Dividing Magnets

Author: yeknodelttil

Show: Young Dracula

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Pairing: Vlad/Erin

Disclaimer: I don't own Young Dracula. This is purely for the enjoyment of its fans, created by a fan

Spoilers: 4x01: The Good, The Bad and the Undead.

Summary: Magnets are curious things. Two like magnets repel but two opposite magnets attract. Unfortunately every pair of magnets can be divided, but what makes magnets act this way? VLAD/ERIN

A/N: This came to me from a few things from the episode, I've finally managed to post it tonight. This has been inspired by a few songs but I won't say which ones just yet should they give it away.

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'A time to love and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.' Ecclesiastes 3:8

Chapter 1: Aftermath

The entire room was in chaos. Equipment was everywhere, flying around in pieces, any of it could prove fatal to both vampire and slayer should it strike them.

The sickening thing was that the crowd around them were cheering and routing for the side they were part of, this football match had turned into something far more disturbing. This had nothing to do with a friendly contest. The only four people who supported the whole idea of a Truce were the people currently on the 'pitch'.

Vlad felt Jonno's back pressed up against his. This was never something he'd ever considered to actually become a reality, perhaps a wish but never a reality with the slayer protecting his back.

Vlad lunged for the vampire nearest him, his fingers only just caught the leather of the jacket. Leather gathered under his nails as long gashes appeared in the coat of the vampire. He let out a frustrated growl.

Jonno darted for one of his slayers knocking them to the ground with a tackle around the legs. He landed with an 'oomph' but managed to restrain them until one of the slayers from the crowd pulled them to one side and completely out of the room to calm down.

Vlad shot towards the slayer who'd been taken down with a bite only to jump backwards as they lunged at him with the makeshift stake. He let out a growl before clicking his fingers, he regretted that this slayer had been turned into one of them as their 'teammates' had slew the vampire when it was feeding on her. He knew the slayer would have preferred to have been finished off rather than be transformed. The slayer collapsed into unconsciousness with that single click. He gestured for Mina to take her from the pitch to treat her, perhaps the wound hadn't been deep enough for transformation but he doubted it.


Bertrand cornered Erin against the wall. Vlad would never forgive him if anything happened to the young slayer. Most of all if she became one of them, he had to do his duty to the Chosen One and keep her safe no matter his reservations about Vlad's romantic entanglements.

Erin tried to push past him a number of times with the small stake in her hand. Where she'd gotten that he didn't have a clue he knew that she didn't have it on her before. Under previous circumstances he would have been watching his own back with a slayer behind him but he knew that she wouldn't hurt him even if she didn't trust him.

A slayer lunged for Bertrand, immediately he swung into combat mode. He dodged and twisted the stake that was poorly aimed at him, the size of the wood from the goal posts made it a bulky and clumsy thing to hold and manoeuvre. It couldn't be twisted and it couldn't be thrown without a lot of strength behind it if it was to successfully reach its target.

The experienced vampire kicked the legs out from underneath the slayer knocking him to the ground. He held him there with his knee on his chest before ripping the stake from his hand. The slayer was terrified with wide eyes beneath him, he was sure Bertrand would either use it on him or tear him limb from limb.

Bertrand opened his mouth, "Be glad there's a truce." His fangs weren't down but he threw the stake into the air before launching a fireball at it. The 'stake' burst into flames, it exploded in a shower of ash that slowly fluttered to the ground.

The irony wasn't lost on Bertrand as the slayer was covered in ash from the weapon that should have turned him to ash.


Erin had allowed herself to become distracted by the scene – a mistake she regretted.

Erin cried out as her neck was forced to one side painfully. Her heart began to pound as she knew what was coming. Vlad had done this to her three times in the past but there had been a reason behind it. This vampire just wanted to feast on her.

She closed her eyes praying that he would finish her off rather than just simply bite her. She refused to be loyal to anyone.

Suddenly she was dragged back; or rather the vampire was pulled from her, his grip taking her with him a few steps. She let out a grimace as unkempt nails scraped into her arms drawing thin rivulets of blood. She wouldn't cry out, crying out in pain would alert vampires to her distress just before they smelled the blood.

As soon as her bicep was free she wiped the blood away, covering it with her hand in an effort to muffle the scent. She knew it would be a matter of seconds before the vampires realised where it was coming from.

She turned to see Bertrand giving her a concerned look, something she wasn't used to seeing from him. She nodded in thank and assuring him she was fine. He looked at her arm seeing the droplets of blood there. He was pinning the vampire down to the ground, straddling him as the vampire thrashed and tried to break free.

