Hello everyone! Wow! Been quite some time. I can't believe it has been over a year since I finished this story already! Well, I will try to keep this brief.

Several of you have requested a sequel to this story, and I have been hesitant to even decide if I am writing one. On the matter of the sequel itself, I felt like The Fox's Net was a perfect storm of idea meets concept, meets pacing (and now looking back on it I try not to vomit at my own writing style as does every artist that looks at something they created more than six months ago... hell sometimes five minutes ago...). But the central concept was something I really enjoyed, and I worry that whatever I come up with for the sequel wouldn't live up to its predecessor. I've toyed with the idea of re-writing the entirety of the Fifth season of Merlin with all the main events still happening, but altered because of Arthur's knowledge of Merlin and the presence of his 'Emrys Amulet'. I've also tried to work up my own original concept, but I've been struggling over so many different things I want to do with it that nothing really cohesive comes to me.

So all of that is still very much up in the air. I will continue to wait and see if inspiration smacks me upside the head.

BUT! Speaking of the 'Emrys Amulet'...

I will be writing a six-chapter story sometime within the next few months. I have already completely written one chapter and am working on two others. This will be a story dealing directly with the 'Emrys Amulet' that Merlin received from Freya in the epilogue of TFN. Right now I am struggling a little under the weight of 12-hour workdays and while my brain has been working frantically on stuff at work, I don't have much time to sit down and write, and often even if I do, I am far too tired to write anything other than stuff even a three-year old could surpass. But! The hellish hours will be finishing at the end of the month and I will be back to a normal schedule in September and that is when I would like to start my little... in-between... thing. If I do a sequel, this little Emrys exploration will take place between TFN and the sequel.

That's enough rambling from me for now. I hope you guys enjoy what is to come! See you soon!