The Sentinel of dusk – Chapter 2


Taranee choked on a response to Susan's sudden outburst. Will was gone?

"She's gone!" Susan repeated in a much harsher tone.

There was a deafening silence lurking across them all. Susan's eyes shone strictly for a moment, until she finally gave up her facade and burst into tears, falling to the ground rather clumsily.

Cornelia bit her lip, trying her best not to show too much emotion, as she helped up the poor woman. Taranee held onto Susan's other arm, and both girls helped her back towards the apartment building.

The remaining two hesitated to break the heavy silence, until finally, Irma cussed really loudly.

"Irma!" Hay Lin frowned with watery eyes in response, as she wiped away a stray tear.

Irma shook her head before pulling Hay Lin into a warm hug.

Cornelia sat Susan down in one of the bedrooms and held onto her arm.

"Miss Vandom...we might be able to help find Will."

Susan's eyes lit up slightly – a sign of hope. She glanced towards the Blonde, who nodded slowly.

"I don't know, Cornelia." She began whispering, as the hopeful look on her face faded."I don't know what to do..."

Taranee sighed lightly, as she looked to the ground. "What could possibly have happened? Will would never...ever..."

They were suddenly interrupted by Taranee's phone ringing. She quickly held it in front of her and answered frantically.

"Taranee? Honey, are you alright?"

The fire guardian sighed – it was her mother calling.

"Yeah...I'm fine, mom."

"You're no doubt still at Miss Vandom's apartment..."


There was a short pause, until Taranee finally heard her mother's voice again.

"I want you to tell her that she's always welcome here...with us. It's not right for her to still be on her own after what's just happened."

Taranee mumbled a response before hanging up the phone. She then turned to Susan.

"Miss Vandom, would you like to come with me? My mom insisted..."

Susan considered this for a moment, and slowly nodded her head in agreement. She then stood up and headed towards the wardrobe to pack some things.

Cornelia glanced at Taranee, and the pair exchanged a rather small smile, before Taranee's lip quivered and she pressed her hands against her eyes.

The fire guardian stood up suddenly, as her attention turned to a pink necklace hanging from the side of the desk. It was the Heart of Candracar.

Hay Lin glanced over at Irma from the corner of her eye and bit her lip nervously. Ever since they had decided to go to 'The Silver Dragon' and inform Yan Lin of Will's sudden disappearance, Irma hadn't uttered a single word. Her only responses to Yan Lin's questions were either a nod or shrug.

The air guardian gave a sympathetic look towards the brunette. She couldn't possibly understand what her friend was going through.

Hay Lin's thoughts were interrupted by Yan Lin opening the door to the basement, with an empty look on her face. She, too, was trying her best not to surface her emotions.

"Grandma, are the others here yet?" Hay Lin croaked from the other side of the room. Her voice was almost breaking, but she fought the urge to break down in a situation like this ever again. They needed a plan.

Yan Lin nodded. The two remaining guardians filed into the room.

Cornelia stood with her head lowered and her hair creating a shadow across her face.

Taranee fiddled with her sleeve as an uneven sigh escaped from her lips.

Realising that the girls needed some time to think and discuss the situation alone, Yan Lin broke the silence. "I'll leave you girls for a while. I'll be back if you need me."

She closed the door behind her, and Cornelia looked towards the door before turning to face the others.

"We need a plan - and fast."

Hay Lin nodded slowly, before darting her eyes to Taranee and Irma – who hadn't said anything since they arrived.

"Does anyone know somewhere that Will might have-"

"She didn't run away!" Irma unexpectedly shouted. Hay Lin jumped up in shock and stopped mid-sentence.

"She wouldn't!"

Taranee intervened Irma's sudden outburst, "Irma, calm down. We'll find her, I pro-"

"How do you know that?!"

The girls stared in bewilderment at Irma.

Cornelia was the first to respond, "Irma, quit it out. This is serious."

Hay Lin gulped as the girls continued to argue back and forth. Why had Irma suddenly screamed after staying silent for so long?

She squinted her eyes at Irma, who was almost in tears. They were real tears – tears of sadness, anger and...guilt?


Hay Lin suddenly stood up and slammed her fist down on the table in front of her. The girls immediately stopped arguing and turned to face the air guardian.

"Fighting like this isn't going to solve anything!" Hay Lin continued, as the girls all stayed silent, still surprised by her unusual outburst.

Taranee lowered her voice and took out the Heart of Candracar from around her neck, holding it in front of her, "I found this on Will's desk."

She held it out in front of her as the girls continued to stare at its glow.

Irma's lip quivered. If Will had the Heart, she could be much safer right now...

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the Heart of Candracar floating around Taranee's neck, and shining much brighter. The girls could sense what was happening.

"Candracar..." Cornelia said out loud. "The Oracle might know something."

They all nodded as Taranee hesitantly lifted the necklace from around her neck and created a portal in the middle of the room.

Yan Lin suddenly entered the basement, as Hay Lin informed her of what had happened so far.

"We think the Oracle might know something."

Yan Lin nodded as the girls said goodbye and stepped through the portal.

The Oracle sat calmly in one of his chambers. He had already sensed that something had happened to the leader of the guardians, as her auromear appeared weaker and duller than the rest of the vibrant orbs of light. The guardians, however, still informed him at the first chance they got and on the same day of the disappearance.


He looked up from his seat before walking towards the sound of the voice that had called him. Sure enough, the four girls stood looking at him worriedly.

"Guardians, thank you for coming on such short notice." He paused. "I think...we may know where the leader of the guardians is."

Irma's eyes widened, "Really?"

The girls gave each other different looks – relief, fear, anxiety all contaminated their thoughts.

He nodded his head and continued, "As much as I tried to locate her on attempts were hopeless."

Taranee stuttered in response, "W-What do you mean?"

The Oracle shook his head, "I believe that Will may be in another world. Literally."

A/N: That concludes chapter 2! So, the girls are still trying to cope with the situation and their visit to Candracar has revealed that Will could be in another world. But why was she there in the first place? Did she go alone or was there someone else involved?

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