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Chapter 3: Crumbling


That one words summed everything up.

It felt as if everything was crumbling. Crumbling down and spiralling around him.

He felt sick. The feeling starting in his stomach and working up his throat. He wanted to retch.

His vision began to blur, he never cried but in that moment he wanted to. He could feel his chest heaving trying to use air that he no longer needed.

He reached out for something only finding the corner banister. He grabbed it as he felt his legs weakening underneath him. He didn't know how he did it but he managed to twist himself round to see her figure escaping as fast as she could through the door at the bottom or at least rounding the corner to run through the door clumsily.

He stared ahead as he dropped down heavily on the steps trying to process everything that had been said. He could feel his throat constricting as each word she'd said was burned into his mind – etched in his memory for years to come.

He moved to bury his face in his hands. His palms were pressed into his eyes trying his hardest to stop the tears that were leaking from the corners of his eyes.

He would be mocked by his family for this, a vampire crying over a breather girl. There was no hiding it from them, they would taunt him for this. The thought made the tears burn even more, he felt even worse. Ingrid wouldn't link it to Will, she'd only consider the fact she'd turned him into a half fang.

Vlad had showed her where he was vulnerable; he never dreamed that she would use it against him. He felt like a fool. She'd let him talk about his feelings not bothering to stop him once.

She was a slayer of course she would only hurt him. Slayers caused as much pain as they could they didn't do anything else.

There was something though, something about the way she'd done it. It was out of the blue. Usually there were signs with her. He could tell when she was lying, it had taken him a while but he could tell. Her words had sounded sincere, too sincere for him.

He'd never had a relationship like this before, there had been crushes but nothing like this. He loved her. He'd never been through a breakup like this either, there was nothing there that could have predicted it. Less than an hour ago they'd been laughing and chatting, everything had been so normal.

How could everything change so fast?


Jonno was starting to get worried, Vlad hadn't returned and neither had Erin.

He partly dreaded looking for them, terrified he'd walk in on something he really didn't want to see. Hand holding he could stand, hugging he could stand, seeing them kiss was uncomfortable but anything more and he would be scarred for life – of that he was sure.

There was a coldness in the air that made him shudder, the temperature was lower here and for that he wasn't sure why. The closer he seemed to get to the entrance hall the colder it seemed.

"Vlad?" Jonno asked gently seeing the state of the vampire on the stairs. "Where's Erin?"

Vlad didn't look up, he didn't want anyone to see his face like this. "Gone." His voice was broken and hoarse as he spoke.

Jonno really hoped he didn't mean what he thought the vampire meant. "Gone as in gone shopping or gone…"

"Gone as in she's not coming back." Vlad mumbled.

Jonno tried to process what Vlad had just said. Vlad wouldn't even look at him as he spoke – not that Jonno blamed him.

Jonno couldn't understand it; Erin loved Vlad he was willing to bet on that. "Erin wouldn't just leave…"

This time Vlad's gaze met his, his eyes snapped up burning with fury. "She did."

Immediately Jonno took his eyes from Vlad's face, he'd never seen Vlad like this. The future Grand High Vampire was more vulnerable than he'd ever been before. His eyes were black and splotchy, dried tears were pulling his skin tight and his shirt was soaked with tears that had fallen from his face.

Jonno extended his arm; Vlad stared at it before taking it. The slayer hauled the vampire to his feet. Vlad stumbled, his legs feeling like lead.

"Go get cleaned up, you don't want them to see you like this."

Jonno didn't want the vampires to see Vlad like this, this would be hard enough on the young vampire already. Looking like this would make it even harder for him.

"Thanks." Vlad whispered and Jonno nodded as he sped off.

Jonno took a deep breath, he was going to see if he could minimise the damage as much as he could before Vlad talked to the other vampires in the school.


Jonno never felt comfortable addressing vampires and in the room strangely he only felt comfortable addressing Bertrand. Bertrand was the one he'd worked with more often with Vlad and Erin and Bertrand knew more about life (or rather unlife) than either of the others despite the Count being two hundred years older.

"Someone needs to talk to him." Jonno whispered to the others, hoping that Vlad wouldn't burst in and interrupt him.

"What do you expect us to do?" Ingrid laughed, "Pat him on the back and tell him everything will be alright? We're vampires we don't do comfort." The Count nodded, agreeing with his daughter completely for once. "Vampires don't love and she's a slayer. He shouldn't have expected anything else."

Jonno ignored the insult that ricocheted off Erin and landed on him. He wanted to defend her immediately. Her and Vlad were the future no matter what the pig headed vampires in front of him thought. "She betrayed the Guild for him, if this was just over her brother she wouldn't have done that. She would have just freed him and let that be the end of it. She went and told Vlad our plans. She wouldn't have done that if she didn't feel anything for him." Jonno protested.

