Chapter Four

(oh there should probably be a disclaimer: I know nothing about the sexual orientations of these actors, don't own any rights, etc, etc)

Ryan visits Adam Hicks and his old Z&L costar

Ryan Ochoa walked up to the swank condo building, shaking with nerves. I wish I was as cocky and self confident as Lanny, though maybe not quite so evil. It was dark out, a typical warm night in LA, and here he was coming to see Adam Hicks to most likely hook up with him and his old 'Zeke and Luther' Hunky costar Hutch Dano. I can't believe I am doing this but Adam was so cool, and OMG for a first-time guy I could not have asked for anyone hotter and nicer. He felt his teen cock stirring in his shorts just at the memory of what they had done that afternoon. At his age, his body was recharged and ready for more fun.

He was staying in LA on his own for the first time, filming the third season of 'Pair of Kings,' and the elaborate Disney Channel Non-stop Summer promo video filming that had dragged on to 4 days. Not that he minded! They all got paid, and he got to play around on the beach with so many other hot dudes from other Disney XD shows. He still lived down in San Diego with his family, but he was on his own here; they even gave him his own hotel room. He was wearing a tight, white low-cut wifebeater with a light green button-up shirt open over it, and a pair of long print board-shorts. He hoped Adam liked the underwear he picked out.

As he got to the building entrance, his iPhone buzzed, it was a text from his good friend Adam Irigoyen, from Disney's 'Shake it Up' asking what he was up to. Oh man, what do I say? He doesn't know anything about what Hicks and I did earlier. Ryan had to admit he had a secret attraction to his lean fellow Latino, who's full eyebrows people also made jokes about. He replied that he was tired and would text later.

He punched in the number on the condo panel, and the intercom lit up. "Ry-ry, come on up!" It was Adam's unmistakable slightly lispy voice. The door buzzed and Ryan let himself in. A short elevator ride and he was at the door to Adam's place.

Adam flung the door open. "Dude come on in!" He was wearing an oversized t-shirt and board shorts also. Adam showed Ryan to the living room of his really nice modern condo, where a huge flatscreen was playing, oddly, an episode of 'Pair of Kings.' "What can I get you? Hutch and I are having beers, and if you want one, I won't say anything. Otherwise, I got juice, diet Dr Pepper, Red Bull, Perrier…"

Ryan could not suppress a shiver, was it because Adam seemed to have set the AC on superchill, or he was nervous? "I… I'll have a beer if that's okay." Maybe that will calm me down, he thought as he sat on the big white leather sofa. It was always funny to see himself on TV, playing that goofy jerk Lanny, who audiences actually started to love—so much that Disney had him record this whole series of evil Lanny takeover plots for the web. Those were fun to do.

"Sure, little dude, just no driving, you don't want to end up like Musso! I will get you a cab, but you are more than welcome to stay over." Adam came from the kitchen with 3 bottles of Dos Equis, handing one to Ryan as he sat down right next to the Latino teen. "Actually I hope you are staying over." He whispered conspiratorially. "I really liked cuddling with you. I don't think Hutch can stay; wolf-boy is so possessive."

And just a moment later Hutch Dano strode into the room from a hallway, wearing a tight tank top and long baggy basketball shorts. Ryan could see he had just a little hair on his chest showing above his low tank. His muscular legs were hairy too. "Hey! Ryan!" He smiled, coming over to fist-bump before settling on the couch so that Ryan was between them, and taking his beer. "So, Adam says the shoot is going great. I remember doing that ep with you on our show; you were a real professional. And now you play the little evil troll so great! Who would know are totally opposite than that snarky little bitch."

"Really? You think so?" Ryan smiled sheepishly. He was trying to keep his knees from bouncing from his nerves. It had been a long time since he had really talked to Hutch besides that 'hello' outside Adam's trailer today, and now that he was close to Hutch, he seemed a lot more grown-up now. His body was even more muscular, he talked a little different, and Hutch's blue eyes were just as beautiful as ever. Ryan tried not to stare.

"Dude!" Adam put his arm around Ryan and gave him a gentle shake. "It is just us! Chill! Or, is it too cold in here?"

"Naw, I'm good." Ryan took a big swig of beer (he had actually had a little beer a few times before, so he wasn't too worried, and wow this Dos Equis was really good!)

