Souji was exhausted. There was no end to the demons. Where they had come from could wait. For now, he had to deal with them. People would die if he didn't. He hoped the others were okay but at the moment, he was locked in combat with a large creature that sprouted two heads. It was ugly as sin and strong but Souji managed to slay it with relative ease. It looks like all that time in the TV world was good for something. He ran along the bank of the river, stopping only for a moment to deal with a few kappa that were menacing the man at the bank who had helped Souji fish. For a moment, his eyes rested on the spot that he had met the old woman. He gritted his teeth and ran back up the stairs, cutting a strange bird in half as he went.


He had meant to get to the shopping district but somehow, he kept getting diverted. It was as if the demons were trying to lead him somewhere else. In the end, Souji let them do so. He couldn't fight the tide anymore. His sword was slick with blood and other bodily fluids and Souji grabbed a piece of cloth to clean it before continuing on.


Souji found himself in the middle of a large field. He frowned. "Where is this place?" A voice spoke from above him. "It is a place I have reverted to its past form." He looked up and saw a youth in red and black. He had white hair and was surrounded by a strange aura. "I'm sorry but you have to die now. I wish you could have helped the others but I cannot defy him." He threw a cellphone at Souji's feet and it shattered as a man with rust-colored skin broke out of it. A hood that was shaped like a dragon or a fish was worn on his head and similarly styled clothing covered his body. "Baal, take him." Baal looked up at the Anguished One and said "If not for your master, I would refuse. However, under the contract, I accept." He looked at Souji "I am sorry for this, hero." Souji charged and swung his blade. Baal touched it and it shattered into metal shards. The finger began to glow and Baal stated "Megidola." A white stream of energy engulfed Souji.

Baal sighed. The boy was simply too stubborn. Despite the attack, he had survived, though he was smoking and his body was burnt red in several places. "Hero, I shall give you your… hmmm?" He turned, as did the Anguished One. A large delivery truck was heading right for them. Baal and his summoner teleported out of the way. A man they had never seen was at the wheel and said "Souji, you aren't alone! She will help us!"


Every television in the city turned on at once. At first it, showed only static but every once in the while the face of a beautiful woman appeared on the screen. "North Star, I owe these ones I favor for the injustice I inflicted on them. You shall not defeat them." Fog began to flow out of the TVs…