October 1989 Hogwarts Library

"The first Hogsmeade weekend is coming up," Charlie Weasley observed quietly.

Tonks grunted agreement and continued to read.

"Has, um, has anyone asked you yet?" He tried to rub his sweaty palms on his robes under the table where Tonks wouldn't see.

"What?" Tonks looked up at him and blinked in surprise.

"To the Hogsmeade weekend… has anyone asked you?" Charlie clarified.

Tonks snorted in amusement. "Not likely Weasley."

"D'you wanna go then? Er, with me?" Charlie asked in a rush.

While cousin Hermione's intercession had allowed Tonks to develop a strange, quasi-relationship with her maternal grandmother that consisted mostly of letters and birthday and Christmas packages sent by nondescript owls—she and her mother were still disowned from the Black family. Despite their status, Andromeda Black could not help who she was and she could not help her automatic reaction to the Weasley family. She had not outright forbid her daughter's friendship with Bill and Charlie Weasley, but she hadn't been happy about it either. Tonks had demanded to know why her mother didn't like her friends and had been surprised by the answer.

The idea that Charlie's ancestor could have behaved so callously—even if he was a frightened little boy—distressed Tonks with her Hufflepuff sense of loyalty. Her feelings for Charlie were conflicted. He was a great friend and loads of fun. She and Charlie and Bill got up to all sorts of fun together. Whenever she was around him her heart beat a little faster, but she couldn't ignore the betrayal of his ancestor. Even if she wasn't an official Black she still felt a strong sense of loyalty to her family. Mother understood and said that she felt the same way.

"I can't," Tonks muttered staring at the book in front of her. Her heart ached in her chest even as she said the words.

Charlie scowled across the table at her. "You can't or you won't?" He demanded.

"I can't," Tonks repeated with a miserable expression on her face.

"Fine," Charlie muttered and he stood up from the table and marched out of the library.

The first Hogsmeade weekend of the year Charlie took a pretty Ravenclaw named Hobbs. Tonks could care less about who Weasley took to Hogsmeade, or at least that's what she told herself. If Charlie grew a little cool and distant with her, well it was his loss wasn't it? She couldn't help that she was Hufflepuff through and through. She couldn't help that whether she or her mother liked it or not Black blood flowed through her veins.


December 1989 Phaeton's Park, Ottery St. Catchpole

"I hate boys!" Tonks declared mutinously.

Hermione looked up from the holiday menu that she was proofing and smiled at her cousin-by-marriage. "They grow on you after a bit," she stated. Then she frowned. "Is there a particular boy that you hate, or is it all of them in general?"

"Charlie Weasley is the most insufferable, pig-headed idiot," Tonks informed her cousin.

Hermione blinked. "Charlie?" She said in surprise.

"Yes," Tonks bit out between clenched teeth.

"Dora, dear, I don't think I understand," Hermione said slowly. "Charlie's always been… what happened?"

Tonks carefully explained everything and cousin Hermione's eyes grew wider and wider. "So you see why I can't go to Hogsmeade with him," she concluded. Then she scowled fiercely at the table top. "But he didn't have to be such a prat about it."

"I see," Hermione murmured. She sighed and rubber at her temples. "Dora have you actually explained any of this to Charlie?"

Tonks stop scowling and blinked at her cousin. "No… but wouldn't he know about the feud?"

Hermione thought about what she had known of the Weasley family. They had despised the Malfoy family, but they had never said anything against the Black family. Molly didn't approve of Sirius' drinking and his 'bad influence' on Harry, but no one had ever mentioned any sort of feud. Was it possible? Could the Weasleys be unaware of the reasons behind the Black family's enmity—and the reason for Malfoy's disdain?

"You know Dora I'm not sure if they do," Hermione said carefully. She frowned thoughtfully. "I don't think that Arthur Weasley knows about the feud. When you go back to school I suggest that you explain to Charlie why you can't go to Hogsmeade with him."

"What good would that do?" Tonks asked curiously.

"Well, Charlie will probably speak to his parents. The one thing I do know is that Molly and Arthur love their children very much. Once they know what's upsetting him—they'll do whatever they can to fix it. They'll come to grandfather Arcturus and try to heal the feud," Hermione said firmly.

"Do you really think so?" The expression of hope on Dora's face startled Hermione.

The idea of Charlie and Dora as a couple had never really occurred to Hermione, but now she wondered why it hadn't. They were in the same year at Hogwarts and they were friends. Perhaps Dora and Charlie would be the impetus behind healing the rift between the Blacks and the Weasleys.