Hutch sat back and opened his legs, and Ryan could see a big bulge in his clingy shorts. "Yeah dude, we all worked together before, and Adam and I are close buds after working together for three years." He put his hand on Ryan's knee and gently massaged his quad, easing him down. He leaned in and said more softly, "No pressure. Adam told me today was all kinda new to you, so it's all good, really. Just drink your beer and let's just watch you be evil Lanny for awhile. I love your character!" Hutch smiled and looked at Ryan with his beautiful blue eyes, and the Latino teen felt himself melting inside.

The episode ended, and somehow Adam had his computer linked to the TV and bookmarked a couple of the 'Operation King Me' videos featuring Lanny's plots to take over Kinkow.

Adam started laughing hysterically. "I love it when something goes wrong and you do the cute little 'Uh-oh!' in that scared little-boy voice!"

Ryan felt himself blushing. "Lanny is so fun to do, because he's just so over-the-top fake evil and silly."

"Oh!" Adam jumped up. "I got this from props the other day; they said I could have it because they made a bunch of them." He ran back down a hall where Ryan assumed the bedroom was, and a moment later came prancing back… wearing one of the cheesy 'Pair of Kings' crowns perched on the back of his head.

"Ohh, Lanny like!" Ryan said in his cracking Lanny voice. "I want to be king!"

Adam grinned his cute goofy grin. "We'll see what Lanny is willing to do to be king!"

"You guys!" Hutch laughed between swigs of beer.

"Actually," Adam said, as he went to the kitchen and got 3 more beers, "Hutch won't admit it, but your Lanny character turns him on, that's why I put up all the 'Operation King Me' eps."

"Come on, Hicks!" Hutch protested, but Ryan saw his cheeks getting pink.

"Admit it, bro!" Adam plopped down on the sofa. "You told me that Lanny looks like he just needs a good king-fucking to put him in his place."

"Dude, stop it!" Now Hutch's face was burning red in embarrassment.

Actually Ryan was really flattered – and turned on – that Hutch Dano was having some kind of fantasy about his character. Of course Ryan was nothing like snarly, whiny Lanny in real life. But he could certainly play him… "I'm glad you like my work." He did his best Lanny sidelong sneer look at Hutch.

Hutch actually giggled then! "Awesome dude!" He gave Ryan's thigh a squeeze, but left his hand on it, moving his fingers just a little on the teen's muscular leg.

"Looks like it's time to get this party started." Adam said in a low voice, as he leaned over to Ryan, gently turned his head and planted a long sensuous kiss on his lips. Ryan responded with a little moan, and as his cock sprang to full hardness, he spread his legs.

"Woah." Whispered Hutch, watching them and getting excited himself. He slid his hand up Ryan's leg and rubbed the teen's crotch.

Ryan responded by opening his legs further and groaning as Adam stuck his tongue into his mouth.

Hutch moved his hand up over Ryan's flat tummy, pulling open his shirt to better show off his heaving chest as Adam and he were making out. "Damn Ryan you are so hot!" He murmured.

Adam broke the kiss and helped Hutch get the youth out of the shirt so he was just wearing the thin tight wifebeater and his shorts. "Oh yeah, isn't he a cutie-pie?" Adam grinned. "Hutch, take off your shirt and show Ryan your sexy hairy chest."

"Well, okay. Ryan I hope it doesn't gross you out, but I'm kinda hairy for my age." Hutch said apologetically before he pulled off his tank.

Ryan's green eyes went wide. Hutch was not a bear or anything, he just had a spray of dark hair across his defined pecs and a trail going down between his abs to his belly-button, and then on down… "Oh man, I think it's… nice." His voice trailed off.

"Say it." Adam whispered in his ear.

"L-lanny likey." Ryan whispered, blushing. Oh god, the beer is going to my head and I haven't even finished one yet!

"Thanks." Hutch sat back down, locking his azure gaze onto Ryan. "Now let me see your chest." He smiled his cute little smile.

"Well, um…" But before Ryan could do anything, Adam and Hutch both had hold of his wifebeater and pulled it over his head.

Hutch got a glance at Ryan's armpit, with just a tiny patch of hair starting to grow. I have got to have me some of that. He thought. Then he took in the Latino teen's sexy chest, which he had just gotten teasing glimpses of with Lanny's v-neck costumes. Ryan was just starting to get definition in his pecs and abs, still a little softness. "You are perfect, dude." He said, feeling a combination of affection and incredible lust for the guy. He ran his fingers lightly over Ryan's baby-smooth skin, making the kid shiver.

