Author's Notes: Just watched "Look before you sleep" for the first time (the broadcasting here is really erratic, random, and out of order). The "Headless Horse" story made me giggle. I know it's a parody of the Sleepy Hollow "Headless Horseman" story, but we DO have a "Headless Mule" myth here in Brazil.

In the myth, any woman who tries to actively tempt a priest to have an affair with her, is cursed to wander the night in the form of a headless mule (not a mare, a mule. The myth specifies this) who has an eternal flame in the place of her head.

That story just gave me a little country-pride moment...

And, Twilight? You really can't do anything unless it's spelled out in a book? Jesus, seek some help!

Also, Rarity has OCD.

Furious, Celestia punches the glass with force, causing it to crack, but the whole cell shakes in response, the security protocol getting ready to drop her.

Luna laughs, approaching the switch that drops the cell "The ponies think we're immortal. Shall we test that?"

"Move away, please?" Spike orders her carrying an unfeasibly large gun. Luna obeys, giving a few steps back, looking awry.

"You like this?" Spike continues, pointing at his gun "I don't even know what it does… Wanna find out?" he charges the gun.

At that moment, Luna's image flickers and disappears. "What the—" is all Spike is able to say before he's violently raised from the ground, the tip of a horn bursting out of his chest.

"NO!" Celestia cries, as she watches her sister impaling Spike and throwing him in the ground, unceremoniously.

Luna goes back to the panel, her hoof hovering over the drop button, malevolently smirking. Sister, please, don't. Celestia begs with her eyes, but Luna presses the button that sends her to her doom.

Celestia tries to fly, but the centrifugal force inside the cell, throws her against the walls with violence. She eventually manages to burst through the glass mere moments before the death trap crashes in the ground. She hits the ground violently, and there she lay, exhausted.

Luna savored her sister's defeat with satisfaction. Cloudsdale was falling, the team disbanded, Bitterrage neutralized. Nothing stood on her way now. She turned to leave, to prepare her glorious war…

"You're going to lose…" Spike says, weakly, still lying against the wall, bleeding profusely.

Luna laughs "Your champions are scattered. Your floating fortress falls from the sky. Where is my disadvantage?"

"You lack conviction…" Luna was about to retort, when Spike fired his gun, blasting her through a wall "So… that's what it does…"

Back to the turbine, Dash pushes the blades at full force, successfully kick starting the engine "Captain, hit the lever now!" Dash informs Applejack.

"Just a minute…" Applejack says, still dangling from the cable.

"Lever. NOW!" Dash says exasperated, but the blades become too fast for her "Uh-oh…" she says, as she bounces out of control like a pinball.

"HELP!" Applejack hears Dash plead through the radio. She forcefully pulls herself back to the platform, crawling, dodging the bullets of the enemy soldier, until she reaches the lever and pulls it.

She tries to get up, while the enemy prepares to fire again. BAM! Iron Mare, free from the blades of the turbine, collides with him, saving Applejack.

"Sorry, boss" Spike says as Twilight enters the detention level and finds him "Luna escaped"

"Shush, don't talk. Just stay awake" Twilight advises, concerned "Eyes on me"

"No, ma'am. I'm clocking out here" Spike says

"Not an option" Twilight says fighting back the tears.

"It's okay, boss…" Spike says, in peace with himself "They needed a push… J-just tell Rarity…" his head falls, life fading from his eyes.

Twilight lowers her head, in silence.

"Agent Spike is down. A medical team is on their way. They're here… They called it"

It runs on Loyalty

Loyalty to what? Your ego?

Dash kicks herself. What was she doing?

Hey, Vinyl Scratch, give me a phat beat to beat my buddy Spitfire's ass to.

She cringes as she remembers that birthday party. She was out of control. Selfish. Irresponsible. Driving her friends away. Her allies away.

You want to be a Flight Machine? Take your shot!

She swore she would never let that happen again. And yet, it did. Why did she have to be so hot headed? Why was she always fighting those who wanted to help her? Why was she treating friends as enemies? She didn't focus, she didn't cooperate, and now somepony paid for her arrogance with his life.


Luna is trying to wind us

Damn it, Applejack, you were right.

That's right, you work alone… How's that working out for you?

Damn it. Damn it. DAMN IT!

At the conference room Twilight, Trixie, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash stood in silence.

"These were in Spike's jacket" Twilight breaks the silence, holding blood-stained 'Captain Equestria' trading cards "I guess he never got you to sign them…" she throws the cards in Applejack's direction, who, sadly, stares at them.

"We're dead in the air" Twilight continues "Our communications, the location of the cube, Fluttershy, Celestia… I got nothing! I lost my one good eye… maybe, I had that coming"

"Yes, we were going to build an arsenal with the Tesseract" she continues "I've never put all my chips on that number though, because I was betting in something a lot more risky. The Harmony Initiative. Rainbow knows about that" Dash simply looks away "The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable ponies to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when we needed them" Every word is like a stab in Dash's heart "To fight the battles that we never could. Spike died still believing in that idea. In heroes"

That was the last straw. Dash rises from her seat, and, silently, leaves, angry at Twilight, angry at Luna, but most of all, angry at herself.

"You okay? You fell out of the sky"

Fluttershy slowly opens her eyes. She realizes she's inside a crater, created by the other pony, on the floor of an empty school. She also realizes that she's naked, which kills her with embarrassment, and then she realizes she's always naked, which, somehow, makes her blush even more.