"Well, it's possible," Hermione said cautiously. "Just speak to him and explain about the feud. See what he says."


January 1990, Potions Class

"What on earth are you talking about?" Charlie whispered to Tonks.

She scowled at him. "The reason I couldn't go with you to Hogsmeade… it's because of this feud. My mother is a Black. You're a Weasley."

"I've never even heard of this thing," Charlie hissed as quietly as possible.

"Cousin Hermione thinks that your father might not know about it. She suggested that he speak with your uncles," Tonks replied.

"I'll write to him," Charlie muttered.

"Mr Weasley," Professor Meadows' said in his silkiest, most dangerous voice. "As fascinating as Miss Tonks appears to be I would appreciate it if you would pay attention to your cauldron."

"Yes sir," Charlie said quickly and hid his bright red face behind his potions textbook.


March 1990, Black Manor

"Arthur Weasley to see you, grandfather," Hermione announced.

Arcturus narrowed his eyes at his granddaughter-in-law. She was a cheeky little minx, he gave her that, but the thoroughly innocent, sweet expression she was currently adopting made him very suspicious. A slightly balding red-head man in shabby wizarding robes followed her into Arcturus' study and sat nervously when Hermione indicated one of the chairs in front of his desk.

"Arthur Weasley?" Arcturus murmured in surprise. He turned to look at his granddaughter-in-law suspiciously.

"Yes, grandfather," Hermione said with a disgusting cheerfulness. "He's come to speak to you."

"What on earth for?" Arcturus demanded. He turned to glare at Weasley. "What do you want?"

Weasley swallowed and looked Arcturus in the eye. "To apologize for my ancestor."

"It's a bit late, isn't it?" Arcturus demanded.

"Ah, well, we didn't know," Arthur said with a miserable expression. "Apparently my grandfather was embarrassed about the matter and refused to allow anyone to speak of it. My uncles knew that there was some sort of family secret involving the Blacks, but they didn't know what it was. They assumed it was a marriage or an affair or something."

"He should have been embarrassed," Arcturus growled under his breath.

"Grandfather," Hermione chided.

"Well he should have!" Arcturus groused.

"I am ashamed that you thought we did not care," Arthur offered. "I cannot imagine the pain and suffering of your ancestors. The Weasley family acknowledges that we owe the Ancient and Noble House of Black a life debt. Whatever penance you require I shall find a way to pay it."

Arcturus frowned at Arthur. "Would you be willing to support the legislation currently before the Wizengamot?"

Arthur swallowed heavily and looked down at his hands.

"Grandfather, are you talking about the bill regarding wizarding children being injured or attacked by Muggles?" Hermione asked curiously.

Arcturus eyed his granddaughter-in-law. "I was not aware that you were so well-versed in current affairs."

"Sirius will one day be the head of this family," Hermione reminded him. "In addition, James will be the head of the Potter family. Both men take their duties and responsibilities to their families seriously. I just listen."

"Just listen," Arcturus muttered and snorted to himself. "You aren't fooling anyone with that act, my girl."

Arthur watched this exchange with wide eyes. "The legislation protects children?" He asked hesitantly.

"Yes," Hermione said with a firm nod.

"The Weasley family will support it," he said with a determined air.

"The Weasley and Black families supporting the same legislation," Arcturus mused aloud. "That will be a significant occurrence."

"A symbol representing healing the breach between both families," Hermione suggested.

"Hmm," Arcturus agreed with a nod. He turned to Arthur. "Would you care for some Firewhiskey?"

"Yes, thank you," Arthur replied promptly.

September 1994 Hogwarts

No one had been surprised or shocked when Harry Lupin was Sorted into Slytherin, least of all Professor Meadows. Severus was rather glad that he had taken the professorship at Hogwarts because it had afforded him the opportunity to keep an eye on his godson and his godson's intended. Harry Lupin was the son of a Muggleborn and a half-blood werewolf so there were those that felt that he definitely didn't belong in Slytherin regardless of what the Sorting Hat thought. Severus' own days in Slytherin were not so far in the past that he didn't remember the sly taunts and cool brush-offs. Thanks to Harry's loving extended family he was more than capable of taking care of himself. Severus had been horrified to see young Lupin use a couple spells that he knew were crafted by his own wife. Usually a few detentions and a few feet of parchment on Salazar Slytherin's original treatises were enough to take care of the more stubborn dunderheads.

