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Potatoes and Punch

Deryn sat up stiffly in her seat, grimacing. From across the table, Alex smirked and looked to be suppressing laughter. "I must say, Miss Sharp, that is a very interesting look on you."

Deryn glared at him. Madaline had "convinced" (more like forced) Deryn to wear the dress and had even pinned a blonde wig to her head.

Beside her, Madaline grinned. "I know! Isn't she pretty?"

"Lovely. Now," Alex snapped his fingers. "Bring out dinner."

Deryn's eyes widened as a maid pushed a cart bearing multiple silver platters of food through the dining hall doors. Barking spiders, how many maids did this family have?
Alex pointed down at the center of the table. "Put it down." As soon as she had done as she was told, Alex dismissed the maid.

The steak and mashed potatoes that had been placed on the table looked and smelled delicious, and Deryn found her mouth watering. Alex reached forward and placed a piece of steak on Madaline's plate, then served himself. He was about to put some food on Deryn's plate but she crossed her arms and shook her head, despite her stomach's protests. "I don't want any. I don't know what you've done to it."

Alex laughed. "You're a clever one. But, I don't want you to starve. Take mine." He reached over the table, putting his own plate in front of her.

Of course, there was still a possibility that Alex had done something to the food, but Deryn was too hungry to care.

At the end of the meal, Alex sent Madaline to bed, telling her that he wanted to talk to Deryn alone. After the girl had (somewhat reluctantly) left, Alex brought out a bowl of punch. It tasted a little funny, but Deryn drank it anyway. Her head was starting to feel fuzzy, not that it hindered her drinking. Once Deryn had lost count of the number of glasses she'd had, Alek came around the table, offering her a hand. "Would you like to dance?"

Deryn nodded slowly, then used his offered hand to pull herself to her feet. Alek swirled her into the open space beside the table. Deryn had already felt a wee bit dizzy, so when Alek started spinning her, she fell into his arms, overflowing with giggles. Alek just smiled down at her, lifting her back onto her feet to waltz to a few more songs. They sat back down in the lounge chairs situated to the left, and Deryn continued to drink. Suddenly, Alek asked, "Deryn, how close are your friends to you?"

Deryn giggled. "What you talkin' about, Aaaaalek? You know all my friends!"

Alek blinked in surprise, but quickly hid his shock. "Then tell me again."

"Well," Deryn paused, trying to organize her muddled thoughts. "They like me."

"How much would they do for you?"

"A lot, I think. But I would do anything for…for them. Especially you, Alek." She leaned over so that she was half laying on him, looking up at his face. "I looooove you!"

Alek looked down at her, a slightly worried expression on his face and she took the opportunity to kiss him (somewhat sloppily) on the lips.

Alek sat stiffly, not returning her kiss, until Deryn pulled away for a breath of air and he gently pushed her away. Deryn frowned. "Don't you wanna kiss me?"

Alek just sighed. "Not right now. Come on." Deryn giggled as Alek pulled her up onto her feet. She noticed that he was blushing slightly and looked rather uncomfortable.

"Where you taking me?""

"To your bedroom. I believe it's quite time for you to go to sleep."

"No!" Deryn hugged him, laying all of her weight onto him. "I wanna stay up with you and kiss some more!"

Alek shook his head. "I'll help you. Let's go."

He dragged her awkwardly by the arms up the stairs, depositing her in front of her bedroom door. "Goodnight." His abashed expression was replaced by a wicked grin. "And thanks for the information!"

Once he was gone, Deryn shivered. Since when had Alek gotten so creepy?

Deryn awoke to a feeling akin to having your brain ripped out off your head through your ears, chopped into mincemeat, stuffed back into your head with a herd of angry monkeys, then being hit in the head with a baseball bat made of solid gold. She groaned and slowly lifted a hand to her pounding head. Blisters, what happened? Someone knocked on the door, only aggravating Deryn's head more. She clamped her hands tightly over her ears and groaned.

"Good morning, Deryn!" a cheerful and loud voice chirped.

"Go away," Deryn murmured

Someone shook her shoulder. "Wake up!"

Deryn slowly opened her eyes to glare at the grinning face of Madaline. "What?"

"Good! You're awake!"

Deryn squeezed her eyes back closed. "Madaline, please just go away. I have a terrible headache."

"I just wanna ask you a couple questions."

Deryn glared at her for a moment then sighed, slowly sliding herself into a sitting position. "What?"

Madaline hopped up onto her bed. "Why'd you do all of that last night?"

Deryn frowned. "Do all of what?" All she did last night (to her memory) was eat dinner!

"You drank a bunch of that punch Alex gave you and turned all silly!"

Deryn's heart sank. Now she remembered the punch. And if she had turned "all silly" as Madaline had said…the sodding idiot must have spiked the punch! And that would explain the headache. "Blistering idiot!" Deryn spat then winced as the pain in her head intensified.


"Your brother put something in that punch that turned me all silly. What sort of things did I do?"

Madaline thought for a moment. "Well, first you talked a little and then you danced around. Who's Alek?"

"He's…wait. Where'd you get that name?"

"That's what you started calling Alex."

Deryn's eyes widened. She must have gotten them confused in her tipsy state! "He's a…friend."

"Really? A friend?" Madaline giggled. "Because then you started kissing him!"

Deryn put a hand to her mouth, feeling bile rise in her throat. She had kissed that slug?

"You all right?"

"Aye," Deryn said, swallowing hard. "Just a little grossed out. We didn't like…do anything…else…along those lines, right?" If something like…like that had happened, Deryn would undoubtedly puke.

Madaline shook her head and Deryn nearly passed out from relief. "Nope. He just dragged you up to your bedroom door.

Deryn shivered. Why in blazes did Alex want her drunk anyway? "Did I tell him anything?"

"Just that your friends would do anything for you."

Deryn froze. If he did anything to her loved ones, she would…

…what could she do? She couldn't exactly escape herself, and she doubted that she could persuade Alex into having a change of heart. As much as she hated to admit it, Deryn Sharp was well and truly stuck.

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