"I'm okay." She assured him.

Bertrand didn't listen, he called out, "Vlad!"

Vlad was the first to detect the smell, his more sensitive nose picking out her scent just as Bertrand called him. He saw the blood on Erin's arm and couldn't believe how close he'd come to losing her.

Vlad let out a growl before crouching and slamming his hand down firmly on the ground much as he'd done before. He was ending this now.

Erin rocked slightly but she didn't collapse to the ground like everyone else in the room as Bertrand fell he accidently hit her on his way down. Bertrand landed sprawled on his back and immediately she extended her hand to help him up. She would never have even considered doing that before.

He looked at her hand in disgust before seeing her roll her eyes and accepting it with as much good grace as he could muster. This was a Bertrand who was determined to show Vlad which team he was on.

Vlad looked across to Erin; she caught his eye and nodded offering half a smile. She was okay.

Mina looked between the pair of them, she'd noticed it when Vlad had cheered for Erin. She'd never seen a vampire that didn't care that his girlfriend wasn't a vampire. One other thing hadn't escaped Mina's notice though and she wondered whether it had escaped the others'.

Vlad looked at the scene around him, "Get him out of here." He told Bertrand gesturing to the vampire he held. He looked to Mina, "Get your slayers out of my sight!"


Vlad wiped her biceps gently with the antiseptic wipe; cleaning the wound as best he could should she get an infection. The marks were deeper than he thought but not deep enough for stitches, of course it didn't help that Erin had taken an aspirin to cure the headache that had started. It meant her blood was thinner and would flow quicker.

"I thought I'd given enough blood for you." She teased drawing a smile from him before it disappeared. He balled the wipe up before letting it burst into flames.

"Too much." He told her, he lifted a hand to her cheek briefly, "I could have lost you." He lowered it back down with a groan seeing the blood beginning to surface on her arm once more. He reached behind them for the gauze and spread it across her arm, sealing the wound.

"I'm a slayer Vlad, I can handle myself."

"I have powers, you don't. You were nearly bitten, if Bertrand hadn't pulled him off you…" He trailed off shuddering. She could be either drained or like him. Neither was worth thinking about.

She looked down, changing the subject, "I heard you cheering." She smiled looking at him, there was no denying that she'd heard his voice. "You do remember you're a vampire and not a slayer?" She teased.

"I don't care that we're different kinds. I wanted to support my girlfriend." Vlad grasped Erin's hand in his, bringing it to his lips and kissing her knuckles chivalrously, she let out a small laugh at his actions. His face was serious but his eyes sparkled with mirth. He let go of her hand and trailed his fingers up the soft skin of her bare arm before his fingers met the Lycra of her football shirt. Erin tried to hold back the pleasurable shiver his actions brought her. Vlad caught her cheek and stroked it softy, "Just because we're on opposite teams, it doesn't mean that I feel any different."

Her being a slayer had only mattered for a short period – a week at most, less if he was honest with himself. He didn't care as long as she was wanted to be with him. She didn't care he was a vampire and for that he was grateful, no one ever looked at him and saw the person he was. The only saw his fangs, Robin had from the moment he'd met him. Erin had known who he was and hadn't run away from it.

Erin smiled at him, "I know."

She tilted her head and Vlad immediately responded, he pressed his forehead against hers. The sensation of her warm skin against his was enough to comfort him.

"If we do go to war, I'm a slayer Vlad." Erin muttered quietly, the reality of a very possible future taking over her thoughts. "There's no way I can be here with you." The Guild would never allow it, nor would his kind. She'd be an outcast and Vlad would be tainted for being associated with her. The Guild would never take her on because they would know that she couldn't be trusted not to help him as she'd done the same in the past.

Vlad leaned in and kissed her forehead gently, his cool lips lingering on her heated skin longer than necessary. She grinned up at him as he gradually pulled back, they didn't kiss in public often, the odd peck on the cheek was as far as they got. In general they hadn't gotten any further than kissing although there had been one or two… or eight near attempts towards something more (if they were honest).

"Remember what I said. Don't worry about tomorrow." Erin nodded.

Vlad leaned in towards her and she shuffled closer towards him. He smiled as she pulled her arm from his grasp and wrapped them loosely around his neck. He smiled as their knees touched where they crossed their legs. He paced his hands loosely on her hips, stroking his thumbs back and forth through the thin material of her t-shirt.

Just as their lips were about to brush the door to the gym swing open with a creak, they pulled back a fraction but not enough to deny the position they were in.

Mina shook her head looking at Erin, she didn't know how the young slayer could stand for the vampire to touch her like that. "Erin a word."


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