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Chapter 5: Distraction

A squeaking noise was heard down the end of the corridor. Ingrid immediately went on alert. No one had been in that room for five years.

She worked open the door to see Vlad shuffling around the empty room; she didn't think Vlad came into this room anymore but she should've known better – her brother was a sentimental idiot.

Erin's room.

She folded her arms over her chest, leaning on the frame and smirking, "Staying in here won't bring her back."

Vlad looked up from the floor where Erin's coffin used to sit, he liked to come into this room to think and try and forget about the last five years. He missed her more than he could tell anyone.

There was more to the reason why she'd left him of that he was sure. He felt as he did five years ago when she'd left him, broken. He hadn't thought seeing her again would be so painful.

He'd meant every word he'd said to his father he was getting Erin back. He wasn't going to let her walk away from him again. He'd seen the pain in her eyes as she'd looked at him and it gave him hope that she hadn't stopped loving him.

"You made sure of it Ingrid, you were the one who was behind this. I hope you enjoy being married to Ramanga because do you really think that he'll give you a seat once Adze's married to me?"

Ingrid looked at Vlad; he didn't know what he was talking about. "He'll give me that seat." She would hate being married to him for every second of her unlife but she got what she wanted out of it – power.

"They want to slay me Ingrid; Adze gets my power from the bite I have to give her at the ceremony. You won't have any ties you'll just be his wife. Reduced to something nothing more than a cook and cleaner." He knew which buttons to press but he was speaking the truth, Ramanga would never give her what she wanted.

She went to hit Vlad but he flicked his finger and pinned her against the wall. "Don't try it Ingrid, I'm not the boy you bullied anymore. Especially not now."

Ingrid looked at him; fury lazed in her brother's eyes. "What happened to you?"

He thought that was obvious. "I lost Erin." He began to leave the room, before turning back to Ingrid, "Pick which side you want to be on Ingrid because if you choose the wrong one there won't be any mercy this time."

He then clicked his fingers and she fell to the floor with a grunt.

He really was more bitter than he'd ever been in his life and it filled Ingrid with dread.


Erin felt herself wake; her hand flew to her neck to check there were no bite marks. There was nothing there. Her eyes darted around looking for the vampire who'd attacked her. He stood watching her a feral smile on his face. He looked as if he was pure evil.

She groaned of course Adze would send someone to do her dirty work, although Erin felt slighted that she didn't warrant a personal visit after all the 'trouble' she had caused.

She went to sit up but she was thrown back down against the ground. Her shoulders scraping as the concrete dug into them.

The vampire pinned her to the ground, "You've been near him." She missed Vlad's powers; they couldn't harm her at all. Somehow they'd found that no matter what power he used she couldn't be affected by them. Her heart pounded in her chest as the familiar fear of being around vampires overtook her. She could feel blood trickling into her eyes from where she'd hit her head. "You knew the consequences."

Erin shook her head, trying to get him to understand. "I haven't been near him. It was an accident that we met."

"It's an accident you're going to regret. Adze needs his power and you're not getting in her way again."

Erin kicked upwards, her legs impacted with the vampire's stomach drawing a grunt from him. It gave her the leverage she needed to squirm her way out from underneath him. She pushed herself backwards, forcing herself onto her feet.

The vampire grabbed her shirt with a laugh pulling her back to him. Erin spun as fast as she could punching blindly as her vision blurred at the sudden movement. She caught him in the chest. He tried to hit her back but she had the sense to duck. She swung her legs around, catching the back of his and pulling his from underneath him.

Erin tried to run forwards but he caught her ankle and yanked backwards on it.

She fell forwards her hands scraping against the floor. She was flipped over suddenly and pinned to the ground. He sat on her legs and held her arms at her side.

The vampire went to bite her, his fangs ready to plunge into her neck. He suddenly froze and Erin was reminded of when couldn't bite her although that had been because he was in love with her.

He suddenly wrenched himself backwards his eyes widening. He drew his hands from her completely as if he'd been burned. He pressed a hand to his head, doubling over; his other hand clutched his stomach in pain.

She pushed herself up onto her elbows to look at him, slowly gaining the energy from the adrenalin coursing through her veins to stand up defiantly.

Erin tipped her head and looked at him directly. "You didn't expect that did you?" She asked him, she knew what he'd discovered. He'd take it back to Adze. She didn't let fear reign she was calm as she looked at him.

He shook his head not understanding how it was possible, he looked her up and down. She was nothing, she was a breather but… he couldn't understand it.

He growled at her his hand lowered and curved a fraction. Erin knew what he was going to do. She wouldn't close her eyes; she wanted to look into the eyes of her killer.

He drew his arm back before his eyes widened in surprise.

He remained frozen in that expression for another second before exploding into a shower of dust.

A wooden stake dropping to the floor along with the shimmering dust.

Erin felt her energy leave her then and she slid to the floor as unconsciousness took over again.


Erin woke to cold but gentle patting on her cheeks, her eyes fluttered slightly before opening and fixing on a pair of brown eyes above her. She pulled her head backwards quickly but ended up hitting her head and wincing once more.

Erin felt herself being helped to her feet; the fingers on her were colder than usual. She knew it was one of the vampires.

"Are you okay?" He asked her softly, he couldn't smell any strong blood.

