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"Perry the Platypus, stop it!" Doofenshmirtz said. The two of them were still fighting in their small arena of four tables, and all the attention from the crowd they got were a few odd stares.

Doofenshmirtz managed to grab his thermos, and hitting Perry on a sensitive part of his bill, the platypus let go and grabbed his bill. Doofenshmirtz ha-haed and breathing heavily, looked around, saying, "Now, Perry the Platypus, face the wrath of my-" He grabbed a device from the tables and Perry looked up to see a sort of fork-knife hybrid.

"It's a fofe! It-it never really caught on with the company, I guess," Doofenshmirtz said, scratching the back of his neck. "See, people cut themselves with the sharpened tines of the fork - but like I care about a failing company-"

Perry whipped out of the way as Doofenshmirtz hurried forward, saying, "Hold still, Perry the Platypus! Seriously, stop moving!"

Perry ignored him and looked around for something to fight with. He grabbed a long yard stick that had an extra foot on it. He held it like a sword and went against Doofenshmirtz, who said, "Ahh, went for the 3 foot + 12 inch Yard Stick. Interesting choice, Perry the Platypus, but your lamely named weapon is no match against my fofe!" (Perry looked a little amused at that.)

Another pumpkin flew through the air from the trebuchet. Lawrence put a hand up at his forehead (it was nearly six o'clock now). "Goodness, how long did that go?"

"Much farther than the rest," Phineas said. He looked to Ferb and said, "You think it cleared the field?"

The British boy shrugged.

"Want to go see if we hit anyone?" Buford asked.

"Buford," Baljeet said, frowning, "you sound so excited."

"I am. There's this evil bunny that lives in the park. It looks at me funny every time I go in there. I hope it got hit," Buford said.

"That's horrible! Why would you wish for a lovely little bunny to be hit by a giant vegetable?" Baljeet asked as they all hurried to the pickup.

"It's not lovely and little. IT'S EVIL," Buford informed Baljeet as they buckled themselves in.

"Sure, Buford. Sure it is," Baljeet said as Lawrence started the car and Ferb pulled out a map and GPS and Phineas's device.

"Come on, there's got to be something! All of these CDs are on sale, and none he likes! Why does the world hate me?" Candace asked. She and Stacy were at one of the many CD racks, and were poring over it. They flipped through them, stacks of them, and a bin that was right next to the rack.

Stacy had her face stuck down in the bin of assorted CDs. "I dunno. OHHHH, this looks interesting!"

"Really?" asked Candace as Stacy brought her head out.

"'Gingers and Tears.' I NEED this," Stacy said excitedly.

"And you're the one who was trying to make ME focus," Candace said dryly before turning back to the CD rack. She bit her lip and rummaging through more and more, she finally held up one. "Hey, Stacy, I think I found one!"

Stacy looked over and looking generally interested, asked, "Who's it by?"

"It's by Lee Turner, and it's called, 'Lonely Days.' Acoustic. Jeremy likes acoustic!" Candace said excitedly.

Stacy looked at the song list and nodded, "High five, sister!" They high fived and Stacy added, "All right, now, to the cash register, NOW."

"Okay, okay, don't be so pushy," Candace said as Stacy put her hands on Candace's shoulders and started to hurry her forward.

"Ha, Perry the Platypus, you shall never defeat me! Not today! Not on a national shopping day!" Doofenshmirtz said excitedly.

Perry ignored his stupid comments and his weapon went under and caused Doofenshmirtz to trip over his own feet, landing soundly on his bottom. Perry swiped the fofe out of Doof's hands and held both weapons at his neck, silently breathing heavily.

"Ouch, Perry the Platypus, that was unnecessary!" Doofenshmirtz said.

That was when the sound of an impending falling object came on both of their radar screens, and Perry backed away as a large orange object came tearing through the purple canvas and landed squarely on Doofenshmirtz, drenching him in bits of the carcass of a large pumpkin.

"Ew!" Doofenshmirtz said, waving his hands up and down in disgust as tendrils of pumpkin slid off of him. "Seriously, this is slimy and I think I got some in my ear."

Perry ignored him and pulled out the special gun that Major Monogram had given him. He flipped it to 'Good'.

"Wait, what is that? Kinda looks similar to mine - wait, why are you shooting my stuff!" Doofenshmirtz looked indignant as he tried to stand up, but the sticky substance pulled him down and kept him from stopping Perry, who promptly finished shooting all of the merchandise and slid under one of the tables, out of sight.

"Curse you, Perry the Platypus!" Doofenshmirtz said, stretching and shaking a fist in the air as much as he could.

