My view of my favorite pairing in the anime. The reason why Deidara hates and loves Itachi at the same time. Inspired by several stories and a conversation I was having with MikoUchiha. Thanks to you I eventually wrote this! I'm not as pleased as I wanted to be, but I hope you will all like it nonetheless.


There were many reasons why Deidara hated Itachi. He could list them all. He had listed them all, several times even. Just to remind himself why he hated Itachi so much. Because he always walked around like he had no care in the world. The way his voice never held any emotion, so you never knew how he felt about something. How everyone always seemed to admire him and compliment him for how smart he really was. And then those eyes, those red eyes. Always staring at him, judging him.

Yes, he hated those eyes. Whenever he made his art and Itachi was looking, he could see that the raven was judging it. That thing spinning in the red of his eyes. Deidara didn't understand why it was spinning. Why Itachi needed to remember what Deidara's art looked like. Why Itachi needed to remember every move Deidara made.

Deidara hated Itachi and his red spinning eyes, because Itachi was the only one who did understand his art. Why art was supposed to be fleeting, just a beautiful moment, never achievable again. Itachi did make it eternal, copying it, remembering it. Itachi made everything what Deidara did eternal and he didn't like it. He was supposed to be fleeting, just an explosive moment in time, his personality forever changing.

But Itachi wouldn't let him anymore. He didn't become a new person again. He was now forever the same. His hate forever lingering under his skin. Because it was not only Itachi copying his movements, remembering whatever he did. Deidara had always seen Itachi watching, his blue eyes always searching for those red eyes.

Why? Because he hated Itachi, he hated those red eyes. They were the only thing that could really see him, understand what he meant with the words he spoke. Itachi was the only one that could love him for who he was and for that Deidara hated him, because it made him love Itachi so much.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

Let me know what you think of this. I might write more in this form if you think it's good!