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"I exist. My purpose...well, where's the fun in having one of those?"


Her Butler, Contemplating

Ur was having a bit of difficulty.

Difficulty recognizing, realizing, that she was alive. Accepting it was something else altogether. It should have been damnation to live like this, a curse, and yet she couldn't regard it as anything more than a blessing of the heavens themselves. She had fingers again! She was able to touch-to feel-just as she felt the bare soles of her feet presssing against the warm sand of Galuna Island, toes worming their way through the grainy soil underfoot as she walked along the shoreline. It was wonderful. Indescribable. Even now she could feel her heart beating, experience the hot rays of the sun beating down on her back-

Ah, you're awake.

There it was, perhaps the sole drawback to Ur's newfound existence in the land of the living. If it could even be called such, now. Her body had been altered somehow when she'd emerged from the Iced Shell. She was absolutely convinced of it. It wasn't just her increased sensitivity to sight and sound, nor was it her newly empowered magic. There was strength here, power that hadn't existed before she'd gone up against Deliora. It thrummed through her bloodstream like a thing alive, speaking to her in Naruto's voice. Yes, Naruto. He had something to do with this, Ur was certainof it. She could hear him speaking to her, even now, the words revereberating through her brain whilst she strode forward.

Thankfullly, she hadn't told Gray about any of this. Her former student was just happy to have her back; she dreaded what he might think if he realized she'd come back as a completely different person. Her personality was still intact, but this body...this body...

...cannot thank you enough, Naruto-sama."

Ur perked up when she heard that voice. It couldn't be...

"Really, its nothing. A Heartfilia Butler who can't do this much isn't worth his salt."

"Why do you insist on calling yourself that?"

...it is the title I have taken."

"You know we would welcome you with open arms here"

A laught, soft and silky.

"No no, my place is at Lucy's side."

As luck would have it, she found the bedeviled butler conversing with village chief, the man once more humbly offer his sincere thanks for lifting the curse upon their island. Where Gray and the others had gone, she did not know; they were probably somewhere in the village celebreating the success of their assignment.

She'd passed out shortly after her "revival" at some point, and during that time, Naruto and the others had shattered the thick veil surrounding the island, subsuquently freeing the inhabitants under its spell. Apparently they too were demons, much like Naruto, but that was were the resemblance ended. The people of this island were kind to the point of benevevolence, whereas she'd soon learned the blond had a mean streak, perhaps as long as he was tall. Her body was still weak from being revived, but even from here, she could feel his power, the very air seemed to ripple softly wherever he walked.

Ur watched him, waited until the chief left, and even then she didnt approach him. Nay, she waited until she was certain he was alone on the beach, with no one to intervene. Then and only then did she step around the tree and make herself known to his eyes, reveal her prescence to him. He did not turn. For a moment she thought he wasn't even aware of her at all-

"It's a beautiful sunrise, don't you think?" Naruto said suddenly, leaving his back to her. Ur bristled, but said nothing, schooling herself into silence. Naruto didn't continue either-instead lighting himself a cigar before he chose to speak once more, his great croat stirred in an unseen breeze. "I haven't had the chance to see many of them, not since I entered into service under Lucy-sama at any rate. Poor girl just isn't an early riser, that one. Not like her mother. Still, there's a certain beauty to the mortal world, I suppose. So frail and fragile. Always so fleeting."

His words were almost-almost-enough to make her forget why she should be angry at him.

"You say that like you're old."

"Ancient, actually." The blond laughed again, the sound of his amusement sending a subtle shiver shooting down her spine and into her toes. "But I trust we're not here to discuss that." There it was again, the reminder of what he'd done to her, the quiet flaunting of his own power.

"What did you do to me?" she asked at last.

"Do?" The blonde turned to face her at long last, quirking a brow , the sun seeming to sear itself against his back whilst he pushed a hand through his chinlength bangs. "My dear Ur, I didn't do anything to you at all. I merely obeyed my master's wishes and acted as a conduit. You did this yourself when you responded to my voice." Something in that simple smile of his set her off, blood to boiling. He was hiding something from her! He had to be! There was just no way she could've come back as a...a...a...!


Naruto's grin was both telling and frustrating in the same vein, he was well aware of what she'd become; from her new body-long hair and all-right down to the dull-red color of her eyes. It was impossible for anyone to see, to recognize what had been done to her beyond the cosmetic changes. Except him. After all, he'd been the one to do it.

"Don't lie to me!

"Quite an improvement, isn't it?" He smiled, exposing pearly white teeth. "Being immortal? With that body you'll never have to fear death again. Gray would approve, I think. Now he'll never have to worry about losing you again-

"You leave him out of this!" she hissed, but his laughter took her fears and proved them all for naught.

"My my," the blond clucked. "Such a sharp tongue on you. We'll have to fix that someday. Don't worry, I'm just teasing you. I'm not the sort to enforce my will upon others. You'll learn someday that life is something to be appreciated; cherished and protected." Abruptly, his eyes darkened, those sapphire sea orbs becoming more akin to scarlet skies than anything else. "Even if you have to slaughter a thousand villains to preserve the lives of a million innocents. Even if you're destined to devour the soul of the one person you truly love...