There was barely a ripple in Slytherin House when Carina Black, the perfect pureblood princess, was Sorted into Slytherin, and she immediately allied herself with her cousin Draco Malfoy and his intended. Such things were so common to Slytherin that no one batted an eyelash. Severus had smiled fondly at his friend's oldest daughter as she slid effortlessly into her place in Slytherin House.

The year that Harry and Draco entered Hogwarts they had both written home immediately, and both had received warm congratulatory letters. A year later when Carina entered Hogwarts she too wrote to her family almost immediately.

Two years later Hogwarts was invaded by what Dorcas liked to call 'the first wave' of Hermione's and James' and Sirius' children. Severus snorted quietly to himself when he spied Perseus Black and William Potter standing straight and proud next to their sisters. If they weren't Sorted into Gryffindor he'd eat his hat.

"Black, Adara," Deputy Headmistress McGonagall called in ringing tones.

A delicate, feminine version of Sirius Black moved daintily toward the Sorting stool. She sat down gracefully and looked out at student body with a haughty elegance that reminded Severus sharply of Narcissa.

"SLYTHERIN!" The hat bellowed.

Severus blinked. Adara Black blinked as well. She rose slowly and moved toward the Slytherin table as though she were in a fog. Harry Lupin leapt up from his place next to Draco and went to sit by his cousin. Severus watched his sandy hair bend down to Adara's thick, black curls. Perseus Black was Sorted in Gryffindor just as Severus expected. Potter, Elizabeth was Sorted into Ravenclaw, which didn't surprise Severus all that much. Potter, William joined his brother eagerly at the Gryffindor table and Severus thought he saw the Deputy Headmistress glance at both boys and sigh.

That evening after the Feast Severus thought he saw Elizabeth Potter and the two boys try to catch Adara's eye, but she steadfastly ignored them. When the Slytherin prefects led the first years to their House Severus went to check on Dorcas and the children. Eileen was still too young to attend Hogwarts, of course, but she often took dinner in the Great Hall with Severus. Dorcas did so when she could, but at the moment they had a rambunctious pre-schooler and an infant and Dorcas had made the decision to eat dinner with the children in their rooms.

"No sleep!" Four year old Vitus Meadows hollered and scowled mulishly up at his mother.

Eileen giggled. "He looks just like Daddy when he's complaining about dunderheads," Eileen told her mother.

Dorcas smiled fondly down at Vitus. "He does, doesn't he," she murmured.

Severus snorted and all of them turned to look at him.

"Daddy!" Two voices squealed exuberantly and his two older children raced to him.

Dorcas moved to pick up Tabitha and cuddle her because the loud noises had startled her into fussing.

"Well?" Dorcas asked curiously.

"Adara Black was Sorted into my House," Severus replied. He frowned. "She appeared to be upset about it. I may need to go speak to her."

"And the other three?" Dorcas pressed with an impatient air.

Severus shrugged. "The boys were Sorted into Gryffindor. Elizabeth is a Ravenclaw."

"Not a bad spread," Dorcas said with a small smile. "Hermione will be pleased."

"Then why did the girl look so upset?" Severus demanded.

Dorcas made a helpless gesture with her free hand. "I don't know, Sev. You may have to talk to her."


One. Two. Three. That can't be right. Hermione counted the letters again. Three. She frowned and started opening the letters. Perhaps the girls had written together? Or maybe Perseus and Adara—when the twins had been younger they had occasionally done that. A quick read through made Hermione's frown grow. Piers, Will and Liz had all written, but Dare hadn't. That was very unlike her; Dare was headstrong and a little wild, but she also was careful to observe all of the formalities and niceties. Dare had never failed to send Hermione a Mother's Day card or a birthday card even when she was so small that it was basically a folded piece of paper with scribbles on it. Hermione read through all three letters carefully. She frowned at Perseus' letter.


We made it all in one piece although Will tried to lean over the side of our boat trying to catch a glimpse of the Giant Squid. Dare helped me pull him back into the boat. I promise not get detention until the second week of school. Tell Dad and Pops that Will and I promise to uphold their honour here in Gryffindor. Liz got stuck in Ravenclaw, but I'm not too surprised. I'm worried about Dare, Mum. She won't even look at me, or talk to me. What should I do?




