Transdimensional Family Trip

Part 1: The Family Trip

Edited by Rain M-24

The Doctor wasn't always equine, and he isn't now, but he was for a few years. This isn't the story of how the Doctor became a pony, for that story has been told too many times. This isn't the story of what he did when he was a pony, either. No, this is the story of how he, along with his wife and children, went back to his universe.

In the magical land of Equestria, a gray Pegasus was looking for her husband. Ugh! where could he be?,she thought. He didn't leave a note, he always leave a note! His clock shop is closed, and the TARDIS is still out back; I know he's still in Equestria.
Her golden wall-eyes were frantically searching for the Doctor. Finally, she looked towards the schoolhouse with a worried face. "Ugh! How could I forget, it's show-and-tell day! Dinky will be so upset that I forgot!", she said as she began racing towards the aforementioned place of learning. When she arrived, she heard a familiar voice. A very familiar voice with a thick accent.

"...In conclusion; that's basically how time works, unless you were asking how the clock works…" said a very proud and brown Earth Pony. He looked around the room only to learn that Dinky, a light-purple unicorn/time lord filly, was the only other pony who was still awake. "Well, that was rather rude of them.", he concluded. Dinky giggled, having long known how difficult it could be to get her father to stop talking, especially when it comes to time.

"Well dear, it would seem that Raggedy was right," said Ditzy, trotting into the classroom. "You really can put a whole class to sleep if you start talking about time!"

"That's not true!", he said, walking one to his wife. "Dinky's still awake. By the way, I think we should visit Raggedy today. I haven't had a chance to talk to him in ages." Ditzy rolled her eyes; the Doctor alwayswanted to visit Raggedy. Since they were interdimensional counterparts, Raggedy and the Doctor had a better chase of carrying on a decent conversation with each other than anypony else, even Ditzy.

"Alright Muffin, but we're taking the kids this time," she said, remembering what had happened the last time they had left Sparkler and Dinky when they went to see Raggedy.

"Aw c'mon, Ditzy," said the Doctor. "There's virtually no chance of the Weeping Pegasi coming here again!" Ditzy glared at him. "But… just to be safe, we should take them along anyway," he said nervously.

**(A few hours later, in the TARDIS)**

The Doctor, Ditzy, and their daughters were preparing for a short trip to Trottingham. Dinky was ecstatic; she didn't get to see her Uncle Raggedy very often, and Sparkler almost never went with them, so this was a very happy day for her. Sparkler was the purple-maned, fuchsia-coated elder daughter of the time travelers. She wasn't really doing much, as she rarely did. However, she was looking forward to seeing what Raggedy was doing these days. She could so rarely go on her family's adventures these days; she hadn't realized how much she had missed it.

"Alright, family. We're about to head off, and-Dinky, what did you just press?", the Doctor asked, surprised at his youngest daughter's actions.

"Well Daddy, I typed in the code that allows the TARDIS to locate any alternate versions of you," she said, remaining startlingly calm, "because Uncle Raggedy likes to travel just as much as you, and might not be in Trottingham, and probably isn't even in the time that we think he is, and Sparkler doesn't get to come with us very often so I wanted us to find him as fast as we could."

Her family stared at her, shocked at her foresight. Dinky was very smart, but it was still surprising to see such wisdom at her age. Her father wasn't too shocked, but he hadn't thought that she'd had enough Time Lord DNA to work the TARDIS so well.

"Well, then.", the Doctor said, reaching for the pulley-chain that started the traveling. "Let's be off!"

The TARDIS did its thing, and they waited for the sound. You all know which one I'm talking about, the VWORP, VWORP, VWORP sound that happens when the TARDIS materializes with the brakes on. Well, something went wrong. They didn't hear it. Instead, there was a strange rumbling, and the TARDIS shook. Violently. When the Doctor stood up, he noticed something unusual. Familiar, but unusual. "Let's see… what's different? TARDIS looks the same. Well, a bit disheveled, but after shaking like that, what do you expect? Hm… I can't put my finger on it, but- finger?"

"FINGERS! I'M NOT PONY-SHAPED ANYMORE!" he shouted, astonished that he had regained his humanoid form.

"What are you talking about, Muffin?", Ditzy asked, unaware of certain changes to her own form.

"Ditzy! I think we're in my universe! I've got my hands back, and-I'm naked. Well, I suppose that's to be expected. Wait, Ditzy, could you come here a moment?" asked the Time Lord.

"Well sure, why?", asked his wife, rubbing her head.

"Oh, I just want to check something," replied her husband, trying to hide his curiosity. Ditzy was curious as to what he wanted to see, so she complied.

"Okay, Muffin. Wait… is that what you look like here?", she asked. The Doctor couldn't respond. Ditzy knew what humans and Time Lords looked like, since he'd shown her many pictures, but clearly didn't know what transdimensional travel did to one's form. He also had difficulty comprehending that his wife had become a blonde human.

