A Transdimensonal Family Trip

Chapter 5: The End... Kinda

Edited by Rain-M24

It has been six weeks now since they have come to this universe, and they had already adjusted perfectly. Ditzy had insisted that the family stay in London so that Dinky and Sparkler could go to school, much to the dismay of the girls. The entire family, except Dinky and Sparkler, had been trying to get jobs, so as to keep up the illusion that they were a "normal" family.

"So, boys, how'd the job search go?" asked Ditzy to the Doctors, as they entered the two-story house that the group now lived in. The two time-travelers looked at each other, and Raggedy spoke to his counterpart.

"Turner, I think you'd best be the one to tell her," he said, his grin undeniable. "After all, it was your idea that we try UNIT." The Doctor agreed with Raggedy, since Ditzy would want to hear about this, and she trusted him more.

"Well, you see Ditzy," he said, turning to his wife. "UNIT's current commander, Major Gen. Haines, is quite familiar with my work as UNIT's original Scientific Advisor. Because of that, he was thrilled to learn that there were two of me looking for a job. He was even happy to learn that we already had assistants. He did, however, require that at least one of us be present for any matters requiring our attention, so Raggedy and I decided that it would be best if we lock up our respective TARDISes for a while. That means we won't be able to go traveling very often, and I'm so sorry for that." As he said the last couple of sentences, he seemed to take on a sudden interest in his shoes. Seeing her husband's obvious dismay, Ditzy laughed.

"Muffin," she began, wiping a fictional tear from her eye. "That's probably a good thing, considering that you tend to get sidetracked, and we can't afford to ruin Dinky's education. I mean, I'll probably have to join a gym, what with how much less running I'll be doing, but it's still for the best." The Doctor hugged his wife, happy that she was being so rational.

After 17 years of marriage, he still couldn't believe that Ditzy was so... great. Very few of his Companions had ever enjoyed his company more than the whole saving-entire-planets-throughout-all-of-time-and-space thing. Then he realized something.

"Ditzy?" he asked his cross-eyed wife, releasing her from the hug.

"Yes, Doctor?" asked Ditzy, noticing worry on her husband's face.

"I can't drive. I don't have a license, and even if I did, I don't have a car," the Doctor said, his face contorted with worry. "I haven't needed one in a very long time, you see. So... how are we going to get to work ?"

The End


Hello, everyone! I hope that you've enjoyed this Trip. This chapter was never meant to do any more than inform you of what the Hooves (now Turner) family is going to do in the Whoniverse. It's short for a reason, people (besides, I know nothing about English car brands, and didn't want to embarrass myself)! Angry about the cliffhanger? Don't be, I shall soon post a sequel