"Told yah!" Adam said, before taking a big swig of his second beer.

Meanwhile, Ryan was breathing hard, turned on, but also feeling self-conscious as the center of attention. His knees were starting to bounce again.

"Calm down, short-stack!" Adam assured him, putting his hand on Ryan's shaking thigh. "Remember, we're only gonna do what you feel comfortable with, don't be nervous."

"Y-you guys are just both so hot." Ryan half choked out.

"Dude, you are hot too, otherwise Hutch wouldn't be practically drooling on you!" They both turned to the brunet, who looked up, blushing, from staring at Ryan's chest. "Summon a little of that Lanny self-confidence." Then he took the crown off and plopped it on Ryan's curly-haired head, then slid his hand up Ryan's thigh to gently cup the teenager's hardon. "Jeeze are you in pain in there? You got a major boner going."

"Well, uhh…"

"Aw come on!" Adam suddenly stood up, shucked off his t-shirt and shorts, so he was just wearing a pair of 'Perry the Platypus' boxers, with a huge tent in the front.

"Damn, I want a pair of those!" Hutch said with another little laugh.

"Get in line, I got them from that little cutie Vince Martella." Adam winked. "C'mon Dano, let's get Ry-ry more comfortable." Adam sat back down, and the two of them untied the unresisting teen's shorts and got them off, revealing a sexy little pair of orange low-rise C-in2 briefs… with a very nice bulge running up and to the left. "Oh, Lanny got some hot undies!" Adam added appreciatively.

"Uh, yeah, I've had these for awhile…" Ryan stammered.

"Hmmhmm, riiiight." Adam ran his fingers lightly over the bulge, making Ryan's cock twitch in its confinement.

"Stop teasing him, Adam!" Hutch said, seeing that Ryan was still shaking some with nervousness.

"Well, you stop teasing us, Hutchins. Drop those shorts."

"I'm not wearing underwear!" Hutch protested.

"So? It's time Ryan got to see what you're working with. I've talked it up enough."

Hutch slid his shorts down; his cock popped up and the cute brown-haired guy stood naked, shifting from one foot to the other with his cock curving up from its dark bush as he smiled crookedly.

Wow, Ryan thought, He really is thick. Maybe not quite as long as Adam's 8 inches, still Hutch had a very impressive cock, 7 or so, cut, with a big helmet head, and the shaft was a solid thickness Ryan was not sure he could not get his hand around—way thicker than Adam's, and he thought the redhead's cock was as big around as a paper towel roll. Hutch's cock had an upward curve to it kinda like Ryan's own; Adam's was ramrod straight. It was so cool to see how different guys' cocks were different shapes when they were hard.

"You like that, Ry-ry?" Adam asked teasingly.

"Come here, Ryan." Hutch urged, pulling the horny teen up and to him. Brilliant blue eyes met striking green as they closed for a kiss. Hutch kissed differently than Adam somehow, softer, more sensual where Adam was all passion and energy. And Ryan felt a little brush of Hutch's beard shadow across his smooth cheek. "I promise I won't hurt you dude." Hutch whispered. "I have had the hots for you since you were on our show, and you are even more grown up and sexy now." He ran his hands over Ryan's smooth body, gently teasing his little nipples. He sat them both back down again next to Adam, who was watching them hungrily.

"Hutch, man I thought you were so hot. I love watching those Zeke & Luther episodes where you are so sexy looking into the camera." Ryan said softly, as Hutch's roving fingers got to the waistband of his briefs, and his mouth moved down to clamp on one of Ryan's nipples and eagerly sucked it. "Oh jeeze yeah!" Ryan groaned as Hutch bit his nipple just a little. His cock surged in its confinement.

"Let's release little Lanny." Adam grinned, hooking his fingers inside the briefs. When Ryan nodded, he slowly eased them down, letting Ryan's thick, uncut five-plus inches pop out and slap against his flat tummy. Hutch sat up and smiled, helping Ryan to kick off his briefs.. "Oh man, that looks good enough to eat."

"T-take all you want." Ryan was so turned on now, naked and hard with Hutch looking at him, he was stuttering from excitement more than nervousness.

"I have been so looking forward to this!" Hutch said. He leaned down, one hand going into Ryan's little bush to aim his curving pole upward. Then he licked Ryan's steel-hard cock teasingly. "It's just as hot as I hoped it would be. I hope you'll fuck me with it later?"

