Skeletons and Cupboards

Author: yeknodelttil

Show: Young Dracula

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Pairing: Vlad/Erin

Disclaimer: I don't own Young Dracula. This is purely for the enjoyment of its fans, created by a fan

Spoilers: Series 4.

Summary: Five years have passed, soon Vlad will marry Adze. While Vlad might have looked for skeletons in Adze's cupboard in the past, some of his own are about to make an appearance in a way he never thought possible. VLAD/ERIN

A/N: I've been busy typing, this story came to me on Monday but I don't know where it appeared from. I just had to type it. I hope you enjoy it.

This was inspired by mainly a mix of Simple Plan and the Overtones, two of my favourite groups.

Please let me know what you think, should I continue it?


Chapter 1: Five Years

The corridors were abuzz with activity, slayers pushed past each other trying to carry on with their business and avoid the centre of the new and polished corridor. The temperature was warm in the building to accommodate the slayers, the first time heating had been this high in a Slayer HQ, the presence of vampires had something to do with that.

A small party walked in a bubble in the centre of the corridors. The Grand High Vampire, his future wife and the head of this particular HQ. This was the moment two of them had been waiting for, for the last five years.

Vlad held Adze's arm as he was walked slowly down the disinfected halls. The smell of fresh paint and plastic PVC flooring filling his nostrils, forcing him to wrinkle his nose every few minutes or so. He tried his hardest not to grimace as she had her hand delicately placed on his elbow, he felt his skin crawling ever second her had was there. He hated the ornament that she was and he knew what she wanted from a marriage which is why he'd successfully managed to put it off for nearly five years. Their engagement was going to be a long one; at least it would be for another three months.

Adze wasn't allowed to touch him at all intimately, he wouldn't allow it. She'd tried and quickly learned how he reacted to her touching him. When the marriage actually did take place it would be in name only. He wouldn't allow her to be his wife in every sense; he refused to father an heir with her. Their kind could make whatever they wanted from that, he knew there were whispers but he didn't care.

Adze was revered amongst their kind, directly descended from vampire royalty and as Bertrand had said his perfect match – on paper. Vlad knew who his match had been but that didn't matter anymore – that had been drilled into his mind more than he could cope with. The princess was beautiful but to him that was nothing. He didn't feel anymore, any feelings had left him five years ago.

"Do we have to have a tour?" Adze questioned as Vlad followed Jonno. Jonno turned to face Vlad a tiresome look on his face one that was matched perfectly by the male vampire. He could see Vlad rolling his tongue inside his mouth.

Vlad didn't look at her, it wasn't worth the effort. "Yes we do." Vlad snapped childishly at his arrogant fiancée.

This was the new base, the first one of its kind that would house both vampires and slayers working together as a team. Vlad had a responsibility to check it out now it was finally complete, this was what he'd always hoped for back in the days when everything was much simpler and every action wasn't recorded. This base would be the first of many he hoped where both sides would work together to track down rogue vampires and slayers – a peacekeeping force as such. He couldn't deny the personal motive involved as well.

"She's not here is she?" Vlad asked Jonno quietly, he didn't care about Adze hearing although he could picture her eyes rolling.

Jonno had been expecting that question from the moment Vlad had arrived on the site. It always came up at some point in his visit. He was surprised that he'd said it with Adze in earshot.

Jonno looked at him, Vlad should know that answer. Vlad dropped his head down, he'd participated in far too many Guild visits over the years and each time the one person he wanted to see was never there. He knew she was one of the senior slayers on this. Her name had been on the list he and Vlad had approved when the staff for the base was first approved.

Suddenly the Grand High Vampire stumbled forward two steps as he felt something impact against his leg. Adze tutted as he broke her hold on him, her arm jerking down to her side. The young vampire however was glad for the intrusion; anything to be free of her for a few moments.

Vlad looked down to see a small boy; he must have only been about four. The boy was still gripping his leg, holding it to stop him from falling. He stepped back seeing Vlad's face, she shook slightly. He lowered himself down into a crouch to look at the small boy. Vlad smiled reassuringly at him. He was well dressed, not that Vlad expected anything else. His eyes were piercing blue and almond shaped, his nose was small but straight and his mouth was perfect. Vlad wanted to run his hands through the small boy's mop of messy chestnut brown hair to smooth it down.