Erin looked at herself and brushed herself down. She winced as she felt the cuts and bruises on her legs and arms. She lifted her left hand and felt the bump that was on her forehead. "Yeah, thanks for…" She didn't know how to say it other than it coming out as 'thanks for killing the vampire'. It was easier to say that to Vlad when he protected her.

He held out his hand to her, "Christopher." He had a slight accent that she couldn't place as he said the name. It sounded Welsh but she wasn't sure, a little like Vlad's when he used to get passionate about something and it would thicken.

Erin shook her head a fraction, trying to banish all thoughts from her mind of Vlad.

Erin smiled and shook it gently. "Erin." Vampires didn't act like him; there was something different about him. "Full vampire or…"

He gestured to his neck, "Half fang." The bite had healed long ago but it was an instinctive gesture. He tipped his head, "You haven't reached for your stake." He noted, "All other slayers go for it instinctively."

"I'm not like other slayers." Erin smiled at him.

He was taller than her, taller than Jonno and Vlad but not as tall as Bertrand. He was probably as well built as Bertrand. His eyes were the darkest brown and his hair was pure black. He had a caring smile and a slightly crooked nose.

Christopher suddenly realised where he knew her from, he knew she was familiar. "You were the consort to the Grand High Vampire." Erin winced at his tone of amazement. "Sorry…" He muttered as he saw the look of pain cross her face.

He knew that pain, he often felt it. He shook his head not wanting to think about it. A broken heart wasn't an easy thing to heal, his had been broken for a long time and he could only move on – or at least try to.

She went to move off but ended up swaying on the spot nearly collapsing. He darted forwards and caught her holding her upright. His arm wrapped tightly around her waist.

"Thanks." She smiled at him, he reminded her of her brother before he became Ingrid's pet. She missed Ryan. Her leaving Vlad had protected Ryan for a while, but not long enough.

A blur ran towards them flanked by two slayers. He was far too fast for his age. "MUM!" Erin stumbled a fraction; Christopher's support was the only thing that stopped her from falling backwards. Alex wrapped his arms around Erin's waist holding her tightly. She reached down and ruffled his hair lightly, before holding him to her.

Christopher looked at Erin, "Who's this?" He was curious at the young boy; he didn't even know that there were children on the base.

Alex let out a whimper and hid behind his mother.

Jonno stopped in his tracks; Alex hadn't acted like that with Vlad. This was a vampire but he wasn't as fascinated by him as Vlad but then Vlad had smiled at him. He shook his head and sped up towards Erin's side. He took Erin from Christopher. "What happened?"

"What do you think?" Erin snapped at Jonno and immediately the young slayer understood what she meant. Adze or rather some of her minions. "Christopher, this is Jonno and Ver." Erin introduced. "A half fang." She explained to them. "He just saved me."


Ver cleaned Erin's cut, Erin hissed at the stinging sensation the antiseptic caused when it met the open cut. Ver tutted and muttered a scathing comment in Transylvanian. Erin replied quickly. She had picked up a few phrases when she'd been with Vlad.

Erin had run down everything that had happened and Christopher stood silently across the room, inputting his side of the story when necessary.

"Why were they here?"

"I had a visit because of Vlad. This is why I left him in the first place. My son was nearly left without his mother." Erin snapped before her voice softened, there was something more pressing. "He found out Jonno." Erin muttered in fear, "The vampire sensed it. It was the only thing that saved me. It distracted him long enough for Christopher to…" She never felt comfortable talking about slaying vampires. It had given Christopher the chance to kill the vampire that had attacked her.

Jonno looked at her in concern, "So Vlad might be able to?" This wouldn't go down well if Vlad would sense it; Vlad would know what it meant.

Erin continued, she wanted Jonno to understand everything. "The spray didn't stop it." They'd always been under the impression that if the spray blocked out the scent of her blood and her pulse then it should be able to block this, "Vlad won't come that close to me unless I let him but if someone else does…" If someone else found out and told Adze or Ramanga she'd be the number one target once again.

"Does Alex know?" Jonno asked looking towards the boy who was watching them intently. Erin stroked his hair softly as the infant drew on the back of waste blank medical reports. His scribble was keeping him occupied. He was drawing something, something that was long and tall with something perched on the top. To Erin it was familiar somehow but it was probably off one of those children's programmes she usually let him watch.

"He just knows I can't give blood but he doesn't know why." Erin told them too low for Alex's ears, "I don't want you to tell him yet. I want to be the one to tell him when he can understand what it means. No one else knows about me other than the people in this room and Mina."

Jonno looked nervous at this point, Erin noticed. "What did you do?" Her eyes narrowed, she didn't like it when he was this nervous. He bounced and he shook his head looking completely unconvincing.

Ver looked at her, a question overcoming her. Vlad had been around her before she'd left him, surely he should have noticed it. "Is there a chance that Vlad ever knew about it?"

Erin shook her head, Vlad had never mentioned it to her and he would have mentioned something like that. "No."

Ver handed Erin a clipboard. "While you're here I need you to look at this." She'd been putting off giving this to her since Vlad's visit but it couldn't be helped any longer. "And don't shoot the messenger." She muttered under her breath but luckily Erin didn't hear her.

Erin was confused, why hadn't they given her this earlier when she was here with Alex? "What is it?"

Ver and Jonno looked at each other, daring each other to speak.

Erin wasn't going to take this well at all.

The only thing that stopped her from exploding was her son's head snapping up, he'd noticed something.

Something was coming.

Right at them.


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