A Transdimensional Family Trip

Part 2: Welcome To London!

Edited by Rain M-24

Susan Campbell was having a relatively normal day. Well, almost. She had awoken that day with a strong feeling that she'd have one of the most exciting days she'd had in decades. So far, however, it wasn't too unusual.That's odd, she thought, My senses haven't lied to me before, but there's a first time for everything, I suppose. She picked her purse up off the counter, since she decided that it was about time to close the shop. She didn't want to be late for the meeting, after all. Just then, she heard the door open. "We're closed!" she shouted, just as a young family walked in the door. "Hey, didn't you hear me? I said we're…" she stopped talking as she saw the man leading the group. It can't be… can it? she wondered, frozen in place. The blonde woman standing next to the oddly familiar man seemed concerned.

"Miss?" asked the woman, "Are you alright? If not, my husband's a Doctor, and-"

"A Doctor?" Susan asked, cutting of the woman, "Do you mean The Doctor?" Susan was trying not to seem too hopeful, but she was failing miserably. The blonde woman glanced at her husband, then looked back at Susan. Huh, thought Susan, This woman's eyes are severely crossed, and…yellow?

"That depends on who you are, miss," the wall-eyed woman said, cryptically. Well, cryptically to anyone who hadn't travelled with the Doctor, but to anyone who had, well...

"It is you!" Susan exclaimed before wrapping the Doctor in a hug. The woman got rather upset at this, as you could guess. Before she could yell at Susan to get off of her man, however, Susan said something that even the Doctor hand't expected. "Oh, Grandfather, I haven't seen you in ages! You've regenerated a few times, I see." At this, everyone but Susan was shocked. The Doctor was the first to speak.

"Susan?" he asked, his shock more than obvious to all of them.

"Yes, Grandfather?" asked Susan, curious as to why he'd be so shocked. The Doctor started laughing hysterically, until his wife stopped him.

"Muffin, aren't you going to introduce us?" she asked, her irritation more that a little clear. The Doctor grinned his trademark grin.

"You're right, dear, where are my manners?" he asked, releasing his granddaughter from the massive hug, "Susan, I'd Like you to meet my wife , Ditzy, and our daughters, Sparkler and Dinky." While he said that, he motioned toward his wife, a teenage brunette, and a prepubescent blonde girl. Susan was surprised that The Doctor had children, but this was no time to question that.

"Grandfather, you simply must come with me," Susan said, "I'm sure that there's a great story as to where you were, and I'm sure that the others want to hear it." The time-traveling family was collectively astonished. Ditzy was the first to speak.

"Others? What others?" she asked the Time Lady. Susan laughed a bit at the question.

"Now that would be telling," she said to her step-grandmother, "and aren't surprises so much more fun?" she asked, grinning like the Ninth Doctor. Ditzy sighed, since being married to the Doctor had made her used to such answers.

The Doctor didn't know how he got himself into these messes. One minute, he was showing his wife and daughters around London, and the next thing he knew, he'd been dragged by his granddaughter (whom he'd believed to be dead) to a meeting with three blonde women he didn't think he'd ever see again. The one furthest to his left looked to be in her mid-twenties, and had a cocky grin on her face. The middle woman was in her late twenties, and her blue eyes absolutely screamed joy. The final woman was just glaring at Ditzy, arms folded and curly hair tied back.


Well, this was fun. Anyone care to guess who these three women from the Doctor's past are?