Oh damn, I get to fuck Hutch Dano! Ryan almost shot his load just imagining hot Hutch on his back, and Ryan putting his cock inside him…

"Oh yeah, that is so sexy!" Adam said, grabbing his crotch in his boxers. "You guys look so hot together." Then he shucked his boxers off and started to jack his hard eight inches.

Hutch licked and sucked Ryan's nice purple head tenderly and teasingly for a few minutes, making him squirm and writhe. Then he began to suck more of the teen's thick curving cock into his hungry mouth, keeping his lips tight around the shaft. One hand caressed Ryan's tummy while the other started to explore down under, seeking the boy's hot little hole.

"Ohh, dude that feels so awesome!" Ryan moaned as Hutch sucked harder on his tender cock while starting to push a finger in and out of the boy's moist ass. Hutch pushed Ryan's legs apart with his free hand.

Adam leaned in and pulled Ryan into a kiss while caressing his chest, and Hutch kept busy on the Latino's cock, driving Ryan crazy with stimulation. He finally had to break the kiss.

"Oh god, I am gonna cum soon if you don't stop, Hutch!" He whined.

Hutch let Ryan's cock pop out of his mouth and smiled. "Isn't that the idea? Or do you think you can hold it 'till I am inside you? I'd think you can give us some juice a couple times."

"I already came twice today with Adam…" Ryan said anxiously. He wanted to be able to perform for these guys.

"Let's trade off then." Hutch stood up, presenting his massive upturned cock in Ryan's face. "I'd love to feel those soft lips around me right now."

Ryan leaned forward, took hold of the base of Hutch's fat cock, and aimed it down some, and began to lick the underside like a popsicle, paying special attention to the spot at the base of the big flared head.

"Hmm, that's great, kiddo." Hutch said in a soft voice. He put a hand on Ryan's shoulder and caressed the teen, then worked upwards so he could run his fingers through Ryan's curls. He looked down just as Ryan took the head of his cock into his mouth, sucking on it while starting to stroke the shaft a little. "Ohhh man…" Hutch groaned, partly from this intense feeling, but partly because Ryan looked up at him with those big green eyes just as he started to suck on him.

Ryan's legs were spread wide, and Adam leaned in and started to suck the cute Latino while Ryan in turn sucked more and more of Hutch's big cock into his mouth.

Adam worked his fingers between the boy's legs and started to finger him, pushing into his hole. Damn I fucked him a few hours ago and he's already so tight again!

Meanwhile Ryan was sucking eagerly on Hutch, mostly on the big head and stroking the shaft. He was actually even thicker at the base, tapering a little up to just behind the head (but still really thick) and then there was the big cap. And it had that upward curve. Ryan wanted to take more than a few inches but he would gag, and Hutch actually pulled him back and said "It's okay bro, it feels awesome the way you are doing it, don't force it."

So they went at it for several minutes until Ryan finally had to sit back on the sofa. "I'm sorry, my jaw hurts!" He said apologetically.

"You were doing amazing, I was about to stop you before you made me come." Hutch smiled.

Adam sat up and gently stroked Ryan's tummy. "Yeah dude, don't apologize! You're such a hottie."

The teen smiled. "Then, can I ask you guys to do something, can I see you guys make out?" Adam and Hutch looked at each other in surprise, and suddenly both looked a little flustered. Ryan suddenly realized he'd stepped in something. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean –"

"It's okay, Ry-ry." Adam assured him. "Just caught us off guard I guess. What do you say?" He looked at Hutch.

"Well, it depends, I guess." Hutch actually looked almost scared. But his cock was still bone-hard.

"You know what we haven't done in a long time?" Adam smiled, stood up and took Hutch's hand.

"I dunno man, I'd feel kinda weird, since I am supposed to be with Tay now." Hutch looked away.

"C'mon, buddy. We know that relationship is open. Just for old times, and put on a show for Ry. Be good for him to see what two guys who love each other do besides sex." He grabbed the remote, turned off the TV and put on an Usher slow song.

