If there was one thing that Iruka had learned since that fateful time when he had temporarily lost his memory and permanently gained a lover, it was that he loved Kakashi's kisses. The man kissed like each kiss might be his last, and Iruka had come to the conclusion that for just one of Kakashi's kisses, he'd let him get away with just about anything.

Kakashi had been away on mission again, and Iruka was missing both him, and his kisses, horribly. He knew Kakashi had returned to Konoha today, he'd heard other people coming through the mission room talking about having seen him, but the man hadn't appeared before Iruka. He looked at the clock; his shift was almost over. Perhaps Kakashi was going to hand his report in tomorrow.

Of course that was the very moment he sensed Kakashi arriving. He stared flatly at the doorway as Kakashi sauntered in, one hand in his pocket, the other holding a mission scroll. He approached Iruka, and spread his hands apologetically.

Iruka's eyebrow twitched. "You've been back for hours. Why did you choose now to bring in your report?" he asked in a dangerous tone of voice. Talking in the room continued, although at a notably decreased level.

"Maa," Kakashi replied, "there was this woman who needed some help carrying things, and then I had to help a kitten out of a tree, and then Guy challenged me and he looked so pitifully hopeful I couldn't say no, and then I found out there was a new Icha Icha released while I was away, so I had to pick that up, and then of course I couldn't stop myself from reading some of it, and then the day had just gone and I realised I still had to submit my report."

Iruka sighed and held out his hand. Kakashi beamed at him and put the mission report into it. Iruka opened the report and his eyebrow twitched again. The report contained more artistic impression of events via stick figures than actual words. He banged both hands loudly on the table as he pushed himself to his feet. "Kakashi..." he began, still leaning on his hands with his head bowed and his eyebrow twitching.

The room grew silent as all eyes turned towards them.

Kakashi leaned forward to meet Iruka half way across the table. Iruka looked up and Kakashi pulled his mask down quickly and kissed him. Breaking away after a few moments, he just as quickly replaced the mask, and then leaned forward a little more, so that his mouth was next to Iruka's ear.

"Don't be late," Kakashi whispered, "I made dinner. I missed you."

He handed another scroll to Iruka and vanished.

The watching faces clearly expected Iruka to grow red either with anger or embarrassment. If they were hoping he would, they were disappointed. Normal activity in the room resumed as Iruka chuckled, took his seat, and turned his attention to the jounin's real mission report.

"Welcome home," Iruka said softly.


The end.

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