"Dash" Applejack says "This is an one-way trip! You know that, right?"

"Save it, 'sugar cube'" Dash answers, grabbing the missile "GILDA, reserve the rest for the way back, would ya?"

"Dash" GILDA asks "Would you like me to contact Ms. Hooves?"

"…might as well" Dash answers quietly

The Iron Mare armor flies at top speed, carrying the WMD at her back, thrusting upwards, towards the big hole in the sky. She crosses it, vanishing from everypony's sight.

Inside the portal, in outer space, Dash see, speechless, the Changelings' mother ship, triple the size of Ponyville.

"Dash, I cann—" GILDA shuts off together with Dash's armor. The energy's gone.

Dash let go of the missile, and watches, silently, as it collides with the mother ship, wrapping it in a huge ball of fire. She closes her eyes, embracing the cold of space. Embracing the cold of death.

"Come on, Dash…" Rarity pleads

Applejack can't take her eyes off the portal, waiting for Rainbow Dash to come back. Instead, she sees the nuclear explosion, dangerously approaching their end of the portal.

"Close it…" she says, reluctantly

Rarity shots one last pleading look to the sky, and shoves the horn inside the cube. The energy beam that was feeding the portal dissolves, causing it to close down.

A mere second before it fully closes, a small armored body pass through it. "Son of an apple pie…" Applejack mutters, not sure if she can believe her eyes (or Dash's luck), then she realizes: Rainbow Dash is not flying, she's falling.

"She's not slowing down!" Celestia says, alarmed "I'll help her…"

"PUNY GRAVITY!" Bitterrage interrupts Celestia, grabbing Dash in midair, and carefully (as careful a raging monster can be) putting her down in the ground.

Applejack and Celestia run towards her. Celestia rips Dash's helmet off, but she still shows no sign of life.

Darn, how can you check a pulse over a suit of armor Applejack thinks, frustrated HOW DO YOU TAKE THIS THING OFF?

Applejack gives up on trying figuring out the armor, and lowers her head in silence.

"Oh, no, you won't… WAKE UP!" Bitterrage yells

"What the hay?!" Dash screams in surprise, fully awake and alive

"YAY!" Bitterrage screams, happy

"Ow! Not so loud!" Dash complains "What happened? Please, tell me nopony kissed me…"

Applejack laughs in relief "We won, sugar cube" she winks, with a reassuring smile

"We did? Great! Great job, girls!" Dash answers, puffy "Tell you what, how about we don't come tomorrow and have a day off? Have you ever tried shawarma? I have no idea what it is, but I saw a place that sells it not far from here. I really hope it's food…"

"We're not finished yet…" Celestia reminds them

"But…" Dash objects "We're still having shawarma later, right?"

Luna crawls her way out of the crater, thinking that maybe, just maybe she could get out of this mess…

"Ahem…" Well, maybe not.

She turns and, just as she suspected, those six sons of a mule stand there looking at her, their expressions ranging from serious to smug amusement, from angry to unexplainably happy. Luna just looked at each one of them, considering her options, and finally sighed in defeat.

"I'll like that cider now, if you don't mind…"

"Hi, Looney" Pinkie, who stood in the middle of the group with her bow and the 'Arrow-Arrow' pointed at Luna, said "It's me, Pinkie!" she waves, letting go of the string "Oops…"

"Where are the Harmonies right now?" a council member asks Twilight Sparkle

"I'm not currently tracking their whereabouts" Twilight answers "I'd say they deserved a day off"

"What about the Tesseract?"

"The Tesseract is where it belongs" Twilight replies "Out of our reach"

"That wasn't you call"

"It sure wasn't" Twilight says with a smirk "but I didn't want to argue with the Goddess who made it"

"So, you let her have the Tesseract, and the war criminal, Luna, who should be answering for her crimes…"

"I'm pretty sure that she'll answer for it" Twilight interrupts

"I don't think you fully understand what you started" a council member says, while Twilight raises an eyebrow "letting the Harmonies loose in the world. They're dangerous!"

"I know that" Twilight answers "The whole world knows that. All the worlds know that!"