Two shrieking girls ran into her rooms and flung themselves at her. Hermione gasped as ice-cold water soaked through her robes. She pulled back so she could see their faces properly. Eleanor and Isabella were covered in mud and soaked through with icy cold water.

"What the-," Hermione couldn't even think where to begin.

"Mummy it was an accident, I swear," shrieked a boy who raced into the room.

"Castor Alphard Black, what have you done?" Hermione demanded furiously.

Eleanor sneezed and Isabella shivered.

"It's my fault," another boy insisted. He raced into the room and threw himself dramatically at his mother's feet. "Punish me instead, Mother!"

"Edward get off of the floor now," Hermione growled at her son.

"But Mother," Edward protested from the floor.

Hermione's eyes narrowed. "Get off the floor. And explain to me what happened."

Edward pulled himself off the floor and tugged at his wild Potter hair. "Well, I was trying out a new spell and Castor and Pollux wanted me to show it to them," he said slowly.

"Edward!" Hermione gasped. All of her children knew how dangerous it was to experiment with unfamiliar spells.

"It was an accident Mummy," Castor protested.

"What's going on love?" James poked his head into Hermione's parlour and blinked in surprise at Eleanor and Isabella. "Did you girls go for a swim in the pond?"

Hermione sighed and pulled out her wand so that she could cast drying and warming charms on the girls. "No, they did not," she bit out with a sharp look at Edward and Castor. She frowned. "Wait just a moment… where's Pollux?"

"He's with Orion and Pia," Edward informed his mother.

The rest of the day was taken up with children, needy husbands, and an Enchantment consultation for a colleague in France. By the end of the day, Hermione had almost forgotten about the letters from her eldest children, but she found them again on her desk. Three letters. I'm worried about Dare, Mum.


"I thought we'd be seeing you soon," Dorcas said smugly when Sirius and James stepped through the Floo.

James turned to assist Hermione out of the Floo.

"Where are they?" Sirius asked impatiently.

"All of them?" Dorcas pursed her lips. "I believe that Gryffindor and Slytherin have Potions together… so that means that three of your four are in Potions Lab Three. I'm not sure about Elizabeth."

"We'll track down Elizabeth after we've dealt with Adara," Hermione said firmly.

"Be careful Hermione," Dorcas warned her friend. "You know Severus gets tetchy when people interrupt his classes."

"I know," Hermione agreed. "And he's entirely correct. If a student were startled and added the wrong thing at the wrong time… well… an exploding cauldron would be the least of his worries."

"Let's go love," James muttered with an anxious expression.

Though both men would deny it with their dying breath James and Sirius were more overprotective parents than Hermione was. Nothing her children had ever done had topped even the smallest little scrape that she or her friends had done. No one could even come close to her Harry. While Hermione was worried about Adara James and Sirius were almost frantic. Hermione had to stop them from throwing open the door to Potions Lab Three. She glared at both of them and tapped lightly on the door.

"Enter," Professor Meadows called out.

Hermione poked her head through the door and nodded politely at Severus. "Might we borrow Adara for a moment, Professor?" She asked.

Severus quirked a brow at her for her careful observance of the niceties and then turned toward the students. "Miss Black, you are excused."

"Yes, Professor," Dare murmured and gathered her things.

A quick look found them an empty classroom to use.

"Are you all right Dare?" James demanded.

Adara looked up in surprise. Sirius took her face in his hands and peered worriedly into her eyes.

"You look pale," Sirius muttered. He frowned at her. "Are you sleeping well? You're taking your vitamins aren't you? You know you have a vitamin D deficiency and the Slytherin dorms don't have a lot of light."

"I'm fine Papa," Dare informed James. She turned to face Sirius. "I've been taking my vitamins, but I haven't been sleeping well."

"It takes a little while to adjust," Hermione said firmly. "More importantly, why haven't you written to us?"

"I was busy," Dare muttered, but she wouldn't look any of her parents in the eye.

"Adara." Hermione's voice sharpened and Dare hunched her shoulders. Hermione sighed. "Dare… what's wrong?"

"Just say what you came to say!" their daughter burst out.

"Okay," Sirius said slowly. "We love you and miss you. Your mum's worried because you haven't written to her like your siblings."

"What?" Dare blinked at them in surprise before frowning. "What else?"

"I'm worried that you aren't sleeping well," James announced. "Perhaps we should take you up to Madam Pomfrey. You don't think she's come down with something do you, Sirius?"

"It's possible," Sirius agreed.