Ryan sat back on the sofa, just barely touching his cock, as Adam and Hutch came together into each other's arms, and started to slow dance, their bodies – and hard cocks – pressed together. Obviously they had done this many times before. It was so hot, and sweet at the same time. Hutch put his head on Adam's shoulder and they just slow danced together. It was amazing since they were naked to be able to see all their strong leg muscles move as they shifted. On the show Hutch had always seemed kind of short but he knew now that Hutch was actually probably 5-11 or 6' tall and Adam was actually really tall, at least 6'2". They looked so incredible, their naked bodies pressed together. Adam slid a hand down and cupped Hutch's round muscular ass.

Very softly, turned away from their guest and too quietly for Ryan to hear, Adam whispered "I missed this. I miss you so much."

Hutch shivered, and not just from the chilly room. "Dude, you know how much I care about you. I miss you too." He started to kiss Adam's neck.

"Then why did you go? I know, Lautner is a hunk; hell, I'd have a hard time resisting him."

"You know it's not that!" Hutch whispered hoarsely. "I… I was scared, okay? Can we talk about this later? Can we just go back to being friends and having fun like the old days, before it got… complicated?"

"Sure, sorry." Adam felt his chest ache for a moment. He knew exactly what Hutch was talking about. It was the time, near the end of shooting Zeke & Luther and they were in bed after a hot session and Adam had kissed Hutch on the cheek and said the dreaded 'L' word.

Meanwhile, Ryan went from feeling like too much the center of attention to suddenly a voyeur into a relationship that had obviously been going on for years. The two older guys were running their hands slowly over each other's nude bodies. Even to Ryan, who did not have a whole lot of personal relationship experience (much less between two guys), it was clear that these two had been lovers… and maybe they were still in love. He could hear them whispering. He pretended not to notice and ended up finishing his second beer, and being a young teenager, it was rushing right into his system. His right knee would not stop bouncing up and down, and he was starting to feel silly sitting there naked on the couch by himself. Dammit I am such a dork! Maybe I should leave.

The song ended, and the spell was broken for better or worse. Hutch and Adam disentangled and plopped on the sofa on either side of Ryan, both taking big swigs of their beers. Adam wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Sorry, kiddo, we were ignoring you. Did you get a nice rest and a show, Ry-ry?" He smiled.

Ryan nodded. "That was… hot. I guess I never thought it would be so cool to dance with another guy close like that but it looks really… nice."

"Even nicer naked!" Hutch said with a nervous laugh. "But now it's time to get back to you." He put his hand on Ryan's right knee to settle him down again, then slid his hand up Ryan's smooth thigh to his crotch and started to gently fondle his hard cock and tight ballsack.

Ryan just moaned and opened his legs, inviting Hutch in. His toes curled as he felt Hutch's fingers cup his balls while his thumb touched the underside of his cock.

On Ryan's other side, Adam ran his fingers lightly over the teen's smooth chest and tummy, and soon Ryan was whimpering happily again. Hutch took Ryan's right hand and guided it to his thick hard cock, which Ryan eagerly took hold of. "Want to suck on it again?" Hutch asked.

Ryan looked up, got on his hands and knees on the sofa and, grasping the base, started to suck on the big head.

Meanwhile Adam was presented with Ryan's cute little ass, which he had enjoyed before. He did not waste any time in spreading Ryan's cheeks and diving in with his agile tongue.

Ryan let out a little moan of surprise and pleasure around Hutch's cock when he felt Adam start to rim him. Hutch could not help grinning as he looked across Ryan's back at the mop of red hair bobbing at Ryan's little ass. At the same time he fondled Ochoa's curls and started to very gently thrust his cock in and out of the boy's mouth. "That's it, kiddo, you are doing awesome."

After getting Ryan's little hole thoroughly wet, Adam sat back. "You guys want to go to the bedroom?"

They all climbed off the couch and three hot young men with hard cocks meandered back to Adam's dimly-lit bedroom and his king-sized bed.

Adam jumped on first and rummaged in a side drawer. "Hutch why don't you just get in the middle and lie on your back?"

"Sure man." Hutch did as he was told, propping his head on a pillow. He smiled over at Ryan, who was standing by the door, holding his hard dick and looking around shyly.

Adam open the tube of lube he'd just produced. "Ryan, straddle Hutch just above his waist, facing him."

"Um, okay." Ryan said, his voice shaking again.

"This'll be easiest, you can sit down on Hutch's cock at your own speed, cause he's so thick, okay?"

"Okay." Ryan realized his voice had gone up an octave and he sounded just like Lanny.

Adam slathered Hutch's cock and then pushed some lube up into Ryan's spasming hole.

