Hello all, I'm Ria. This is by far not my first fanfiction, but as this is starting off a new chapter of my writing life, I wanted to start fresh. If you have a random desperate need (insert heavy sarcasm here) to read my old writing, my old penname is SuiMegami. This is, however, my first Merlin fanfiction.

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The scroll was ancient and tied together with a faded golden ribbon. As Arthur carefully rolled the scroll open, a small bit of parchment fell to the floor. He picked it up and set it to the side, deciding to try to decipher the faded scroll first. The lettering was obviously penned by a master; the handwriting was artful and beautiful. To the sides there were illustrations of animals, colors once vibrant and alive now faded. Arthur began to read.

There was once a fox, a hawk and a tiger. The tiger was the lord over the forest where the three lived, but he was a wicked lord. He gorged himself on the animals of his forest with no thought for the balance of nature. And wherever the tiger went, his friend the hawk wasn't far behind.

The fox saw the tiger and his beautiful coat and he was possessed with desire for the tiger's fur. But each time he tried to take the tiger's coat, the hawk would foil his plans and he would fail.

One day, whilst puzzling over his predicament, the fox came across an eagle.

"What troubles you?" asked the eagle.

"The lord tiger has such a beautiful coat and mine is so plain. I want his coat but each time I try to take it for my own, his friend the hawk thwarts me. How will I ever make that coat mine?" lamented the fox.

The eagle mused, "Hawks are clever creatures. They can outwit even one as cunning as yourself. But I would be glad to help you in your mission, Fox. That hawk has denied my friends and I many a meal. We have prepared a net with which to catch that troublesome hawk; let us help you. After all, the tiger is powerful, yes, but you should easily outwit him."

Arthur read the story two or three times, but could make little sense of it nor the lack of a proper ending. He glanced to the side and picked up the small bit of paper. The handwriting on this one was less impressive, but the words struck a chord inside Arthur's very being.

When dragon's breath

And magic's might

Meet on the silver plane

The Once and Future King will hold

The sword of evil's bane

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