Judgement Day

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Summary: Juice's betrayal has been taken to the table and now he waits for judgement.

Juice could not believe that his life was going to end like this, that everything he loved and had fought to protect was now about to be taken from him. He had trusted Jax, had believed him when he said that he would make sure that Juice's betrayal would never be put upon the table before the club but he had lied. As soon as Juice had given him the evidence to get rid of Clay he had turned on Juice and informed the club about what he had done.

It was now late in the day and Juice sat in the darkness of his own house as he waited for the one who would come and end his life for him. His hands shook as he thought about who it could be; most likely it would be Happy, as this was the sort of thing the former nomad was so good at. A single tear slid down his face as he tried to be strong for what was about to be done to him, he knew he deserved whatever his executioner did but he had only been trying to save the club, he lent forward resting his face in his hands and did not hear the single step behind him as the one sent entered the room.

"Yeh lyin little bastard."

Juice froze as he heard the words and felt the coldness of a gun as it was pressed to the back of his head. He pressed a hand to his mouth, muffling a sob and closed his eyes as the gun was pressed harder into the back of his head and started to shake as his executioner pulled back the trigger.


Jax was feeding his son Thomas when he felt his phone ringing in his back pocket, pulling it out he saw it was Chibs, flipping it open he listened to his Sargent at Arms.

"It's doneā€¦.The rat is dead!"

A/N: It might not end like this for Juice and I really hope it does not and he is able to get away with it. As always please review and let me know what you think.