"Try to relax dude, you took me!" Adam was caressing him from the side while Hutch held his hips and helped support Ryan as he felt Hutch's huge cock-head at his little ass.

"It's so big!" Ryan whined as he tried to push down. He finally reached behind himself and held it and forced himself down. And then he took the head of the hot skater's fat cock inside him…

"Oh man, oh jeeze, oh god!" Ryan winced as Hutch's huge cock-head popped into his ass. He tried not to hyperventilate.

Hutch didn't move except to gently try to hold Ryan's hips. He looked worried. "You okay, buddy? Adam said you took all his earlier."

"Just, please," Ryan hissed, "Gimme a sec, you are a lot thicker." He took deep breaths and held still.

"How's it feel, short-stack?" Adam whispered in Ryan's hear as he ran his fingers over the teenager's smooth chest, feeling his heart racing. Then he slipped one hand down to grasp the boy's twitching hardon.

"You are so thick man!" Ryan moaned, as he lowered himself a little more.

"It's cool," Hutch smiled his cute smile up at Ryan. "Take your time. Your ass feels so good already dude, it is grabbing my cock." He held Ryan's slim hips and helped support him. "Take it as slow as you need, I want you to like it as much as me buddy." Hutch, for his part, was so excited seeing the cute curly-headed boy straddling him, his own sexy uncut cock hard and sticking up as he started to take Hutch inside his ass. God. he is so damn cute, I can't believe Adam got him here and he's sitting on my cock!

Slowly going in and out, Ryan took more of Hutch's cock, with both the older guys encouraging and caressing him. He looked down at Hutch and smiled then. Their eyes met, Ryan's green to Hutch's sapphire blue. Hutch ran his fingers over Ryan's smooth arm, down to his hand, and their fingers laced together for a moment.

Hutch was about half in and said "Hold on little dude, let's just wait." He gently pulled Ryan in by the neck so they could kiss, but didn't push up into the cute Latino yet. 'Ryan is so hot and wow his ass feels so good,' He thought as they made out. 'I want this to last forever, but I know it can't. I don't want to hurt him… Oh shit!'

It was horny Ryan who pushed himself further down onto Hutch's fat sausage. Then he sat himself up again on his knees, then let himself ease down some more onto Hutch's beer-can cock. "Ohhh my gosh!" It felt so big going in him, bigger than Adam. It kind of hurt, but it also felt amazing. And something about the way Hutch smiled up at him so reassuringly, how he held him. It made him feel different inside.

Hutch ran his hands up and down Ryan's flanks, over his heaving chest, and on his arms as the boy took all of his rock-hard cock up his ass. Looking up at the cute little slim Latino teen with his face contorted in an expression between pleasure and pain turned Hutch on even more. "Damn, Ryan, you feel so amazing, that's it, sit down on it… yeah." He slid one hand down into Ryan's little bush and gently grasped his hard cock, sliding the foreskin on and off his head. Ryan's cock looked so sweet, he couldn't wait to taste it again.

"Ohhh, man." Ryan moaned, as he let his weight settle on Hutch's lap, his legs wide open, the monster thick cock completely up in him. He swore he could feel the head of it pulsing deep inside. He ran his hands over the soft dark hairs on Hutch's sexy chest. He smiled crookedly down at Hutch Dano and ground his ass around a little.

"Does Lanny like it?" Hutch smiled up with his little cupid-bow lips.

"Lanny Likey! Ohh!" Ryan grinned, then gasped as Hutch rocked his hips up, pushing further into his guts.

"Fuck you guys look so hot!" Adam moaned, edging his own cock. He reached behind Ryan to feel where Hutch's thick rod was buried deep inside the boy, then grabbed the crown and stuck it on the back of Ryan's head again. All three of them giggled. Hutch's laughing made his cock move inside Ryan slightly, giving them both a little jolt of pleasure.

Adam got behind Ryan then, straddling Hutch's legs. He put his hands around the teen and started to tweak his soft, sensitive nipples, while kissing his neck and shoulders from behind. "You like that, Ry-ry? Like Hutch's big cock inside your hot little ass?" He whispered in the boy's ear. As Ryan moaned from Adam's additional stimulation, the tall redhead looked down at Hutch and winked.