"I think I should mention something to you, dear," the Doctor said, apprehensively. "You see, when you enter a different universe, you take on the form of the dominant species of that universe's equivalent of your home world. However, your physical traits are transferred to the form you assume; allowing you to essentially take on the appearance you would have, had you been born in that universe. Therefore, you are now a human." The Doctor tried putting the news as delicately was he could.

"Wait, do you mean that I don't have wings anymore? And where are the fillies?" she asked, both curious and worried.

"In order: you don't, and they're sleeping under that bench. Now, you might want to come with me to the closet, as nudity's a bit of a taboo on this world. Once we're dressed, we'll have to get some clothes for the fillies, since I don't have much that would fit them," he said, already beginning his walk to his closet. Ditzy followed her husband, curious as to both what she would wear, and how they have even gotten into this universe.


"… and that, my dear, is a basic summary of what London's like. Now, What have you chosen?" asked The Doctor, wearing a blue dress shirt with an hourglass pin on the lapel, blue jeans, a black vest, black trainers, and brown overcoat. "I hope it's grey, you'll probably look just as beautiful in grey here as you did back in Equestria. She then stepped out of the dressing room in a grey hoodie, white t-shirt, blue jeans, and some white-and-yellow running shoes.

"Tell me, Muffin," she began, "What do you think?" She spun around once, in an attempt to show him the outfit from the back. The Doctor grinned. He knew that there was only one answer that could possibly express his thoughts.

"Dear, you look just as beautiful as always," he said, "Oh! and I almost forgot, we're going to be spending some time on Earth so we'll need cover names. I'll use my old standard, Dr. John Smith, but what will you use? I'm thinking Diane. What do you think of Diane?" he asked his beloved blonde wife. She rubbed her chin for a moment, then she hugged him.

"Muffin, that sounds perfect!" she said, before sniffing his neck. Smells the same: bananas and butter. Sweet Celestia, I love that smell. The Doctor was slightly uncomfortable with Ditzy's silence, it made him worry that she wasn't adjusting very well to the whole "human" thing.

"Ditzy, is something wrong?" he asked, hoping to high heaven that his wife was happy.

"Not really, Muffin," she said, raising her head, and looking into his deep blue eyes with her golden ones, "I'm just glad that you still smell the same, I was worried that you wouldn't have that smell that I love so much once you had this form." At this, he breathed a sigh of relief, since his darling Ditzy was still her bubbly self.

"All right. Well, I just remembered that we could have the TARDIS fabricate the kids some clothing," he said, regaiining his composure.

"You mean that we don't have to go outside, after all?" she asked, disappointed at the loss of the opportunity to explore another universe. Her husband chuckled, then put on his trademark grin.

"What? You mean you don't want our children to visit the universe that their father calls home?" he asked, clearly joking, " I thought better of you, Mrs. Smith. Besides, this way, they get to meet Susan!" Ditzy was a little confused. He's never mentioned a "Susan" before. She looked at him with an expression of such "Say what?"-ittude that it was simply adorable.

"Muffin, who's Susan?" she asked her Time Lord husband.

"I never told you about Susan?" he asked. Ditzy shook her head. huh, I can't believe that I've never mentioned her before. "Well, my dear, Susan is my granddaughter," Ditzy let out a sigh of relief, then she was puzzled, "Now don't look at me like that, you're well aware that I'm old enough to be a great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather," he said, "Besides, I haven't seen Susan in ages, so I'm happy that I'll get the opportunity." he said, beginning the walk to the main TARDIS console, followed by his wife.

"Well, yes, Muffin," she began, "but I'm surprised that you'd go all these years without mentioning your granddaughter to your wife!" He chuckled, Oh, Ditzy, he thought, you'd be surprised.

"Well, so am I," he said, as they reached the console, "but that conversation will have to wait, because we've got to wake the girls soon." He began typing various things into the console, and then came a ding. "Well, it seems that their clothes are ready, so could you wake our daughters. Oh, and be sure to explain the wholehuman thing to them!" he said, while walking to the compartment that contained his daughters' new clothes.

"Yes, Doctor," Ditzy said, a bit worried how her children would react. They had both seen pictures of humans, had English culture explained to them, and otherwise been acquainted with humanity their entire lives, but she wasn't sure how they would react to being humans. While Ditzy woke (and explained the situation to) the children, The Doctor was selecting his daughters' outfits.

Let's see, for Dinky, the yellow jacket, purple T-shirt, blue jeans, and grey running shoes, he thought,For Sparkler, the purple jacket, white shirt, blue jeans, and red trainers.

"Alright, ladies," The Doctor said, "Now let's go over our cover identities. I'll be Doctor John Smith. Ditzy, you'll be Diane Smith. Sparkler and Dinky, you'll be Lucy and Penny. Everyone Got it?" The entire family nodded in agreement. "Good," he said. opening the doors, "Now I'd like to be the first to welcome you all to London!" He then stuck his tongue out, and waited a few seconds before speaking. "To be more precise: London, England; October 12, 2006."

To Be Continued in Part 2: Welcome To London!