Dare appeared to be confused. Hermione tilted her head to the side.

"Adara darling, what exactly did you think your fathers would say?" She asked.

"Aren't you disappointed in me?" Dare asked in a small voice.

"For what?" Sirius and James asked in unison. They bore almost identical looks of confusion.

"For being in Slytherin," Dare blurted out in frustration.

James and Sirius looked at one another and then turned back to Adara.

"Why would we care about that?" James asked slowly.

"But you always say things about Slytherins whenever Uncle Regulus, Uncle Severus or Uncle Lucius come to Phaeton's Park," Dare pointed out.

Sirius snorted. "'Course we do. They're utter tossers. Have to keep them in their place."

Hermione rolled her eyes and glared at Sirius. Then she turned to Dare and smiled gently. "They all grew up together Dare. It's the same way Will and Piers tease Edward, Castor and Pollux."

"Sweetheart, we've never done that to Draco, Harry or Carina," James pointed out. "Why on earth would we do that to you?"

"Oh." Adara's cheeks grew pink with embarrassment. "But when you were Sorted into Gryffindor…"

"You thought I would react like my Mother?" Sirius appeared horrified, but Hermione could see the flash of hurt in his eyes.

"But… you told Uncle Regulus that—," Adara paused as though she were uncertain what to say.

Hermione gasped. "Just before school started," she told Sirius urgently. "Remember? You told Regulus that you'd be damned if any of your children would be a bunch of slimy snakes."

Sirius paled. "Dare, honey, Daddy was just teasing. I didn't mean it. I wasn't even talking about you lot I was just yanking Reg's chain."

"So you aren't going to disown me like Grandmamma did to you?" Dare asked carefully.

James snorted. "Do you really think that we would do that?" He demanded. "And if we were that stupid do you really think your mum would let us?"

Adara blinked in surprise and looked up at her mother. "No," she said slowly. "I guess not."

"Of course not," Hermione said firmly.

When everyone had hugged Adara and reassured her once more that they loved her very much no matter what her House it was lunch time. They filed out of the room intending to go to the Great Hall and eat lunch before heading home only to find the hallway blocked by Will, Piers, Liz, Carina, Harry, Draco and Severus. Hermione arched an eyebrow at Severus who shrugged.

"Well?" He asked drily.

"Everything is Sorted," Hermione replied with a twitch of her lips.

"Oh Mummy that's terrible," Elizabeth exclaimed.

"That's a galleon in the pun jar," William added.

"You knew?" Dare demanded.

Piers rolled his eyes at his twin. "Liz figured it out."

"Of course she did," Hermione said serenely. "She is a Ravenclaw after all."

"So you really don't care?" Draco asked.

Hermione smiled fondly at her godson. "I really don't care Draco. Every single House has something good to offer its residents. Look at your cousin Nymphadora. She was in Hufflepuff and she's an Auror-in-training. Her fiancé Charlie Weasley was a Gryffindor and he works with dragons in Wales. Carina's father was a Slytherin and he's a British representative to the International Confederation of Wizards. Professor Meadows was a Slytherin."

"I told you," Harry said to Draco.

"You did," Draco agreed.

"Can we eat now?" James asked.

"Yes, Potter, you can eat now," Severus said and rolled his eyes.


1 May 1998 Grimmauld Place

"Darling have you seen my new robes?"

"They're in your closet Regulus. Kreacher put them away yesterday," Marlene called up the stairs.

"Found them!" Regulus called back.

"Honestly Kreacher that wizard would be lost without you," Marlene told the house elf as she waited impatiently at the bottom of the stairs.

"Yes Mistress Marlene," Kreacher agreed.

"It's a good thing he has you looking out for him," Marlene continued.

Kreacher blushed.

"Oh, don't blush. You know it's true," Marlene chided the old family retainer.

"Will the Mistress and young Master Regulus be gone for long?" Kreacher asked.

"Only a day or two, Kreacher," Marlene said soothingly. "That will give you time to help Mipsy settle in and show her the ropes."

"Kreacher doesn't need a helper," the old house elf muttered in a rebellious tone. "Kreacher can still be doing for young Master Regulus."

"Of course," Marlene said firmly. "Make sure that Mipsy knows that you are the only one to assist Regulus. You're the only one he can trust you know."

The old house elf's chest swelled with pride. "Yes Mistress." Kreacher beamed at her.