Guided and supported by Adam, Ryan leaned back, feeling the skater's cock move even deeper inside him and rub more against his prostate. His own cock jumped and leaked out a trickle of precum. Then he started to really ride the skater, going up and down on that pole. He'd let out cute little whimpering moans every time he sank down on Hutch's hard fat cock, and his own teen dick would jump as Hutch's cock raked against his sensitive prostate.

Hutch kept his hands mostly on Ryan's slim hips, guiding his ride, but sometimes very lightly fondling the boy's cock. When Ryan leaked, he brought the sweet clear stuff on his fingers to his mouth and licked it off.

"Oh god, Hutch this feels awesome!" Ryan moaned as he slowly rode up and down on the skater's thick cock, his own dick wagging in the air as he moved.

After a few minutes, Hutch decided that, as hot as it was for Ryan to be riding on his cock like this, it was time for him to take charge and fuck the hot little cutie as a real top.

Hutch laid Ryan on his back on the bed, raised his legs, and started to slowly fuck the cute Latino boy, sinking his whole thick cock in and then pulling it out to just behind the head. Ryan's five-inch dick was hard as steel as Hutch pumped his fat pole in and out of the boy's smooth ass. "You doing okay kiddo?" He asked, looking down at the sexy boy under him as he fucked him slowly, seeing his dick moving in and out of the teenager's spasming ass.

"Yeah," Ryan nodded. "You're so big inside me but it feels great."

"Not as great as you feel around my cock, dude." Hutch smiled, running his thumbs lightly over Ryan's nipples. He looked down, watching where his thick meat was going inside Ryan's tight, hairless ass. Then he started to work it in and out faster.

Ryan groaned every time Hutch pushed his cock in, holding his own legs up, his eyes closed and mouth open, surrendering himself to the hot stud on top of him, fucking him all the way. "Fuck me, man, you feel so good." He whimpered. "Fuck me harder man."

Hutch tried to go slow, because he felt like he could cum any minute with his cock inside the sexy Latino boy, but he could not help starting to pound Ryan faster and faster, leaning down and ramming his fat cock inside the willing teenager. Soon Ryan was just whimpering and moaning as Hutch started to shove his super hard bare cock into the boy.

Meanwhile Adam edged himself and watched, totally turned on by his hot buddy fucking his beer-can cock into cute little Ryan Ochoa, who was on his back, legs up and spread wide, making little boy noises as his own hard cock leaked precum onto his belly. Finally he could not resist, and leaned in to lick up the sweet clear stuff, then took Ryan's teen cock into his mouth to suck the juice that Hutch was fucking out of him.

Ryan whimpered "Please guys, I can't take this much longer! I am gonna cum!"

Adam sat up and grinned at his buddy and former lover as Hutch paused, his fat cock deep inside Ryan. "Should we give him a break or send him over?"

"Want to take a turn?" Hutch winked at Adam.

"No, I think it's time for Ryan to fuck you before he blows a load, since you said you wanted it!"

Hutch smiled at Ryan, who looked up at him with a kind of worried face. "Sure if you are up for it dude, I'd love it." He eased out of the boy and laid on his back on the bed. Adam put a pillow under Hutch's hips, and moved Ryan on his knees towards the ready older guy.

Ryan was so nervous he was shaking again. "I… I've never done this." He said in a breaking voice.

Adam ran his hand up and down the teen's back reassuringly. "Dude, your dick is hard as steel, you are gonna do great, just remember to go slow. You know how it felt when I went in you. Well, size does not make that much difference. Hutch will have to get used to your cock too, so go easy at first."

Ryan nodded. "Okay." He moved closer, and Hutch reached under his legs, took hold of Ryan's cock and guided it towards his hole, as Adam helped hold Hutch's muscular legs up and apart for the teen.

Ryan gasped as his cock entered Hutch's tight channel. Now he knew how hot it was to fuck another guy in the ass. He stopped just after his head entered because Hutch hissed and held his hips. It felt so hot and tight around his cock. He looked down at the hot stud laid out in front of him, open and exposed, blue eyes looking up at him all sexy and cute with his shaggy dark hair, but kind of hungry at the same time. 'Wow, Hutch is really into this too!' He looked down below Hutch's hard cock to where his own dick was sticking in the skater's furry hole. He could not imagine anything more sexy. "Are you okay man?" He half whispered.

"Oh yeah, dude, it still hurts a little at first, but damn to are so hot! It's okay go in some more, fuck me nice and slow, King Lanny!" Hutch grinned.

