"The Tesseract has awakened" says a sinister voice to a shadowy figure "It's on a little world, an Equine world. They would wield its power, but our ally knows its workings as they never will. She is ready to lead, and our force, our Changelings will follow. A world will be hers. The universe, yours. And the ponies, what can they do but burn?"

A flying chariot approaches its destination, a scientific-military base filled with ponies running around as an evacuation was in order. The only one who was not running, standing still waiting for the chariot, was a little purple dragon wearing a black suit and shades. The chariot lands and two unicorns come out of it. The first one was wearing a tactical jumpsuit and sported a white mane. The second one had an eye patch, was wearing a black leather long coat, and was purple. She was Twilight Sparkle, director of the Networked Espionage and Intervention General Headquarters, N.E.I.G.H.

"How bad is it, Spike?" Twilight asked the purple dragon.

"That's the problem, Twilight, we don't know" the dragon answered. Twilight just stared quizzically at him.

As the three agents ride an elevator deep into the bowels of the facility, Spike explains the situation.

"Doctor Whooves read an energy surge from the Tesseract four hours ago"

"Whooves wasn't authorized to begin test phase yet" Twilight replied

"Oh, he wasn't testing it. In fact he wasn't even in the room. Spontaneous event" Spike replied back

"It just turned itself on?" asked the second unicorn, just behind them.

"How high are the power levels?" Twilight interrupted

"Over 9000 and climbing" said Spike "When Whooves couldn't stop it, we ordered the evacuation"

"How long until everypony's out?" asked Twilight

"It all should be clear in half an hour"

"Do better!"

"Yes, ma'am" Spike leaves the group to coordinate the evacuation.

"Ma'am, evacuation may be futile" the white mane unicorn said.

"So, what do you want to do, Trixie?" asks Twilight "tell them to go back to sleep?"

"If we can't control the Tesseract's energy" continued Trixie "There may not be a minimum safety distance"

"I need you to make sure that the Phase 2 prototypes are shipped out" Twilight said

"Is that really a priority?" Trixie insisted

"Listen, Trixie, until the world ends, we will act like it's still spinning" declared Twilight "Every piece of Phase 2 on a truck, gone, NOW!"

"Yes, ma'am" Trixie answered dryly

As she left, Twilight entered the Project: Pegasus complex to talk to Doctor Whooves.

"Doctor, do you have anything for me?"

"Director, the cube is misbehaving!" Dr. Whooves said, worried

"Is that supposed to be funny?" asked Twilight

"Nothing funny about that, ma'am!" Dr. Whooves replied "She's not only acting, she's behaving!"

"Why didn't you pull out the plug?"

"She's an energy source" answered Whooves "We turn off the power, she turns it back on!"

"I thought we were prepared for this" says Twilight

"Preparing, not prepared… Not yet. My calculations are far from complete" Whooves says "and she's throwing off interference, radiation… Nothing harmful, just a little bit of Kindness radiation…"

"That could be harmful" Twilight replied, remembering an incident with another pony "Where's Agent Pie?"

"The pink one?" Dr. Whooves asked, but before he could answer, somepony shouted from the above.

"Hi! Twi, I'm over here!" Agent Pie waved enthusiastically from a platform up high.

"Agent Pie, could you, please, come down" requested Twilight

"Oki Doki" Pie said, climbing down a rope.

"Pie, I gave you this task, so you would keep a close eye on everything…" Twilight reprimanded the pronking pony besides her

"Yeah, but I see better from a distance" Agent Pie explained "Remember when we were at the field and you were near the trees and I was up in the hills and I said 'Twi! Look out! A Beehive!' and you said 'What?' and I said 'Beehive' and the beehive fell and the bees said 'Bzzzz' and you said 'Ah! Bees' and I said 'I told you!' and the bees were stinging your eye and I said 'Twi! The bees are stinging your eye!' and you said 'Argh! The bees are stinging my eye' and I said…"

Gee, does she ever stop talking? "Agent Pie! The cube! Did somepony tamper with it?" interrupted Twilight

"…Oh! No, nopony touched it. There were no visitors, no unauthorized ponies, no messages in or out, Doctor Whooves being acting real nice. In fact, everypony was real nice! We should throw a party to celebrate!" Pie said, excited

"Agent Pie… focus!"

