Title: Alfreds reminder

Word count: 543 - dabble length

Disclaimer:I do not own any of the characters and I write completely for fun and not for profit! If I owned a lot of things would be different!

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Summary: Bruce and Dick are not the only ones in the Wayne Manor that have nightmares. Even Alfred needs a reminder that his charges are home, safe in their beds. Dabble length

Authors note:

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There were nights, random nights, where Alfred would wake up in a cold sweat, his heart beating fast and the feeling of dread washing over him. It would take the elderly man a few seconds to get his bearings, and a few more to calm down his old heart. Bits and pieces of his dreams – nightmares – flashed again before his eyes, as Alfred slipped into his slippers and pulled his robe off a nearby chair.

Sometimes, late at night, after both Bruce and Dick were tucked into bed, Alfred would sneak down the halls of Wayne manor to check on his wards. A knot deep in his gut forced him out of bed to check on his charges.

The elderly man stopped in front of his elder wards door and twists the knob with silence that took years to master, Alfred pushed open the door, letting the hallway lights spill in. Blue eyes settled on the room's sole occupant, soothing the frayed nerves of the elderly man in the doorway. Alfred slipped in, his white slippers shuffling against the carpet, and stopped at the side of Bruce's bed. The butler pulled up the edges of the sheets, straightening them before pulling up the discarded blanket and tucking its owner. Nodding with satisfaction, the butler made his way to the exit, closing the door as quietly as it opened.

Alfred continued down the hall to Dick's room, and with a little less caution, let himself in. Manoeuvring around the slight mess of the manors youngest resident, Alfred made his way to the queen sized bed. The butler fixed the sheets and tucked the comforter around the sleeping thirteen-year-old. The elderly man gingerly bent down to pluck a stuffed elephant off the floor and tucked it under the edge of the blanket. Dick's fingers wrapped around Eleanor's body, tugging it close to his chest and sighed contently in his sleep. The butler slipped out of the room the same way he entered and made the slow walk back to his own quarters.

The feeling in his gut faded with the reassurance that his charges were safe in their beds and Alfred was finally able to breathe properly. The Butler settled himself back into bed, pulling the quilt up to his chin and falling into a comfortable slumber.