The United Nations Dog Military (UNDM)

Ten years have passed since the Dog Revolution of 2039. The first time when animals, or to be more specific, man's best friend, stood up against him. We thought that Humans against Dogs would be an easy victory. We were wrong. The dogs, at first, were unfamiliar with our technology. When they learned how to figure it out, the human military forces started learning what dumb luck felt like. Pretty soon, dumb luck was the only thing we had to rely on for victory, but that soon failed us. The Dogs developed a bomb. This bomb was no ordinary bomb; It was a Thermal Energy Nuclear Radioactive Bomb, otherwise known as the TENR Bomb. They threatened that this bomb would obliterate any city within five seconds. We didn't believe them. At 5:00 p.m., above the city of San Diego, they dropped it. This was the Dog's first testing of this device and we humans thought the bomb would just explode and do nothing fancy. At 5:10, the bomb exploded. The result shocked both humans and dogs. San Diego did not blow up or get vaporized, no, it... it melted and everything within the city melted within four hours. They threatened us by saying that they had a whole arsenal of them and their next target was Washington, D.C. At 11:00 a.m., on November 11th of the year 2040, we surrendered.

At first, they threw humans into concentration, extermination, and slave camps. But that ended quickly when they discovered that they can break our morale by just keeping military surveillance in each city and in our homes. They also put military bases from fifty to a hundred miles away from each city. For example, there's a military base fifty miles away from Nome, Alaska in the side of a rock cliff. This base has began one of the biggest developments of all time; The MKIVA1 Mammoth Tank. This tank is everything doubled compared to the Goliath. It also has the potential to take out aircraft with the anti-air missiles on the side of the body of the tank. The military base a hundred miles away from Dallas, Texas is doing their own project; The MKIII Goliath Tank. This tank apparently can crush anything in its path. Its twin guns fire two armor piercing shells and have three fifty caliber machine guns. These are just two examples of their industrialized intentions. These developments are just a few of the examples I chose. There are many more that they are making that can destroy all of Mankind.

My name is Alexander, and I want everyone to know what happened to me. My story has already begun, but this story I will tell is about a man named Jake, a pathetic thief from New York City. He was the only one who went into the line of fire and to come back stronger than before. This is the story of how he lived, what he did for Humanity, and how he died in combat. This is the story of the UNDM/HRF Wars. But first, I will go to the very beginning, when this all started.

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