Ryan almost came as he pushed his thick teenage cock further into Hutch, feeling the ass ring so tight around his shaft. Then suddenly Adam was there again and plopped the silly crown on his head. "You guys!" Ryan whined, his voice tight with excitement.

Adam scooted up behind Ryan. He was tempted to stick his cock in the teen's upturned ass but decided he could wait. Instead he got behind the cute Latino and started to play with his smooth chest again. He found the boy's nipples and began to very gently pinch them.

Ryan spread his hands over Hutch's chest, loving the feel of the soft brown hair as he started to slowly fuck his studly friend as deep as he could.

"Damn, Ryan your cock is awesome." Hutch groaned, grabbing Ryan's ass to help pull him in. "You are the perfect size dude! Ram it in as far as you can! Fuck me! Fuck me Ryan!"

Ryan was so turned on that hunky Hutch was asking him to fuck him, he did as he was told, pumping into Hutch fast and hard, holding on to the bigger guy's hips and slamming into the skater.

"Yeah dude! Cum in me baby!" Hutch jacked himself as Ryan banged him.

"I'm cumminggg!" Ryan wailed, still thrusting and thrusting as he shot his load into his buddy.

"Oh yeahh!" Hutch howled, and he fired spurts of cream all over his hairy chest as he felt Ryan's cock swell inside him and blast a load of teen cum.

"Oh wow!" Ryan groaned and fell, sweating, on top of Hutch.

"I still have to cum." Adam leered, sitting up on the bed. He got behind the cute teenager and pulled Ryan onto all fours, then pushed his long cock into the boy before he even had a chance to recover. Ryan's eyes went wide and he let out a squeal of surprise, but Adam had him by the hips. And he was already open enough that the redhead's cock went right in to the hilt. "Hmmm, just as nice as I remember." He smiled his goofiest grin as he just ground his hips around inside little Ryan's ass for a minute. Then he began a long slow fuck. "Watching you guys fuck got me so horny, I am gonna blow a huge load inside you, Ryan…"

Hutch laid back and watched the show as Adam gripped the teen's hips and started to fuck him. Ryan was just grunting now, his cock wagging back and forth as Adam took charge of him, fucking him doggie style.

"Adam, oh god man, I can't…" Ryan whined, his fingers digging into the bedspread as Adam started to plow him in long slow strokes.

"Aw you're fine, kiddo, remember, I'm the king!" He grabbed the crown and stuck it on his head. "I'll be gentle… kinda. Hutch, maybe you can make him feel a little better now that you caught your breath."

"Dude, you are a crazy man." Hutch shook his head, even as he was spinning himself around on his back on the bed so his head was under Ryan's crotch. Sure enough, the teenager was already just about hard again, despite his moaning. Hutch grabbed a pillow to support his head and started sucking on the Latino's cock, making it quickly come to full erection. It was still leaking a little sweet cum, which he helped milk out with one hand, while he grabbed Ryan's tight balls with the other and started to work them. 'I'd love to make this kid give up one more load I can taste before I go.'

Meanwhile Adam continued to very slowly fuck in and out of his boy in long, slow strokes, marveling at how Ryan's ass was still so wonderfully tight around his cock.

And Ryan, feeling Hutch's hot mouth feeding on his dick while Adam's cock was sending his swollen prostate into overdrive, bent down and gently took the skater's semi-hard cock into his mouth and started sucking like a hungry baby.

Adam, seeing that both the other guys had gotten into it now, smiled to himself, though he knew he did not have long before he was going to cum, after edging all this time seeing these hot two guys playing. "You guys better work it," He grunted as he started to fuck Ryan faster, "I am not going to last much longer."

Ryan was overwhelmed and just started jerking Hutch, while the skater deep-throated him and pulled on his balls and Adam rammed his 8-inch cock in his abused ass over and over. He moaned "I'm cumming again!" And his cock managed to spit out one more load. At the same time his ass tightened around Adam's pumping cock, intensifying the sensation for the redhead and helping him climax.

"Oh yeah, me too buddy!" Adam thrust a few more times, as he shot a big load up inside the cute Latino.

Hutch managed to stroke himself off while milking Ryan's sweet load, tasting more like precum. Then they all pretty much collapsed in a sweaty, panting heap.

Adam let his guests rest a minute, then: "Okay you're getting cum all over my bed. I got a nice big group shower, so let's wash each other off!"