"So, that was the point of all this? A statement?"

"A promise" Twilight concludes, leaving the conference room

"How was it, ma'am?" Trixie asks Twilight in the control room

"Good. Irritating. The usual" Twilight answers

"So, what are we going to do now? The Harmonies have gone their separate ways. Some, very, very far"

"If we get in a situation like this again, they'll be back"

"Why are you so sure?" Trixie asks

"Because, we'll need them"

Trixie was, clearly, not satisfied with the answer, but as a good soldier, she just nods and leaves her commanding officer alone, looking at the horizon.

Back at what was left of the Dash Tower, Rainbow Dash eats a muffin with her friend Derpy, and plans the six new rooms she will be adding to it. Each one specifically designed to better suit her new allies, her new friends. She looks at the top of her tower, to the side where her name used to be. The DASH sign was almost completely destroyed in the battle.

The only thing left was an H

At the empty cold of space floats an asteroid.

In it, stand two creatures: the Other, and her master, sitting on his throne.

"The ponies are not the cowering wretches we were promised" the Other tells her master "They stand. They are unruly, therefore cannot be ruled"

Her master raises from his throne, and she kneels both in reverence and fear.

"To challenge them" the Other concludes "is to invite chaos"

Her master turn his head towards her, showing his yellow-red eyes. He smiles, exposing a single fang.


Six Infinity Gems/Six Elements of Harmony

You know that guy in the middle of the Avengers credits? The purple face guy? His name is Thanos, and there are two things that are always associated with him. One, he's in love with Death (that's why he smirks when the Other talks about courting death) and he's determined to kill the entire universe to impress her. And Two, the Infinity Gauntlet, which can be seen in Odin's Trophies Room in the Thor movie.

The Infinity Gauntlet, by itself, is nothing special, is just a glove. What makes it special is the six Infinity Gems that it holds on each finger and on the back of the hand.

The Infinity Gems are incredibly powerful cosmic stones, which if held together in the Gauntlet, practically turns it's user in an All-Mighty God.

The six multi-colored Gems are:

Power Gem (Red) – Increased strength and durability, enhances virtually any known superhuman ability, energy manipulation.

Time Gem (Orange) – Time travel; stop, slow down or speed up flow of time; accelerate or slow down aging; see into past/future.

Space Gem (Purple) – Travel through space, mostly through teleportation. Able to interfere with the motion of other objects.

Soul Gem (Green) – Observe, attack or even steal a being's soul or spirit. Also used to revert individuals to their natural state.

Reality Gem (Yellow) – Alters all of reality; similar to the effects of a Cosmic Cube, but much, much higher.

Mind Gem (Blue) – Near-limitless psionic/psychic abilities including empathy, telepathy, and telekinesis.

Thanos have used the Gauntlet more then once to try to kill the entire universe and win the love of Death. The Illuminati, a group consisting of Marvel's most brilliant heroes plus Captain America (Hey, I love the guy, but he's not really a genius) decided to become guardians of the gems, each member becoming responsible of one gem, to hide them so they wouldn't be used against Earth ever again.

The current guardians of the Infinity Gems are: Namor (Power Gem), Doctor Strange (Soul Gem), Mr. Fantastic (Reality Gem), Professor Xavier (Mind Gem), Iron Man (Space Gem), and Captain America (Time Gem).

Some fans speculate that Loki's scepter in The Avengers was powered by the Mind Gem since both could control people's minds and were blue. They aslo speculate that Malekith (Thor 2 villain) may possesses the Power Gem, bacause of Set pictures of him blocking Mjolnir with his arms, and a suspicious red light coming from his body. This may imply that the rest of the Gems may be introduced in following Marvel movies leading to the Infinity Gauntlet on Avengers 2 or 3.

The gems debuted in Marvel Premiere #1 in April, 1972

Author's Notes: So, this it.

Hope some of you enjoyed my first venture in My Little Pony FanFiction (and my little Marvel fun facts at the end of every chapter too).

I have 11 more MLP FanFics on my to-do-list (of 25 fics total). Yeah, I have a FanFic To Do List... Am I the only one who do this?

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