"Isn't this beautiful?" the Doctor inquired as they stood on a faraway planet. "No one lives here. It's a shame, really. They should think about a settlement. Two suns. Purple grass. Light breeze."

Rose was standing behind him on the hill, enjoying their afternoon of picnics and sightseeing. She was at forty-one weeks and ready to burst. The Doctor was still lost in the sky, going on and on about the history and geography. She felt an intense pain and glanced down.



"I'm leaking."

"You're what?"

He spun around and she gave him a nervous expression. "I think that my water just broke."

"It did?"

"Like I said. Leaking! I'm in pain right now!"

Quickly, he darted to her and ushered her towards the TARDIS. "That's it. Just breathe like I showed you and you'll be fine. And Rose, I kind of need my hands. I'm delivering our children and I can't do that if you break my fingers."

She was attempting to breathe and glaring at him. "Have you ever tried to get a pair of melons through a keyhole? Do you have any idea what this feels like?"

"No, I don't, but I do know what broken bones feel like and my fingers are halfway there."

They moved inside of the TARDIS and to the medical bay. He had everything prepared since he knew that it would be happening soon. He finally got his fingers free and started to work. She grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him in close. "Doctor, I want drugs. I mean it. Keep me stoned out of my mind."

"I will, Rose. I promise. Just…" he gently pried her hand away. "There you are. I'll get it."

He gave her the medication and did an exam. His face scowled at the results. "Rose, you're not very dilated."

"What does that mean?"

"It might take awhile for our daughters to be born."

She frowned. "You mean I can't just wait four hours and be done with it?"

"Well, that isn't how it works. This is more like a full day kind of thing. Or, more than a full day. I can't be sure. Every human is different."

Rose groaned and gripped his arm when another contraction came along. He winced under the pressure. "I thought you drugged me!"

"I did! It takes up to thirty minutes to kick in!"

She glared at him. "Can't you make this go faster?"

"No. I can't. It's the natural process. Just try to relax, all right? I have an idea. I'll swing around and get Jackie. How's that sound? Your mum?"

Rose nodded urgently and he called in K-9 to watch over her. He ran to the TARDIS console and set a course. When the TARDIS appeared, it was in Jackie Tyler's living room. He stuck his head out and Jackie glared from the kitchen. "I told you not to do that anymore, Doctor. Things get broken and strewn all about. Look at this place! And I just got the lamp decorated…"

He glanced at the tall lamp wrapped in lights with a star balanced on the top. "Why would you decorate your lamp?"

"After almost getting killed by a Christmas tree, I stick to the lamp."

"It's Christmas?"

"You mean that you aren't here for the holiday?"

"Sorry. No. Rose is in delivery and would like it if you were there. I would like it as well."

Jackie grinned and ran inside, adding over her shoulder as she went towards the medical bay, "She already a nightmare?"

"Yep. Pretty much."

Jackie and the Doctor stayed with Rose. The first few hours weren't that difficult. Her drugs had kicked in and she was much calmer than before. However, six hours in the drugs wore off and Rose was only dilated halfway. After one bad contraction, she looked at her mother.

"This is what child birth is like?"

"Well, yeah. Why else would I always remind you that I delivered you? I wouldn't do that if it was a cakewalk, would I?"

Rose pointed a finger. "This is your fault, Doctor."

"What? This is not my fault. That group of aliens did this. Take up a fight with them."

"No, you idiot. That's not what I meant. You said that you'd keep me drugged."

He scowled. "I have to wait another hour before I can safely give you another one. Just keep it together. You're doing great."

The pain began to intensify in the fourteenth hour. Jackie was napping in a chair beside Rose—ready with the camera—and the Doctor was examining her again. He grinned excitedly. "Rose, it's time. Jackie, wake up!"

Jackie bolted awake. "What? Who?"

"It's time to deliver the girls. Rose, I'm going to need you to start pushing soon. Are you ready?"

"No, I think that I'll stay in delivery for the next few years. It's such a fun time. Just get on with it!"

"All right, you don't have to resort to sarcasm. Start pushing."

She about broke Jackie's hand, but other than that she was doing fine. After a lot of pushing, cursing, yelling, blaming the Doctor, and screaming, the Doctor had the first baby in his arms. Shrill crying filled the air as he cut the cord and wrapped the little one in a pink blanket. He smiled fondly at the tiny person.

"Hello, my daughter. It's your dad."

Carefully, he carried her to Rose and she cradled the baby in her arms. She had tears in her eyes and Jackie was bawling uncontrollably. "Look at her, Mum. She's perfect," Rose whispered as the girl stopped sobbing. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. Rose yelled in pain causing the baby to yell as well. "The other one! We have two!"

"Oh, that's right! I almost forgot," the Doctor exclaimed as he ran back to work.

Jackie held the little one as the Doctor coached Rose through the next delivery. Soon, their second girl was crying with their first one. He handed the child to Rose as he finished everything up. Jackie gave Rose both of the kids and the Doctor sat on the bed next to them.

"They're finally here," Rose said in disbelief. "Eight months later."

"And so small! Look at that. What a Christmas present," the Doctor grinned widely.