The boy's eyes were wide and terrified as he looked at the man in front of him but they weren't wet. He looked between the smiling man and the scowling woman in front of him. He knew what this person was, or at least he thought he did. His Uncle had told him about them, this man was supposed to be a friend; he'd seen pictures of him since before he could remember but he'd never met him.

The man in front of him seemed nice, he wasn't scary. A smile covered his healthily rounded face and Vlad smiled wider as he watched the boy's fear disappearing. "I'm Vlad,"

Adze tutted, "We haven't got time for this!" She snarled at her fiancé. Vlad growled back at her his fangs on view very briefly making her step back; he made sure the young boy couldn't see him to frighten him. He didn't know how he'd survive when she received equal power to his.

His whole demeanour changed as he studied at the boy, "I'm Vlad, who are you?" The smile was on his face once more.

The boy looked at him; he reached out to touch Vlad. He clearly wasn't talkative. Vlad didn't pull away as the small boy touched his cheek, he giggled at the coolness of the vampire's skin. The giggle was musical. Vlad grinned wider as she boy shuffled a fraction closer to him, placing his right hand on Vlad's shoulder. Clearly he was going to be left handed as he favoured that hand. He stroked the leather with fascination under his touch, Vlad's formal cape had a decorative crest either side of the chain and he traced it lowering his left hand to do so. He was fascinated by the texture; clearly he'd never touched leather before.

He could feel Adze trying to pry into his mind; he hated it when she tried. She never managed to pierce his thoughts, his jaw tensed and he sent a mental jolt back to her. He heard her gasp in pain and felt a childish sense of pleasure at her pain.

Vlad didn't touch the boy; he was more content to let the boy initiate the contact. "What's your name?" He asked again.

The boy opened his mouth to speak, tipping his head to one side to answer, but someone else spoke for him.

"Alexander Artur R…!" An angry cry came from Jonno as he realised what had kept Vlad, his voice trailed off before he reached finished Alexander's full name, the boy always settled he had three chances to calm down before his surname and it always seemed to work. Jonno rarely got past saying 'Alexander Artur'. When Vlad looked at the slayer, Jonno's face was a mixture or annoyance, panic and fear.

Alexander moved towards Vlad a sheepish look on his face, immediately Vlad wrapped his arms around him trying to comfort him. Vlad picked the boy up and immediately the small arms of the boy wrapped around his neck. Jonno did a double take of the pair of them. The slayers in the Guild turned to look at the vampire and the boy, their eyes wide in amazement.

Vlad knew everyone was looking at him, "What?" He addressed to everyone, he didn't know what shocked them so much. Then again it was probably the sight of a vampire holding a child, some of the Guild must have thought they emerged into this world fully grown.

"Alexander doesn't take to strangers." Jonno smiled at him, before holding out his arms expectantly and almost in a hurry. Vlad reluctantly handed him over to Jonno. Alexander let out a small huff at being given back to his minder, a dirty look covering his face directed at the vampire. Vlad let out a chuckle; no one had dared to look at him like that in five years other than the slayer in front of him of course. "Sorry he shouldn't have been able to get out." Alexander had the same knack of escaping as his father had.

"Now the slayer has him we can go." Adze whispered huskily to Vlad in an attempt to get him to leave.

Vlad felt his skin prickle; he hated the woman more than he could say. She thought she could control him, that had never happened and it never would. Any close contact was forced; this entire betrothal was a business deal after all nothing more. "If you want to go then go."

"Not without you!" She argued back, trying her hardest to persuade him. He seemed immune to her, she couldn't use her femininity on him, she'd tried more than once but he'd always shoved her away. She hadn't even managed to kiss him other than a brush of lips and that had been when she'd initiated it and taken him by surprise. She couldn't seduce him.

"GO!" Vlad roared at her and Adze stepped back. The slayers watched, Vlad wasn't a 'vampire' to them anymore he but in that moment it showed what he could become if he chose to. They all knew his disdain for his future wife; the vampire world knew it as well.

She politely curtseyed at her ruler, looking as if she'd sucked on a bitter lemon, before vanishing upwards.


Jonno punched in the code and it slid open quickly, the metallic sound grating on Vlad's sensitive hearing. "That was the first time you've smiled in nearly five years." Jonno noted as Alexander bounced on his hip, it was coming up to an anniversary for Vlad, one he didn't want to be reminded of. "You even let out a small laugh." Vlad hadn't laughed for at least that long.

