To my loyal followers,

I know all of you are eagerly awaiting the next chapter of A Trainer's Desire. Sadly, it will not be continuing; well, not in the traditional sense. With a combination of real life events limiting my time to write as well as the plot of the story becoming to convoluted for me to form a smooth storyline, I feel I must press the big red button I keep in the glass box next to my bed: total story reboot.

I know many of you cringed upon reading that, but rest assured the reboot will continue to have everything you loved about the original—minus a couple of characters. The reboot will take on a slice-of-life style genre mixed in with some adventure. And before anyone asks: yes Jason will still be a man whore. I write porn for Arceus sake.

I've had fun writing this story. It was the first one I wrote alone (with suggestions from both an anon friend and some of you). Thank you all for sticking with me through the overly long hiatus. I appreciate every view, review, pm, favorite, follow, critique, and praise that has come my way and they are make me want to continue writing, but all things must end, and this ending brings forth from its ashes a new beginning. The reboot will start at the beginning of Jason's journey as a Trainer, showing us how he met everyone (though some encounters will change).

Thank you all again,