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The group slept in the forest that night. Haven decided to fill Ever's basket with nuts so that she would not go hungry. Todo (what Ever named the dog) then proceeded to eat about half of them. When they awoke, they started down the road once more. Haven suggested taking a left and entering the land of Red Velvet Cupcakes but Ever insisted on taking the whole way there on the Golden Road.

After an hour of walking, Jude insisted on stopping for some water. "There has got to be a Shake Shack with a drive-thru window somewhere around here." He groaned. Ever took notice of a tin man. She went to examine it but tossed the thought aside when she saw what was beside it.

"Damen!" She yelled. Damen turned around.

"Ever! It is so good to see you!" He said, giving her a big hug. "I heard you're off to see the Wizard."

"Yeh." Ever said. "Were going to ask for a wish."

"Really? Can I come?!" Damen asked.

"Sure. What are you going to ask for?" Ever asked.

"I want to marry you!" He said.

"Really?! You mean I get my family back and I get married? This is the best day of my life!"

"Gee, corny." Said Haven.

"What a waste of a wish." Said Jude.

As the group continued down the road, Haven began to mutter something like, "were off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!" Which resulted in a slap to the back of the head from Ever.

Suddenly, there was a rustling overhead. Damen looked up but saw nothing. Then he was lifted into the sky. Haven went next. Then Jude and Todo. And finally Ever was thrust into the sky as well. They were being carried by strange monkeys with wings. Being carried to something in the distance. Ever tried to make it out and saw a castle. Oh no. . . .her heart sank. That was Drina's castle!

The drawbridge opened as they neared the fortress and Ever was tossed in with her friends. Drina approached, her skin a sickly green color. She wore a black cloak and held a knife.

Ever acted fast rushing toward her and punching her hard in the chest. Drina gasped. "I'm melting! I'm melting!" Her body turned to dust.

"Well that was easy." Ever said. The group got back on the road. "I can see Immortopolis!" Jude shouted.

There stood a massive gold structure. Ever ran to the entrance and opened a door to what appeared to be an elevator. The group took it all the way up. The top floor was dark. The room was in a round shape. A large pedastal was on the floor. "Hello?" Ever said. "We're here to see the Wizard."

Suddenly, a bearded face appeared over the pedastal. "I'm here to grant your wish!"

"No you're not." Said Haven.

"What do you mean I'm not?! Of course I am!" Said the face. "I've seen this movie." Said Haven tearing a curtain from the wall to reveal a boy. He had dark hair, and round glasses, and a scar shaped like a lightning bolt.

"Harry Potter?" Asked Jude.

"Um, yeh." He replied.

"You're not the Wizard!" Said Jude.

"Of course I am! I have the wand and everything! Stupify!" Harry shouted, knocking Jude to the ground. "Ow." He muttered.

"He is not the true Wizard!" Said a female voice.

"God?" Ever asked.

"No. I am Alyson Noël." Said a woman stepping into the room.

"Who?" Asked Haven.

"Well I created all of you." She said. "You're just characters in my book series. And this is just a low budget parody."

"What about our wishes?" Asked Jude.

"I can't grant those." Said Alyson.

"Whyy?!" Haven moaned.

"Jude is too dull of a character to have a ssense of humor. And Haven, you will probobly remain lonely forever. And as for you, Damen, I don't want you to marry Ever." She explained.

"What about my family?" Ever asked.

"Your parents are dead." Said Alyson. "But if you wanna keep up with your sister all you have to do is read the 'Riley Bloom' series. Now I think it is time for you to go home."

"Okay." Ever said as she began tapping her feet together. "There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like. . . ." Suddenly, Ever gasped as she was punched in the throat. Her body turned to dust.

"No place like home." Drina said. "Mwa! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

* * *THE END* * *

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