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Also this kind of AU-ish, not really- it takes place in the Heavenly Host Elementary but yeah.

Being a ghost, Kurosaki didn't have a care in the world- especially with his best friend, Kizami (also his killer, but Kurosaki didn't really care about that anymore), who is a ghost now too along side with him.

Even in this school, the two boys were happy and just spending time together just like in their old days.

That is, until a "darkness" that people described took over Kurosaki, the darkness that was portrayed as your soul being taken over by revenge or mournfulness.

So when Kizami woke up one night and noticed Kurosaki wasn't right there next to him, the worst realization came to him.

'Kurosaki might've turned insane.' He thought and he was frightened. The small male had shown signs of going insane, signs like giggling insanely when he saw a dead rotting corpse or singing this haunting lullaby or mentioning things about Sachiko and the deaths he had seen.

Kizami was always there to pull him back up from the darkness but now, he wasn't. He stood up and exited the classroom they slept in, searching the hallways.

After a few minutes, he heard Kurosaki's voice.

"You're dead now, little girl~."

Kizami's eyebrows furrowed as a shiver shot down his spine. Did... Kurosaki kill someone? He heard giggling, it was just like how the blue-haired male giggled days before too.

He kept following the direction where the giggling was coming from and the sight when he arrived made him gasp.

There, Kurosaki was blood splattered (but no, it wasn't his blood, Kizami realized) and holding a knife that shone and clearly, it also had blood. His back was turned to the male who was seeing this his expression didn't show.

Then, there was a girl sitting down- her eyes were open but lifeless. There was large deep gash on her stomach.

"Ah, now I know how Kizami felt~ No wonder he liked killing me." Kurosaki sang and once again, an insane giggle escaped his lips.

"Stop." Kizami called out and Kurosaki turned around, it didn't surprise him seeing his emotion- a murderous smile on his face and his pupils were dilated and fogged over.

"My dear Kizami~ Hmm, I was just mentioning you to this girl right now." Kurosaki pointed with his knife to the dead girl.

"Its fucking disgusting Kurosaki, I didn't like killing you." Kizami growled and there was a brief look of confusion on Kurosaki's face.

The said boy quickly got over it, "Then why did you kill me?"

Kizami let out a frustrated sigh, "I was insane at that time and so are you right now. You know I didn't actually mean that so just drop that knife right now, okay? Its not right." He also noticed that Kurosaki's voice was different than usual.

Kizami tried to convince the boy to put the knife down but he wouldn't. He walked towards Kurosaki but the boy's eyes widened and he dropped the knife as he put his hands up to his head, covering his ears.

"Don't come any closer Kizami! Please! You'll get possessed too!" He shouted and Kizami realized- Kurosaki had fell into the darkness. His lifeless heart wrenched in emotional pain, there was nothing to stop Kurosaki now.

Kurosaki opened his eyes, they weren't clouded over and he let out a sad smile, one that Kizami stopped in his tracks.

"I'm sorry Kizami." He apologized and as quickly as it happened, he started giggling insanely again.

Kizami couldn't do anything but watch the man he loved turn into a killer.

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