She caught his gaze and they kissed passionately, awkwardly pulling apart when they remembered that Jackie was in the room. She was still crying and hugged them both at the same time. "I'm a grandmother! Me! They're so beautiful. This is the best Christmas ever. The world didn't end and I have these two babies. Let's take a million pictures for the books!"

Close to thirty pictures later, Rose and the Doctor had to decide which one was which. The Doctor pointed to the one in the pink blanket. "I say that she's more of a Hannah."

Rose nodded to the yellow blanket. "She's more of a Hannah. Mum, what do you say?"

Jackie examined the babies. "I say that I can't tell them apart. Good luck to you, parents. Dear Lord that's going to be hell."

"I'd expect nothing less. Well, back to the point. Which one is more of a Sarah?" the Doctor asked Rose.

Rose frowned at the two bundles. "Well, the one in the yellow blanket."

"But you just said that was Hannah."

"I know. I'm so confused. It's like they're clones or something. Why don't you just pick?"

"All right, I say that the yellow blanket is Sarah and the pink blanket is Hannah. Sarah's crib is the yellow one, remember? It only makes sense," the Doctor decided.

"Okay," Rose agreed tiredly. "Yellow is Sarah and pink is Hannah. Did we tell you that Sarah's middle name is Jaclyn, Mum?"

Jackie burst into tears and hugged the nearest thing, the Doctor. "I'm so happy! That's so lovely. Sarah Jaclyn. Just lovely. What about Hannah?"

"Hannah Rosaline, after Rose…" the Doctor explained, receiving another bone crushing embrace.

"Another lovely name! Lovely girls, lovely family, just lovely lovely lovely! Will I get to babysit?"

"Probably more than you'd like," Rose responded with a smile.

The Doctor and Rose grew quiet as they looked down at their twins. Jackie could sense that they wanted some family time, and she reluctantly decided to actually butt out for once. "Why don't I go back to my flat? You all need some time together and rest."

They all agreed. To Jackie's surprise, he hugged her tightly before she left the room. She gave him a curious expression and he merely stated, "You're family, Jackie."

"So are you, Doctor. You best bring the girls 'round as soon as possible and not after a year goes by. Don't think that I've forgotten the year without my Rose, Doctor. I will slap you silly if you screw up like that again! Well, I'm off. Merry Christmas and much love to you all."

Dramatically, Jackie made her exit. Once she was gone, the Doctor went into the console room and set the TARDIS to drift. He returned to the medical bay to sit beside Rose. She was talking to the girls in quiet whispers. When she noticed the Doctor, she smirked wickedly. "You're on diaper duty for the first week, Doctor. I've won our bet."

"They were just born. How can you tell if they have dark hair or not?"

She motioned to them and he took a closer look. Both of the girls had a small crop of brown hair atop their heads and golden brown eyes like their mother. He inwardly groaned at himself for not noticing sooner. Yet again, a Tyler woman was right.

"Bugger," he sighed as he picked Sarah up. "Why did you have to have brown hair from the start? Couldn't you have waited a few years?"

After several minutes, she reached out and grabbed his nose, causing Rose to gasp. "How did she do that? That's not possible yet, is it?"

"That's the Time Lady in her. Did I mention that we develop much faster than humans, both in intellect and motor skills?"

Rose looked down at Hannah with a worrisome smile. "How much faster?"

"…a lot. Not even a few hours old and already displaying three month old skills. They are so clever. Want to switch?" he offered. They clumsily swapped children, chuckling. "We'll need to work on that."

"We will. Doctor, they're here. They're actually here. Blimey, I've never been so terrified in my entire life. I'm a mother."

"You are. I'm just as scared as you and I've done this before."

"But we'll be fine, yeah? They can't be too much trouble."

"Let's hope…" he answered with an agitated smile.

For several hours, they stayed on the medical bay bed taking turns holding the twins. After he caught Rose yawning, he helped her up and they got the girls ready for bed. They set them down in their respective cots, each saying goodnight to Hannah and Sarah. He used his sonic screwdriver to turn on the mobiles before they left.

Rose took a bath and climbed into bed exhausted. He got in beside her with a smile. "You have a clean bill of health and so do our daughters. I checked that while you were in the bath. Now, let's get some much needed sleep."

He kissed her and pulled her into his arms. It wasn't five minutes later when the crying started. Rose grumbled. "Already?"

"You sleep. I'll take this one."

"Are you sure?" she asked him guiltily.

"I only require two hours of sleep a night. I just like to get more than that. I'll be fine. You need your rest."

He pecked her on the cheek and wandered across the hall to the nursery. Both kids were crying at once, so he took one in each arm. They wouldn't get quiet no matter how hard he tried. Rose wandered in and sat in the rocker, holding out her arms. He reluctantly handed them over.

"You really should get to bed," he told her.

"Do you know why they're crying?" she asked with a sleepy smirk. "I'll give you a hint. I have them and you don't."

She began to feed them and he chuckled. When Hannah finished, she passed her off to the Doctor. He began to read a story and Rose rocked Sarah to sleep. They put them back to bed and went into their room.

"We're quite a team," the Doctor commented as he wrapped around Rose comfortably.

"So are they," she laughed. "Goodnight. Merry Christmas, Doctor."

"Same to you, Rose. We should get plenty of rest now that they're out."

Ten minutes later, the crying started all over again…


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