Credits and Comments

Credits must be extended to the following:

-The games Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 and all characters in them are copyright of The Valve Corporation.

-Chapter 5, Rochelle's advice to Zoey ("Listen to your heart, if he's calling for you") is taken from the song "Listen to your heart" by Roxette.

-Chapter 10, Ellis' words to his bride ("I have never seen you looking so lovely as you do today") are based on the song "The Lady in Red" by Chris de Burgh.

-Chapter 10, the wedding song to which Ellis and Zoey dance is "The power of love" by Jennifer Rush.

-Chapter 10, the wedding ceremony is inspired by something I found on the internet (author unknown).

Some brief comments as to the story. Why did I write it? I wanted to write about the wedding of Zoey and Ellis that I imagined would be ever since Valve started 'shipping' the pair in "The Passing". "The Passing" is where it starts and that's where the first major deviation (the groups stay together) from the official story happens.

Ellis and Zoey are definitely my favorite characters from the games and I really believe they would make an excellent couple together. I used Rochelle and Coach to try and nudge them more closer together, which is why Coach ended up escorting Zoey down the aisle. Francis belongs with Rochelle in my viewpoint and she eventually mellows him. Nick is someone who ultimately has a heart of gold, despite his exterior behavior. To have Nick give the rings of his previous wedding to Ellis was the best way I could think of in order to demonstrate that. Louis is the only one of the survivors I wasn't inspired to do anything with. Bill, who essentially saved Zoey and thus had a hand in making the match Ellis x Zoey possible is already dead by the beginning of my story. I felt I had to briefly bring in his army buddies in order to have Bill at Zoey's wedding in spirit.

I'll never pretend to be a good writer, even with the pretentious title of the story and all that. Initially I only planned about four chapters but somehow the story expanded to ten full chapters. But I don't mind. I had a lot of fun doing it. If I read back the story now, I reckon the first few chapters could do with more fluff and more action. I tried to tie up all loose ends before the ending, I might have forgotten one or two.

I do believe strongly that in writing sometimes some things should simply remain unexplained. The Green Flu was something I needed to 'get out of the way'. And as for Ellis' Southern accent? You just have to imagine it! Maybe I'll base a few short stories on some ideas I have now, but that's something for later.

My major goal was to write about the wedding of Ellis and Zoey. As for the whole story, I hope that maybe one person out there has read it and loved it. If that is the case, I consider this mission accomplished.