I do not own Harvest Moon A New Beginning. The default name for the female female is Rachel, but yeah decided to name her Henri :)

A Big Fish

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Tina's cheeks are puffed out in determination, her hands starting to ache, and she has a feeling this is the big one. It better not be an old boot or a coin! She was almost there and so close, but...alas the fish is more determined and not wanting to be caught by her.

"Ah, no!" Tina said loudly and her fishing pole seemed as if it was going to break if she didn't let go.

"It won't get away." Henri stated firmly, her hands on Tina's fishing pole, and she roughly tugged it. The fish flew out of the river and flopped around on land.

"Wow, It's so big! Thank you, Henri." Tina said happily and this must be the biggest fish ever. No wonder why it was so darn difficult.

"Your welcome and besides I promised that if you looked troubled that I would help you pull it up." Henri said cheerfully and she smiled at Tina. "Besides you are my best friend, Tina."

"Aw thanks, Henri. You are my best friend too!" Tina commented and grabbed Henri's hand. "Can you pretty please cook this fish up for me. I'll share it with you and stuff."

Henri nodded her head and they walked to Tina's house.

"Here you should use an apron, Henri." Tina stated firmly and her arms are crossed.

"I'll be okay." Henri told her.

"Come on, Henri." Tina said while grinning and Henri sighs before putting it on. "You can have it."

"What?" Henri asked in confusion.

"The design doesn't suit me." Tina commented calmly and looked at Henri. "It suits you more and besides today's your birthday, Henri. Happy birthday!"

Henri was speechless, she blinked her eyes at Tina, and the cheerful reporter just smiles cheerfully.

"Thank you, Tina."

"No need to say that because you are my best friend, Henri."

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