Zombie attack

One day scientist found what seemed to be a very strange bee. They caught it and then they let it loose in the lab. The bee stung everyone in the lab. But what they did not know was the bee was contagious if it stung you. Everyone was running for their lives then one person changed into a zombie the guy didn't know what was going on the bee died and the guy that got stung by the bee bit another guy and then he change then someone left the door open the zombies got out and started eating people but that was not the end of it someone was eating bath soap and started eating other people's faces off and then he turned in to a zombie and then it was all downhill from that people started eating others and then this little girl was infected with this virus she attacked her mother and father and didn't know what happened. What was going on in this world people are just going crazy. One woman named Selena she had the cure and she didn't know it. She stared fighting the zombies and then once she found out the she was the cure she went to every hospital to try to get it and they all said that she had to die and drain her blood and spry all the zombies. She was like is there another way they said yeah but we will have to drain all your blood out and then put new plod back inside of you. She asked him but is that dangerous he said yes but it's been done but I don't think that there is that much for everyone. Is there any of your family still alive and she lied to the doc and said no but she has five younger sisters and she don't want them to go through all that so when she told the doc he went to go look up to see if she didn't or did have any other family. When he went to go do that she ran out of the hospital and then ran in front a bunch of them. She ran back inside and then she found a gun and went to shooting. She had no idea that would kill them so when she started killing them they started running then she ran out of bullets then she ran the zombies attacked the doc and when that happened she knew that she needed help one zombie bit her and he turned back to normal then he dressed the cut and then he started fighting the zombies with her can you run fast selena asks jack said yeah then she yells RUN! Once they got to the end of the hospital jack asks what do they want selena said what do you think a concert no they want to kill us god that was a blonde question. Selena asks what started this jack said a bee then she asked where the bee is at now in the lab and where the lab at is and he said right across the road. Good get me there and we are going to find a cure come to find out the bee is alive still so they thought that if the bee was still alive then so will the zombies what if we kill the bee and then everyone will turn back to normal and so they tried it and it worked. Then after all that was done with they cleaned up the town.

The end