The wraith leader suddenly turned his gaze to the left. With a silent nod to his warriors, he ordered them to head in that direction. He followed them, still careful of every potential hiding place around them.

Ronon, Teyla and Rodney were the first to reach the destination. Four tied marines and three of their armed captors were anxiously running their eye over the landscape, a likely dead Genii nearby.

The Satedan stunned one of their enemies; immediately after, Teyla shot her borrowed gun, killing another on the spot, then Ronon fired again to take out the remaining soldier. Before McKay could use his own weapon, all Genii were either dead or unconscious. After a while, the scientist finally grasped the situation and let out a sigh of mixed disappointment and relief.

They were freeing their companions from their bonds when a blue ray of energy hit one of the marines. In the instantly ensuing exchange of fire, Ronon stunned the faced wraith, then set his gun to kill mode with an irritated grunt. Rodney grabbed his arm:

"Wait, we need them alive, remember?"

His friend angrily freed himself and, ignoring the request, actively contributed to the death of the remaining wraith.

Once the place had become calm again, Teyla turned to the standing marines and showed the stunned one:

"You should take him to a jumper, then help us free everybody. Ronon will tell you where he put traps. We need to leave as soon as we can before the wraith decide to send too many troops for us to resist, or to simply fire at us from their ships." She smiled gently. "Be safe."

Moltei grinned nastily when John tensed at the sound of the distant scream of pain.

"It appears the wraith have found the first group of your people," he sneered.

His satisfaction vanished when Genii weapons could be heard a couple of minutes later.

"Seems to me they found yours," Sheppard retorted with a wicked smile.

He defiantly bore Moltei's vicious glare.

[I'm sorry for those of you who like it, but this story is on permanent hiatus. I lost my interest in writing it when Stargate Atlantis was cancelled, especially considering I strongly disliked season 5.]