"I didn't want to scare him." Vlad defended himself. "Adze is enough to scare anyone." The spoiled brat of Ramanga although at least it was clear that her father loved her and she was a willing pawn in his game unlike his sister.

Speaking of Adze, "I don't know why you're marrying her." Jonno muttered, he fully intended for the vampire to hear him. "Three months and you'll be a husband and there's no divorce in your culture."

"We've been over this." Vlad was tired of it. "There's nothing to stop it now. I have no valid reason to."

Jonno shook his head. "You're the one who decided that Ramanga's support was more important than love." Jonno was clear on his stance over this, he knew which side he'd picked in this conversation and Vlad was going to be reminded of it. Vlad had driven Erin away with this whole engagement situation and in one month it would be the fifth anniversary of that.

Vlad's eyes flashed dangerously. "You know that isn't true." He regretted not taking action soon enough, he didn't blame Erin for walking away. Erin couldn't face him and his family throughout the engagement, every time it was mentioned her heart broke just that little bit more.

Sometimes Jonno was convinced that Vlad had forgotten that he was there almost five years before and knew the story from both sides. "You had options that you didn't take before the engagement was set in stone. Adze only wants your power; she'll stake you the moment the ceremony is over."

Vlad spoke monotonously, "I know." He sat down heavily in one of the swivel chairs, it swung slightly from side to side with the force Vlad had inflicted on it.

Jonno looked at him as if something finally clicked into place, "Is that what you really want?"

Vlad looked at him, emotionless again just like he had been for the last so many years. "I lost everything five years ago Jonno. There's nothing left to lose." Alex moved closer to Vlad the moment Jonno set him on the ground, he was fascinated by the vampire. He'd never met anyone like him before. Alex looked up at him expectantly and Vlad looked to Jonno for permission. The slayer nodded although reluctantly. Vlad reached down, his leathers creaking and hoisted the child onto his lap. Vlad looked at Alex, stroking his dark hair gently. "Why is there a child at the HQ anyway?" He was changing the subject and Jonno was willing to let him. He didn't want one of Vlad's arguments in front of the boy.

"I'm babysitting him for his mother." Jonno explained, although his words were slightly forced, probably in anger Vlad thought. "He's supposed to be colouring." That comment was scolding and directed at the boy who looked downwards sheepishly. Although how he'd escaped the room Jonno wasn't sure as he certainly couldn't reach the pad to punch in any code.

"Whatever." Alexander murmured drawing a laugh from Vlad. A pang appeared in Vlad's chest with that simple word.

Jonno leaned forwards over the desk looking into the infant's eyes. "I'm telling your mother about this, Alexander." The way his said the boy's name drew back slightly painful memories of his own father when Eric used to scold him.

Alex folded his arms over his chest, he reminded Vlad of someone when he did that. "No."

Jonno glared at the stubborn little boy, "Yes." This child behaved for everyone but him.

Vlad looked at the boy, interrupting the conversation. "How old is he?"

Jonno answered quickly, a little too quickly. "Four in three months." Vlad nodded missing the look Alex sent his guardian. From Vlad's angle he assumed it was an excited look, every little boy was excited about his birthday – only Vlad had dreaded his.

Jonno's heart stopped in fear as the boy began to speak again, "Uncle Jonno…" He whined. That at least put Vlad's wonderings that Jonno was the father out of his mind once and for all. An idea stuck Alex and his whole face lit up, "Can Vlad come with us to see mum?"

"NO!" Jonno snapped at him quickly before giving Vlad a sheepish smile. "I don't think that's the best idea. His mum might panic if she knew he was near a vampire." His mother would kill Jonno and that was not an exaggeration. Vlad nodded he understood, there were still slayers who doubted his intentions and maternal instinct would definitely play a factor in the meeting.

Jonno's relief was short lived at Vlad's understanding. As no one could anticipate Alex's next actions.

"MUM!" Alexander cried, reaching for the doorway, his arms stretched out in front of him. Vlad had to wrap his arms around his waist should he fall off his lap and hurt himself.

Vlad looked to the closed door in confusion, then back at the infant. Alex's eyes seemed fixed on the closed door a bright smile covering his face. Vlad was curious how he knew that his mother was coming. Jonno instead looked terrified; Vlad was about to ask him what was wrong when it slowly opened revealing two silhouetted female figures.

At the same moment his heart tightened painfully in his chest.


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