"…Right! Focus is my middle name! Actually, Diane is my middle name, but…"

"Pinkie!" Twilight shouted

"As I was saying, if the cube has been messed with, it wasn't from this side" Pinkie concluded

"This side?" Twilight asked

"Yeah, the cube is like a door, right? Doors open from both sides!" said Pinkie "Unless it's one of those 'Push' or 'Pull' doors, or it's a sliding door, or it's like a panic room, or revolving doors, or the other side doesn't have a doorknob, or…"

Before she could continue, the cube started to flicker and shot a ray of blue energy to the other side of the room. The ray begins to form a portal that shook the whole facility, leaving everypony present staring, afraid.

Just as abruptly it came, the portal was gone, and in its place stood a dark blue alicorn with some kind of strange device attached to, and expanding, her horn.

The guardian ponies of the facility started to approach the strange visitor, guns and swords at hoof. She answered by slowly, but menacingly, pointing her horn towards then.

Sensing trouble, Twilight spoke "Ma'am, could you, please, point your horn down?"

What?! Lowering my head? Like, in reverence?! That was the last straw. Furiously, the alicorn shoots beams of energy towards Twilight, but Pinkie saves her at the last second. She keeps firing everywhere, destroying equipment and killing all the guards. She then brings her attention to the little pink pony who tries to stand up.

Before Pinkie could notice, the alicorn was over her. Pinkie struggles to escape her grip to no avail, she was too strong. "You have heart…" the alicorn says touching Pinkie's chest with her horn. A small stream of blue energy travels Pinkie's body till it reaches her eyes, darkening, and then whitening them. Her once puffy hair falls down, straight.

"You are on my side now!" the alicorn tells her

"Oki Doki Loki" Pinkie responds

Meanwhile, Twilight took advantage of the chaos ensued to grab the cube and put it in a case, hoping she would escape unnoticed.

"Please don't" the alicorn says to Twilight "I still need that"

"This doesn't need to get any messier" Twilight replies

"Yes, it does. I've came from way too far for anything else" says the alicorn "I am Luna, of Canterlot. And I am burdened with glorious purpose"

"I saw a porpoise once" Pinkie proclaimed, cheerfully

"Luna?" Doctor Whooves says "Celestia's sister?"

"We have no quarrel with your kind" Twilight proclaims

"The ant has no quarrel with the boot" Luna answers back

"Or, maybe… They do!" Pinkies says, humming the X Fillies theme tune

"I come with glad tidings" Luna continued "of a world made free"

"Free from what?" Twilight asks, unconvinced

"Freedom. Life's biggest lie. Once you accept that, in your heart" Luna turns and touches Dr. Whooves with her horn, brainwashing him "…You'll know peace"

"You say 'Peace'." Twilight retorted "I think you mean the other thing"

"Looney, Twi is just stalling us. She wants us to stay here and be buried by the building once it collapses. She's being a big meanie" Pinkie says, disapprovingly

"She is right!" Doctor Whooves exclaims "The portal is about to collapse! The facility is gonna blow up in about two minutes!"

"Zat is correct!" Pinkie says

"Well, then" Luna says, nodding to Pinkie "Let's go"

"PARTY CANNON!" Pinkie shouts firing the cannon towards Twilight, burying her under an unfeasible amount of confetti.

"Wait, where did you get that?" Luna asked, surprised

"Get what?" Pinkie asked back

"The cannon"

"Oh, it's always with me" Pinkie answers

"B-but, how…? Where do you carr-? Where did it go?!" Luna asks, astounded

"Where did what go?"




"…What was the question again?"