The Count seemed impressed, not exactly the emotion Jonno had been hoping for, "She woke up then. They are… were a joke."

Jonno looked at the Count, surely he couldn't be that cold feeling towards his son? "He loves her."

"Then he should have bitten her when he had the change, then they could be together forever." To the Count it was simple.

"Unlike you Vlad actually cares about what Erin wants. She doesn't want to become a vampire because she saw what the bite did to her brother." Jonno leaned on the pedestal that used to house the book that no one ever wanted to name, it was now situated in the living quarters of the Dracula residence. He addressed Bertrand directly, "Did Erin say or do anything that might have meant that she was planning to break up with him?" He should have noticed something, he was the most observant of them all.

Bertrand considered her actions over the course of the evening and the last few days, he shook his head. His vampire mind had a far stronger sense of recall and detail than a common breathers. "No nothing. Erin loves him." Bertrand couldn't deny that, he'd seen it in her eyes. He knew when people were in love and he knew what love was. Vlad and Erin were in love.

"There has to be a reason why she left, she usually tells him everything."

Ingrid scoffed, "She never used to." That was another slur on the slayer, although there was one thing that Vlad had had difficulty forgetting.

"Are you saying you don't have secrets?" Bertrand was slightly patronising as he spoke. He could read Ingrid like a book and she was already up to something, just what he wasn't sure of yet.

Ingrid was quick to retort, ignoring the comment completely. She was a vampire, she was supposed to have secrets. "Erin isn't family."

Everyone remained silent as the handle to the door opened slowly, to Jonno's relief Vlad looked much better. He looked tired but crying usually did that. He offered Vlad a small smile and as expected the vampire didn't return it.

He looked defeated, Jonno wasn't sure whether anything they said could be trusted not to push him over the edge.

He didn't even know what Erin had said and he wasn't sure that he actually wanted to know.

Unfortunately before anyone could stop her Ingrid spoke. "I always said she'd dump you sooner or later." Ingrid grinned at Vlad. The Count looked between his son and daughter, that was something he hadn't expected her to say so quickly.

Bertrand let out a hiss, she really could be cruel when she wanted to be. She'd already seen Vlad's rage once and he was certain she didn't want to relive it again. He didn't know why she was taking the chance of experiencing it again.

Vlad let out a growl, his eyes flashing and she took a step back as the flames danced higher in the fireplace. Vlad turned on his heel and stalked out of the room, his feet pounding with every step he took causing minor shockwaves to reverberate around the room.

Dust fell from the ceiling, gathering in piles on the floor.

"When I said talk to him I didn't mean rub it in his face." Jonno snapped at Ingrid. She shrugged, this was too good an opportunity to pass up, to hell with the whole getting along for one hundred years thing. Opportunities like this were now few and far between.

And she most certainly hadn't finished yet.


Erin continued walking trying not to look back over her shoulders. She felt as if the moment she did she would turn to a pillar of salt but perhaps if she did it would take the pain away. The school was growing smaller and smaller but she felt weaker and sicker the further she walked away from it.

The second Erin crossed the threshold of the school grounds she collapsed, her legs unable to support her weight. She landed with a bang, her knees scraping blood slowly seeping into her jeans. With effort she brought her knees back up to her chest.

Her whole world had just crumbled down around her.

In her mind's eye she could see his face, see the way it fell. Hot angry tears rained down her face, her whole body heaved. Her skin felt tight from the tears that had already dried.

Unlike the movies it wasn't raining, the weather didn't match her mood it was a clear moonlit sky. This wasn't a movie, there was no going back after what she'd said. The end credits wouldn't roll after a confession of undying love and an apology. What she'd done could never be put right.

She felt small and disgusting. She had hurt him, something she'd promised herself she'd never do again. The things she'd said to him, they were things that he'd told her in confidence, he'd told her his vulnerabilities in complete confidence and she'd used them against him.

She'd lied to him, she loved him. She loved a vampire. Her natural enemy. That had all been ripped away from her and she had no choice but to be the one who did the ripping. She'd never broken up with anyone before and it had hurt her more than she could ever express.

She looked up as she heard the purring of an engine coming towards her. Rage filled her as she knew who it was. The bright, full headlights dipped slightly as she shielded her eyes from them. UV lights were standard on all slayer cars, or rather they had been until they were supposedly out ruled amongst the Guild after the Truce had been signed.

Erin tried to console herself at the thought of the Truce. This was for the sake of it. She'd left him so it would remain intact. This was to protect him from something that he would never see coming, something that would destroy his kind completely.

The window on the car rolled down and the driver leaned out to speak to the young woman.

Mina peered down at her, seeing Erin's distraught face. She opened the car door to let the distressed woman inside:

"Good work slayer."


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