cheeks seemed only to glow hotter as she blinked at Minako's words. She felt a smile crawl upon her lips and her vision became a bit blurry, as a revelation dawned upon her. "...I am yours."

The girl before her gasped for air and stared into her eyes, deeply. A light blush colored the blonde's cheeks as her blue eyes searched in the endless emeralds while at the same time trying to find words, any words.

After a seemingly eternal moment, Minako abandoned her quest and gave herself in to another deep, devoted kiss which Makoto instantly returned passionately.