Drina walked into the room, anger raging through her. "Haven!" She yells. Haven looks up from under a table. Her eyes are red as if she has been crying. Her mouth is brown and Drina knew exactly why.
"What do you want?" Haven murmured, then began sobbing again. "You know what I want!" Drina screamed. "You betrayed me!"
Haven looked as if she didn't understand anything Drina had said. Her pupils were dialated. Drina could tell she had been drinking. "You stole from me!" Drina shouted. "You took my ice cream! My favorite flavor...chocolate! You also stole a bottle from my wine cellar! And raided my movie shelf of all my favorite soap operas!" "
I just wish someone loved me the way Josh loves Christina!" Haven sobbed. "
You won't get the chance for love." Drina said, pulling a knife from under her cloak. "
NOOOOO!" Haven shouted.

And Haven died a stone, cold, lonely death.

THE END! ...For now...!