what'll i do
what'll i do without you around
my words won't pun, my pennies won't pound

and all of my hours limp into days, what'll I do without you?

Oh, I don't know what to do with myself
now that I'm here
and you're

Before, life had been busy with Ryouta - his time was filled with schoool, with homework, with multiple jobs, with iHiyoko/i, him always on his toes, fluttering from one thing to the next.

Now, it was just ... slow.

There was a certain urge clawing around inside of him that told him to move, do something, anything, really, but he was still weak and recovering. Things didn't feel like they were working properly without him on the move, and though he was well aware the world was still functioning just fine without him there and interacting with it, everything just felt so off, as if time was starting to blend together into one thing.

Even on days when he'd been confined in the house from being ill, he'd still had someone to keep things going, one bundle of energy buzzing in and out and regaling him with tales of wrestling bears or some crazy thing like that, but she was gone now. There wasn't anything to keep the world in motion -

There was a knock on the front door.

"It's me."

"S'open," Ryouta called out, the stillness of the atmosphere broken.

The door swung open and Sakuya walked in, and though to the untrained eye or one unfamiliar with him, he seemed the same as ever, Ryouta could detect a brief hint of something like tiredness hovering over him.

"Kawara," Sakuya greeted, taking a seat at the table. He frowned a little down at the layer of dust that seemed to have taken permanent residence on the surface, but made no mention of it. "Are you feeling any better?"

"I guess." The statement was so half-hearted as to be unbelieveable.

"I see."

To say their conversations had started to become clipped was an understatement. Sakuya took a brief moment to consider another topic to bring up.

"I've finished most of the arrangements," he said suddenly.

"For?" Ryouta asked, a tad puzzled.

Sakuya shifted his gaze a bit to the left of Ryouta's head, something the other boy had come to notice as a little tick that he did when he was a tad uncomfortable with something.

"I'll be residing here for a few days."


Well, maybe there was at least one thing in Ryouta's life that kept it at a steady pace, at least.

a/n: Wow I am terrible at updating hello there. I am still 90% unsure what I'm doing with this. It's a character fault.

What'll I Do is a bit of a frantic song and the official music video is adorable but since Vevo is lame here's a video that isn't the official: [youtube goes here]/watch?v=exuBCzDHdY8

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