"Any sort of thing could happen at this moment to compromise the purchase of Jeremy's Christmas present," Stacy said, watching fearfully. She was next to the cashier's desk, and having already purchased her own CD, was commentating from the sidelines as Candace, biting her tongue, rummaged through her wallet for her dollar bills.

Stacy leaned forward, still saying, "She could have left her savings at home. The CD could accidentally crack. The receipt might print wrong. The tired and weary minimum wage paid teenager might push the wrong button on the cash register-"

"Do you mind?" the minimum wage paid teenager said irritably as he bagged Candace's purchases.

"No, no I don't," Stacy said as Candace handed over a bill. The cashier snatched the receipt from the printer, stuck it in the bag and handed it to Candace with her change and, "Happy holidays."

"Little early for that," Candace said as she and Stacy strolled out of the music store. Once outside, Stacy managed to make a fist pump in the giant crowd and turning to Candace, said, "All right, now we just have to get it into the car without much trouble."

"Cool. What time is it, anyway?" Candace asked.

Stacy checked her cellphone and said in a scared voice, "How long did we stay in that music store?"

"What?" Candace said, looking at the cellphone, her eyes widening. "I'd say that Mom's going to be mad at us for being ten minutes late."

"Let's run."

"Yes, let's."

Somehow, Ferb had managed to track down the flung pumpkin to being in front of the Googleplex mall. Lawrence pulled up the pickup in front of the mall, and Phineas, Ferb, Buford, and Baljeet piled out. Ferb led the way to the pumpkin, Lawrence cupping his hands together at his mouth to call as he stood next to the pickup, "Found it, boys?"

"Yep," Phineas said as he ducked under the tables.

"Hey, what are you kids doing here?" Doofenshmirtz grumbled. He had managed to finally stand up and was wiping himself down with an infomercial super towel.

"Finding our pumpkin," Phineas said, kneeling at the remnants.

"Hey, since you're here wanna buy a fofe?" Doofenshmirtz asked excitedly.

"A what?" Baljeet asked.

"A fofe. A combination of fork and knife!"

"I'm intrigued," Buford said thoughtfully.

"What's the mileage, boys?" Lawrence called as the doors to the mall opened, letting out a slightly annoyed Linda and Elizabeth, both loaded down with bags and a large, long cart. Candace and Stacy were right behind them; Stacy looked ahead and told Candace were to walk while Candace kept both of her eyes wide open on the bag she had in her hands.

Ferb held up the number with his fingers, and Phineas called back, "Point eight seven miles, Dad!"

"Golly, that is impressive," Lawrence said. He smiled as Linda and Elizabeth came up to the pickup. "Hello, darling."

"Well, good thing you brought the pickup. Didn't know where I'd put the new desk and bookshelf."

"Well, let me load those up for you, right, love?" Lawrence said as he started to pick up the flat packages.

"Thanks, Lawrence," Linda said. "Hey, want to go to the Superduper Mega Superstore with us?"

"Well, your parents aren't getting up for hours. Don't see why not, the trebuchet's fine sitting in the field," Lawrence said, grunting as he slid it into the pickup.

"Trebuchet?" Linda asked with a smirk.

"Nothing, dear," Lawrence said lightly.

Linda nodded and she and Dr. Hirano turned to see Candace and Stacy nearly at the pickup.

"Right, careful. Fragile, please move, everyone," Stacy said. She turned and opened the backseat's door and stepped inside backward. "C'mon, Candace!"

"Stop it, Stacy!" Candace said in a little voice. "It's getting to be too much pressure!"

"Don't you dare do something you'll regret, Candace Flynn!" Stacy said quickly as Candace carefully stepped up into the pickup.

"Stacy! Stop it!" Candace said as she sat down and buckled in your seat belt.



"You did it!"

"I-I did, didn't I?" Candace said excitedly. She almost clapped her hands but Stacy quickly said, "Don't push it."

Just then Phineas, Ferb, Baljeet and Buford, holding a new fofe, walked over to the pickup truck.

"Hey, boys. Want to go to the Superduper Mega Superstore with us?" Linda asked.

"Oh, yes! Ferb," Phineas said, turning excitedly to his stepbrother, "I know what we should make tomorrow. We should make a model of that chair at the Superduper Mega Superstore. Seriously!"

"I'll go bring the other car around, then," Linda said with a smile, and just then, Perry, chattering, walked to his owners out of the sidelines, looking as dumb as usual.

"Oh, there you are, Perry," Phineas said, stooping to pet his platypus. "What are you doing here, anyway?"

Perry only chattered further, and Phineas shrugged and picked up Perry and nonchalantly followed the rest of their party to the cars to go Black Friday shopping. It was dark, and the sounds of the mall disappeared behind them as they drove off into the sunrise.

Thank you for reading and Happy Thanksgiving! :)