"Oh, forget it! Just grab the cube!" Luna says, frustrated

"Oki Doki Loki" Pinkie says grabbing the case near the pile of confetti, then she, Dr. Whooves, and Luna head towards the exit.

As they reach the transportation area, Pinkie proclaims "Trix, we need these vehicles!"

"Who's that?" Trixie asks, referring to Luna

"Oh, that's Looney! She's my new bestest friend!" Pinkie answers "We're going to a party!"

"Uh… 'kay…"

As the tree boarded the car, Trixie was going back to her work, when Twilight voice came through her radio.

"Trixie…" Twilight said, puffy "Pinkie has turned!"

Trixie only had time to jump out of the way before a sea of confetti almost hit her.

"Seriously, where the hell does that cannon come from?" Luna says as Pinkie goes behind the wheel and drives off. Trixie tries to stop them by firing her magic, but she misses.

"They have the Tesseract!" Twilight continues through the radio "Shut them down!"

Without a second to lose, Trixie jumps on one of the Jeeps and gives chase.

"Yay! It's chase time!" Pinkie shouted while driving the Jeep "I love chases!"

Standing on the back of the Jeep, Luna fired her enhanced horn at the agents pursuing them, making their vehicles flip back, jamming the road.

"This is fun!" Pinkie kept saying

Meanwhile, the cube's blue energy was dissolving the complex, dangerously destabilizing the building. Twilight was running, dodging the falling debris, looking for her way out.

Back at the underground road, Trixie took a shortcut and managed to come ahead of Luna's Jeep. She turns around, brakes and hits up front with them.

"Hi, Trix!" Pinkie greeted

Without answering back, Trixie attacks the Jeep with her magic.

"Hey, that's mean!" Pinkie protested

Luna retaliates by firing at Trixie's tires, making her Jeep spin out of control. With her way now clear, Pinkie drives to the exit, while Trixie gets stuck under the hubris.

Outside, Twilight waits inside a flying chariot. Once Luna's Jeep comes through the exit, they give chase. Twilight fires her horn at them, but Luna fires back, hitting the chariot which goes down.

As she hits the ground, Twilight kicks herself for letting them escape.

"Director?" Spike's voice comes through the radio "Director Sparkle, do you copy?"

"The Tesseract is with a hostile force" Twilight answers "I have ponies down! Trixie?"

"A lot of ponies still under, ma'am" Trixie responds through her radio "Don't know how many survivors"

"Sound a general call" Twilight continued "I want every living soul not working rescue looking for that cube"

"Roger that" Trixie responded

"Spike, go back to the base. This is a Level 7!" Twilight says "As of right now, we are at war!"

"What do we do?" Spike asks

"We get ready" Twilight answers


Being a huge Marvel Maniac, I couldn't help but notice certain similarities between certain characters and aspects of the Marvel Universe with those of my new favorite tv show (I've only been aware of the existence of MLP:FiM two months ago). So, at the end of every chapter I'll showcase a similarity.

I'll start with the most obvious one:

Avengers/Mane Six

Six characters with different personalities and power sets, must join forces to stop evil, despite barely knowing and, in some cases, trusting each other. After their first battle though, they swear to always help each other whenever they need it.

Oh, wait... I said six? Actually, they were just five in the beginning: Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Wasp. Hulk left the team in the end of issue #2 (November, 1963), while Captain America was found on ice and recruited on Avengers #4 (March, 1964).

In Avengers #16 (May, 1965), the whole team disbands, leaving only Captain America to recruit new Avengers in which fans would later call "Cap's Quirky Quartet". They were Captain America, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch. With the exception of Cap, the team was entirely composed of reformed villains. That issue also marks the first time the battle-cry "Avengers Assemble" was uttered (only in the cover, though).

Black Widow appeared as a villain in Avengers #29 (June, 1966), and became a reformed supporting character appearing in every issue after that until Avengers #47 (December, 1967). She only officially joined the team on Avengers #111 (May, 1973) but left the team the very next issue #112 (June, 1973)

The original team debuted in Avengers #1 in September, 1963