1 year after the end of Persona 4…


Souji didn't know why he was sitting in front of the TV. Ever since they had defeated Izanami, the Midnight Channel had disappeared. It was old habit, he guessed. He looked at the rain outside, then back at the TV. Then he leaned forward. Something was happening. He couldn't tell what but… Souji leaned forward and touched the TV. It rippled and allowed his hand to enter before suddenly, and violently, spitting his hand back out. The image disappeared. Souji attempted to enter the TV again but there was no result. What was going on?


A young man floated above the city before him. He sighed. There was so much promise here but his master had explicitly ordered him to remove this city before the rest of the world. He'd set up a system of his own in another place. He just had to hope that that one would work. He looked at a watch and said "Time to total annihilation: 14 hours 29 minutes."


Teddie panted heavily. He had to warn the others. Whoever it was, they were attempting to get through using digital means. They had found his home and were going to use it as a launching point. He had to warn them!


The Persona users stirred in their beds as they received a message. A woman gave them advice but her tone made it clear it was an order. Be ready tomorrow. Lives will depend on you once more. 12 others received the message but it is unclear what they can do…


The smith grumbled as the knocking continued. He had just settled down when someone began hammering on his door. He flung open the door and glared at the visitor. "What do you want!?" The man looked at him and the smith stepped backwards. The man's eyes were old, too old for any mortal. "Who are you and what do you want?" He spoke more quietly now. The man frowned and said "I'm… let's call me S. I need your help for tomorrow. I assume you know what is about to happen?" Daidara scowled "Yeah, so what? I can't interfere." S smiled "Well, I think we can help each other on that point."