Several minutes later Regulus came pounding down the stairs in his new dress robes. Marlene's breath caught in her throat at the handsome picture he made. His thick black hair fell over one eye in careless curls and his plush lower lip was caught between his teeth as he wrestled with the cravat. Marlene tutted and slapped his hands out of the way so that she could tie it for him. Once she was done she smoothed the robes over his broad shoulders and smiled up at him. They had been together for such a long time—Marlene had given Regulus three children—yet he still looked as handsome as ever.

"Ready love?" Regulus asked.

"Yes. It's a shame Cygnus and Druella aren't still with us," Marlene said with a slightly wistful air.

Regulus snorted. "If Cygnus were alive this wouldn't be happening. He never would have reinstated Andromeda back into the family, and he's got to be rolling in his grave at the idea of Nymphadora marrying a Weasley at Ellidgefield of all places."

Marlene frowned up at her husband. "So you're against it?" She demanded.

"I didn't say that," Regulus contradicted his wife. "I just said that it was a good thing that Cygnus wasn't still here." He kissed Marlene on the forehead. "We should get going or we'll be late and Andromeda will kill us both."

Ellidgefield was just as beautiful as Marlene had remembered. Andromeda and Sirius were at the gate to welcome guests; Andromeda as the mother of the bride, and Sirius as the head of the Black family, were the hosts of the event. It was only after years of association with the Black family that Marlene was able to see the joy in Andromeda's face—the slight curve of her lips and the glint in her eye was the equivalent of a wide, toothy smile on anyone else.

"Regulus," Sirius said with grin. He took his brother's hand eagerly and nodded politely to Marlene. "Mar. The Hogwarts contingent just arrived. Hermione's sorting everyone out on the lawn."

"It was so nice of them to allow the children to come," Marlene said.

Andromeda's lips twitched. "Not exactly. Blacks always marry in May. Phineas Nigellus made sure that the by-laws of the school stated that any student might leave for the day to attend a family wedding."

"The old goat was good for something," Sirius muttered.

Marlene and Regulus hugged Andromeda and Sirius and then hurried to the lawn.



Three figures broke from the large group milling on the lawn and raced to Marlene. Regulus admired his children as they hurried to their mother. Carina's thick black curls bounced as she ran. Just behind her was Electra with her long, thick blonde hair flying out behind her like a banner. It startled Regulus how much Electra resembled her mother with her china blue eyes and her dimples. A fond smile tugged at his lips when he spotted their youngest and only son, Arcturus. He was a blend of his father and his mother with his thick blond curls and his wide grey eyes.

"What about old Dad?" Regulus demanded.

"Oh Daddy," Carina protested. "We saw you last week when you came and lectured in Defence Against the Dark Arts. Mum was doing a job for Gringotts and we haven't seen her in months."

"She wasn't even home for Easter break," Electra complained.

"You'll be home this summer, right?" Arcturus asked with a slightly anxious air.

"Of course I will. I take most of my jobs during the school year. You know that Arcturus," Marlene comforted her son.

"Everyone's here Mum," Electra said and bounced in excitement. "Cousin Draco and Harry are over there with Cousin Narcissa and Cousin Lucius. Even Professor Meadows and Mrs Meadows are here with Eileen, Vitus and Tabitha!"

"Aunt Hermione said that it will begin soon so we need to move to our seats," Carina added.

"Then we had best do as Aunt Hermione commands," Regulus said with a slight smile.

When Nymphadora and Charlie had first approached Sirius with the request to marry at Ellidgefield he had been surprised, but he had quickly realized that this marriage between a member of the Black family and a Weasley at Ellidgefield would be an official end to the feud between their families. Nymphadora and Andromeda had wanted the wedding to take place in May, of course, and had chosen May 1st as the perfect day for the event.

It hadn't taken a genius to realize that Hermione was anxious and upset about the date of the wedding, but none of them could figure out why. She genuinely liked Charlie so it wasn't that she disapproved of the groom. She was thrilled that
Andromeda was an official Black again and took great pleasure in inviting her to family functions. In the end it was James and Sirius who figured it out on their own.

Every year around May 1st Hermione grew quiet and solemn. She usually wandered off by herself and often when she came back her eyes were red and puffy.

"It's the day itself," Sirius muttered.

James nodded. "We'll just have to keep an eye on her."