"Oh, you're still changing?" the pink pony that woke her up said "You were green a few moments ago, now you're yellow, but turning red…"

"Uh… n-no, I'm okay" Fluttershy says "D-did… Did I hurt anypony?"

"Oh, no! We're in summer vacations, there's nopony to get hurt here. You did scare me, though. I'm Cheerilee, by the way"

"Fluttershy. Well, that was lucky…"

"Actually, it was more like good aim" Cheerilee said "You, or the more bloated version of you, were about to fall on the chicken pen, but then you, or her, flapped your wings really fast and really hard, to land here instead. Also, you should see a doctor about that…"

Fluttershy simply nods, blushing again.

"Is there something troubling you?" Cheerilee asks

"No, is just" Fluttershy tries to explain "There's somewhere I should go, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea…"


"My friends may need me" Fluttershy answers "but, while I can help, I can also make things worse"

"Well, then you're no different than anypony else" Cheerilee retorts "Honestly, I think you've already made up your mind"

Fluttershy gives in a little smile and nods.

"…porpoise…cake…rock…hacksaw…" Pinkie Pie mumbles, strapped to a chair

"C'mon, Pinkie, snap out of it" Rarity pleads

"Oh, hi Rarity, good morning" Pinkie suddenly says "How's it going?"

"Oh, Pinkie, you're better!" Rarity says relieved, hugging her friend

"Yay! I'm better!" Pinkie replies "Better from what?"

"You were brainwashed!" Rarity says

"Really? So, that's why my head hurts so much…"

"Yeah, yeah, of course…" Rarity lies, forcing a smile

"Oh, no! The All-Spark!" Pinkie exclaims "Did the Decepticons take it?"

"The all-what?"

"The cube!"

"Oh, the Tesseract. Yes, darling, I'm afraid Luna took it"

"Tessie erect? Is that how it is called?" Pinkie asks "I thought it was All-Spark, you know, considering it's also Hasbro"

"It also has brow?" Rarity asks "What does that mean?"

"…I don't know"

"Just… rest a little more, okay, sweetie?"

"Oki Doki Karaoke" Pinkie replies

Applejack finds Rainbow Dash alone, pensive, near the place Spike died.

"Was he married?" Applejack asks

"Uh, no" Dash answers "There was a cellist… Octavia, I think. Nothing serious, though. He always had his eyes on Rarity, anyway…"

"I'm sorry" Applejack gives her sympathies "He seemed to be a good dragon"

"He was an idiot!" Dash harshly replies "Facing Luna alone… What was he thinking?"

"He was doing his job" Applejack defends

"He was out of his league!" Dash insists "He should have waited for back up. He should have called… He should… he should…"

"Sometimes there is not a way out, Dash…"

"There's always a way out!"

"First time ya lost a soldier?" Applejack guesses

"We are NOT soldiers!" Dash snaps back "and I'm not marching with Sparkle's little army"

"Me neither" Applejack says "She got the same blood on her hooves that Luna does. But, right now, we need to put this behind us, and get this done!"

Dash's eyes wander towards the blood stain on the wall "She made it personal" she concludes

"That's not the point…"

"It is. It's Luna's point" Dash explains "She hit us right at our base! Why?"

"To tear us apart"

"Exactly. But she knows that she needs to take us out to really win. She wants to beat us in public. She wants an audience, a stage! Luna's a diva, a prima donna. She wants statues, spotlights, headlines. She wants a huge monument built to the skies with her name plastered on the—" Dash stops, coming to a realization.


"Luna's target is the Dash Tower!" Applejack announces, entering Rarity's cabin "We need to go! Can you fly one of those chariots?"

"Oh! Oh!" Pinkie interrupts, jumping in the air with a hoof raised high "I can! I can! Pick me! Pick me!"

Applejack looks at Rarity who nods in assurance "Okay, then, let's go!"

"Yay!" Pinkie celebrates, following the other two ponies "We're going to a pizzeria, right?"

"Ma'am?" Trixie approaches Twilight.

"Agent Trixie?"

"Those cards" she says, uneasy "They were in Spike's locker, not his jacket"

"They needed a push" Twilight simply answers.

"We have an unauthorized departure at bay 6!" the radio alerts.

Twilight smirks "They found her! Get our communications back up! I want eyes on everything"



This one is pretty straightforward.

Raven Darkholme is a mutant who has the ability to change her shape and features to those of any person. She works for no one but herself (despite of what the movies may have made you believe). She's manipulative, ambitious, malicious and merciless.

Raven's mutant abilities also renew her cells, making her practically immortal, in the sense that she can't age. She's believed to be one of the oldest mutants alive. She has always been persecuted for her "freaky" appearence: in 1921, she was condenmed to execution for her skin, as the townsfolk believed her to be a witch. She was tied besides another man who was there for being a "horse thief". She and the stranger (later revealed as being Wolverine) escape and she asked him to join her little gang for a bank heist. Logan was reluctant to trust her, but Raven seduced him. In the end, Raven betrayed him and her friends by calling the police. She let them be arrested, while she run away with the money.

That was only the first one on her long carreer of chronicle backstabbing.

She's also Nightcrawler's mother.

Mystique debuted in Ms. Marvel #16 in April, 1978