Angry Birds in Time

On a remote island, there were pigs and birds. One day, the pigs invented a teleporter. The pigs were starting up the teleporter. The birds heard all the racket and came running over and told them to stop. But it was too late, there were already going back in time.

The birds and pigs landed on the ground in dinosaur time with a kerplunk! Then a monstrous T-Rex came and the birds and pigs ran and got separated. The pigs ran to a forest and tried to build a new teleporter. One pig went to get a T-Rex egg while the T-Rex was chasing the birds. The birds ran and hid in a bush. Red Bird found a big boulder and threw it at the T-Rex. The T-Rex got knocked out!

The birds had no idea how to get home because the teleporter was left there. So they just decided to take a nice walk and get a couple of ideas. As they were going on the walk, they saw a pig carrying a dino egg. The pig looked at the birds and ran. The birds chased after the pig. The pig made it back to the rest of the pigs without getting killed by all of the birds. The pig was just about to give the egg to King Pig to eat when they heard a crack. A baby T-Rex came out of the dino egg. It called to its mother. The T-Rex woke up from being knocked out and the T-Rex came charging at the birds. The birds ran as fast as they could. The pigs started the teleporter before the T-Rex got too close. The birds were almost there and then they jumped into the teleporter just in time. Except for poor Grampa Pig who got left behind and was eaten by the T-Rex. But all the rest of the pigs and birds landed at home and lived happily ever after.

The End