As the head of the Black family it was Sirius' duty to officiate the wedding between Tonks and Charlie. James and Hermione flanked him and participated as matriarch and co-patriarch of the Black family. Sirius' voice rose and fell as he chanted and James' and Hermione's voices twined with his in a harmony that made the guests' spines tingle. The bride and groom were suffused with power and then they were Other. Sirius felt a slight moment of disorientation and a sense of recognition before Hermione was tugging him forward to complete the circle of protection around the wedding couple. The entire Black family clasped hands and continued to chant while the gods consummated Tonks and Charlie's wedding.

With a skill and dexterity that made Sirius' heart swell with pride Elizabeth and Adara helped Lily direct the guests to the truly impressive spread of food that had been set out on the west lawn. He frowned slightly when he noticed the Diggory boy lurking in the vicinity of his daughters. He had graduated Hogwarts four years ago, and had entered into the Ministry; he was a nice enough lad, but he had no reason whatsoever to be speaking to either of his daughters. Hermione elbowed him and he began to chant again.


September 1st 2017, Hogwarts

"What do you think of this year's first years, Severus?" Albus Dumbledore asked as they watched the first year students partake in their first feast.

"I could hardly be expected to know now, could I Headmaster?" Severus retorted. "Give me a month or two. I'll be able to judge more accurately then."

"We have so many this year," Dumbledore continued in a thoughtful voice.

"He's right, you know, darling," Dorcas murmured quietly.

Their Tabitha had graduated just last year and this was the first year without any of his own children in the castle. Severus felt just a little bit lost without Eileen, Vitus and Tabitha rambling about in his rooms. A bright flash of blond caught Severus' eye and he smiled to himself. It was Scorpius Malfoy's first year at Hogwarts. He knew that Draco and Harry were anxiously awaiting their first letter from their son. Sitting at the Hufflepuff table were Teddy Weasley, a Seventh Year and Head Boy this year, and First Year Wilfred Diggory, Adara and Cedric's eldest child. Wilfred looked nervous, but Teddy quickly changed his hair from its normal bright blue to a riotous red that resembled his father's hair and little Wilfred laughed in delight.

"I think they'll be all right," Severus muttered to Dorcas. "They always are somehow."

Dorcas smiled up at him. "That's true."



Spawn Update:

Pairings (or… you know) and Spawn:


Perseus Leo Black (S/H, Heir to House of Black)

Adara Capella Black (S/H)

William James Potter (J/H, Heir to House of Potter)

Elizabeth Victoria Potter (J/H)

Edward Charlus Potter (J/H) (fraternal triplet w/ Eleanor & Isabella born August 23rd 1987)

Eleanor Mary Potter (J/H)

Isabella Anne Potter (J/H)

Castor Phineas Black (S/H) (identical twin w/ Pollux born November 16th 1989)

Pollux Cygnus Black (S/H)

Orion Regulus Black (S/H) (fraternal twin w/ Cassiopeia born May 12th 1991

Cassiopeia Melania Black (S/H)


Carina Pyxis Black (M/R)

Electra Maia Black (M/R) [Electra and Maia are both in the Pleiades]

Arcturus Sirius Black (M/R)


Eileen Unira Meadows (D/S)

Vitus Filius Meadows (D/S)

Tabitha Minerva Meadows (D/S)


Harry John Lupin (L/R)

Margaret Rhea Lupin (L/R) [Daisy is a common nickname for Margaret]

Nymphadora (Tonks)/Charlie

Theodore Arthur Weasley


Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy


Wilfred Amos Diggory

There are more spawn out there… I just don't have the ability to wed them, bed them, and force them to name their children for you here. Let your imagination run wild. Eileen ran off with Ron Weasley and poor Ron is stuck with Severus as a papa-in-law. Whatever floats your boat.

A/N: I don't usually do this many kids for Hermione, but I figured I might as well at least once. Also, I had mentioned that the triad would be fertile and I thought I might try to live up to that. All of these were multiple births and Hermione had an extensive extended family to help. She wasn't doing everything all by herself, and she wasn't enslaving armies of House Elves to do it either.

I had thought that I made Draco and Harry's situation fairly clear, but I guess not. Draco's family chose a surrogate for his heir. I can't remember which chapters, but I made sure to mention several times the need for a pureblood surrogate to have his child. That does NOT mean that Scorpius isn't Harry's child. Harry raised him-took care of skinned knees, nightmares and reading "Babbity-Rabbity and the Cackling Stump" for the eight millionth time. So Scorpius is listed as Draco and Harry's child even thought they used a magical surrogate.