[Spoilers for seasons 1 to 4. The events take place somewhere after season 4. Michael is assumed to have been defeated somehow, and the wraith are back at war against each other and against Atlantis.]

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It had been months since their wraith former ally, Todd, had last signalled to them. What could he want this time? The replicators were gone for good, Michael's army had been defeated, and the wraith had been so busy fighting each other that the Pegasus human worlds were flourishing more than ever. As far as Atlantis knew, no other threat had to be feared than the wraith themselves. Of course, the possibility of a trap could never be dismissed: Although Todd had proved somewhat trustworthy in the past, he could have decided that time had come to turn against Atlantis. On the other hand, they couldn't afford to just ignore him and miss potentially crucial information.

So here they went, John, Rodney and Ronon — Teyla staying at Atlantis to take care of her currently ill child. Their puddle jumper left the orbiting stargate and flied to the nearby uninhabited planet. Only one life sign showed on the screen; obviously, Todd was waiting for them alone. Unfortunately, as the abundant vegetation prevented them to land nearby, they had to walk a bit, to McKay's highest displeasure.

"He could at least have chosen an even land." he moaned as they were cutting a path towards their contact's position. "I'm going to break a limb!"

He stumbled on a root at the very moment a wraith blaster shot passed above his head.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ronon grabbed McKay and pulled him deeper into the forest while firing back, John at their side. They could get glimpses of wraith guards and heard a faint voice shout in the distance — but they didn't wait to greet their old traitor of a friend.

"I can't believe he betrayed us!" Rodney whined between two heavy breaths, dodging stunner blasts as well as he could.

"He's a wraith." Ronon replied angrily, still firing at the woods behind them. "What did you think?"

John launched a blast of machine gun to a wraith who approached them by the left.

"Discuss later; for now we must reach the jumper, quick! They are trying to corner us!"

When the team entered a clearing, they half realised in how much trouble they were. Only when they heard a too familiar shrill sound in the sky did the realisation reach its full extent.

Last thing they knew, the dart's beam was reaching them.