"Relax, woman. You won't have to do that." He chuckled, and just like that, the cloud of anger that had descended upon him evaporated. "You're not bound to anyone like me. Although I would appreciate the company when all is said and done. Immortality can grow quite lonely, ya know?" Ur stood there, rooted by his words. He'd changed her simply for amusement? Brought her back not for the sake of Gray, but for companionship, something so base that she couldn't even begin to comprehend it. The very idea that he'd confirmed her worst fears was almost too much to bear.

"I-I need to think about this." she sputtered out.

"Please do." came the reply as she stumbled away from him, the words soft, yet encouraging. "I will be here, when you want to talk." He returned his gaze to the sunrise just like that, not even caring for the disgrunted look she shot him over her shoulder. The way he held himself, it was like he was a rock; and all the waters of the world would break harmlessly against him. Immovable. Imperturbable. As though nothing could hope to phase him, let alone make him move. He stood like that for what felt like an eternity, though only the merest of moments came between her departure and the arrival of another. Something pressed into his back, and a warm pair of arms enfolded him only seconds later.

Naruto heaved a sigh, almost physically deflating in on himself.

"I suppose you overheard that, hmm...


Lucy didn't release him; nay, if anything, the buxom blonde only squeezed him tighter, her trembling arms still circling his stomach. Now it was she who was reeling. Naruto? Immortal? A demon? She would be the first to admit she knew very little about her guardian despite all the years she'd spent with him, but for him to actually admit to being something more than human...it boggled the mind. Sometimes, it seemed the more she learned about him, the more distant he became. Each step she took toward him, he seemed to take three back. And then there was that kiss-was it wrong that it had felt so right? That she was developing a very potent attraction to the only male role model in her life?

It was a chilling thought.

What else didn't she know about him? What other secrets was he keeping? Was he planning on leaving her someday, like mamma? Abandoning her? Having the only Pillar in her life suddenly ripped away from her, was almost enough to bring all those old insecurities rushing back. They'd always agreed to disagree, but never, never had he even made mention of his hellish abilities. She'd always assumed they were some form of magic unique to him, not that he was a demon given human form! Were his feelings for her just a game? Had he been-

"You're hyperventilating." Naruto said suddenly, violently jarirng her out of that downward spiral. "Calm down. Just breathe." He writhed suddenly in her arms turning to face her. This close she could perfectly see those whiskered cheeks, feel his breath on his face, his hands protectively-tenderly-cradling her at the waist as though she were made of fine china. Lucy couldn't bear it! She lasted all of an instant before the memory of that liplock reared its ugly head again, forcing her own deep in the blonde's jacket once more. Calmness enveloped her as she drank his scent in, a heady mix of smoke and arousal fluttering through her nose.

"Baka." she muttered. "You should've told me sooner."

"Does this change anything?" he asked softly, stroking the small of her back. "Now that you...know?"

She shook her head, words muffled into his chest.

...of course not!" Naruto was still Naruto, violent though he might be. She remembered that now.

"Well, ah," he chuckled, "I suppose I should be relieved, then."

"You should!" she jerked her head up. That was a mistake; because it involved looking him square in the eye. What came next was not a mistake. He felt her arms tighten around him and her breathing quickened, her breasts heaving up and down against his chest.

"Lucy..." his voice held just a hint of warning...

She ignored him.

"Stay still."

He was helpless but to obey.

After almost a full minute, they pulled away from one another, his light blue orbs looking deeply into her own brown. She wore a subtle expression of amusement on her face as she returned his gaze, her grin turning slightly devious as she leaned in and pressed her lips to his. Sparks flew; a slew of fireworks going off in her head-


Clarity came rushing back to her, she realized what she'd just done. Naruto stared down at her, blinking, his arms a cage that held her to the ground. She could feel his knee pressing against something that it very much shouldn't and-

"You're bleeding."

Before she could stop him he dipped down and kissed her bleeding lip, lapping it up with his tongue. Lucy squeaked, but he didn't press her any further. She made no move to rise, and he made none to allow her; only when she began to squrim

"Great." she muttered, looking up at him, but the words were without rancour. "I've got a demon for a butler."

"A drop dead sexy demon," Naruto pointed out enticingly, "One who'll obey your every order."


"You kissed me." he continued. "however...

Her butler sighed as he leaned away from her and took a deep drag of his cigarette. When next he spoke, his eyes seemed far away and distant.

"When you feel abandoned by hope and fall into despair, do not yield to its strong temptation to surrender. For when you surrender you shall be swallowed by defeat, but should you choose to rise above and stand with bravery, then and only then, shall you find courage." His gaze found hers then-those crimson orbs quietly regarding her hazel. "Fear does not rule me, Lucy. Death does not faze me. I will not cower. I shall not fall. And I will never, ever allow you to be harmed. After all, you're the only one worth listening to."

Lucy felt her cheeks burn a pretty pink beneath that smoldering stare.



Both blonde's turned their heads and jerked apart, baffled by Natsu's sudden appearance. "Erza's here! She's totally pissed!" the poor boy looked as though he'd seen a ghost!

"Erza, huh?"

Naruto cracked a grin that was just a shade closer to terrifying than she would've liked. His smile seemed to devour all light.

"I'd better not miss a damn thing."

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