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Violated, so degraded, the show has just begun…
Chapter 1: It started with Etro…

It was a simple mission. A snatch and grab. It just so happened that she'd be snatching a priceless piece of art and history that had been kept under strict lock and key for hundreds of years. It wasn't until its previous owner decided to donate it to the city's most prestigious museum in his will that the general public was even getting a chance to see it up close for the first time.

Disabling the building's security had been child's play. Well pretty much everything was child's play for her adoptive sister, but that didn't matter much either. Vanille may not approve of what she was doing exactly, but her younger sibling would stop at nothing to help her if Fang ever asked. Lucky for her, she no longer had to beg for the tools and upgrades needed to make her job easier. With the red head's position as one of the leading specialists in developmental technologies for Sanctum's police forces, Vanille got a chance to build some of the best little gadgets, and Fang got to test them out free of charge.

She also got to stay a few steps ahead of being captured whenever baby sis helped manipulate any evidence she may have left behind. It wasn't a risk she was comfortable with her only relative taking but there was no talking the little one out of it. They had gotten into one of their biggest arguments after Fang had decided to leave in order to protect her sister's job. She quickly found out that Vanille couldn't give two fucks about that though. They were the only family that they had and she refused to let the older woman get arrested.

Fang watched from the skylight as the museum guards milled about some thirty feet below. There were only five of them in the area, each patrolling at regular intervals around her target and armed only with a taser and large nightstick. The reason for her current crime was a glowing blue crystal, twice the size of her fist. Etched into its opalescent surface was an ancient text, its translation long forgotten.

Legend had it that the crystal, Etro's tear, had magical properties, at least, that was one of the best excuses people could come up with to explain its constant mystical glow. Others believed that it was a powerful energy source. No one had really had the opportunity to research it and investigate it's properties due to its previous owner's privacy.

"Well, here goes nothin'," Fang exhaled as she dropped from the skylight silently. She had many skill sets, superior strength and stealth being among her top qualities. It was because of these skills that she had been sought out for this particular job. Someone wanted Etro's tear and was willing to pay handsomely for it. For what, she didn't care. The money was a damn good motivating factor. That and the crystal was known to be one of Cocoon's most prized artifacts and she'd be damned if she missed out on an opportunity to get back at the country for the near destruction of her and Vanille's homeland.

It had been over one hundred years since Gran Pulse had been "colonized," it's villages stripped from their rightful owners. Treatment of Gran Pulsians had just recently started getting better although prejudice was still a major problem between the two groups. Despite all of this, Vanille was able to get such a high paying job fresh out of university. But then again, her sister was a genius if not a little on the eccentric side, and was offered enough scholarships to pay for the both of them to attend college if Fang had chosen to do so as well.

She didn't though. Instead she had found her own work elsewhere. That was why was here now, poised in front of the glittering crystal, another one of Vanille's gadgets in hand in order to pull it safely from it's protective enclosure. The pained grunts of the guards she had managed to easily put down while she had been reminiscing were the only sounds in the secluded room. The device in her hands began to emit a faint glow and a low him before the energy grid surrounding the artifact. With a steady hand and the utmost concentration etched on her face, Fang delicately pressed the 'field canceller' against the barrier. For a brief moment, the device and field glowed brighter before flickering out completely. With a satisfied smirk, she reached forward and claimed the tear, cradling it in her palms.

She marveled at its strangeness and beauty. It felt denser than it looked and surprisingly warm through her gloves. She tensed suddenly when she felt the weak grasp on her ankle, looking down to see one of the guards barely conscious and trying to restrain her. Realizing that he must have triggered a silent alarm due to the sound of reinforcements coming from somewhere within the museum, Fang sighed in irritation.

"Sorry buddy, but that's my cue to leave," her accented words barely register with the delirious man as she gave a mock salute before pulling her leg free and heading for the nearest exit. She took down the closest hallway like a bat out of hell, securing the crystal into her hip pouch and pulling out another one of her sister's prototypes. Remembering part of its explanation, she chucked the small gelatinous ball at the window at the end of the passage. It splattered on contact with the glass and instantly created a crystallized mass on its surface upon oxidation. This should be fun, she thought as she refused to slow down and hurled herself through the now weakened glass.

Fang tucked and rolled out of the one story building, coming to her feet quickly once she felt the ground beneathe her. Getting her bearings she found the entrance to an alley several yards away and took off once more. Bingo!She stopped right below a fire escape leading to the roof of one of the adjacent buildings and quickly hauled herself up. Once safely on the roof, Fang checked to see if the tear was still secured in her pouch before ripping the mask off of her face in relief.

"I'll be dammed if that wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done," her trademark grin flashed into the night before being wiped away completely as the cold barrel of a gun pressed to the back of her head.

Lightning used to do this for her sister, stealing was the only way to provide for them once their parents had died. Once she had been caught at the tender age of fifteen, however, everything had gone downhill from there. Rumors spread like wildfire in Bodhum. She would no longer be able to work in the city anymore and Serah was too young to truly understand why everyone was now alienating her sister. The town was small enough that outside of the tourist months, everyone depended on each other to support the economy. No one had work for a worthless street rat of a girl who stole other's hard earned living and in the end Claire Farron died due to their harsh treatment and Lightning was born in her stead.

It took a few years and countless lies later, but eventually Lightning was able to get a semi-respectable job. She had to take care of her baby sister after all. At the time she started working regularly again, Serah only had a year left of school before she would graduate and head off to Eden University. All of the elder Farron's sacrifices were finally paying off and all she had to do was keep her sibling in the dark when it came to how exactly they were able to keep surviving on their own.

All Serah knew for sure was that her older sister was a body guard for some businessman who had a lot of time on his hands and managed to spend far too much of it making enemies. Living on the streets had hardened Light, even in a town as "soft" as Bodhum. Her demeanor fully froze over once she came to work for them though. There were no epic shoot outs with this man, no bloody gang wars when it came to this particular boss. Yaag Rosch was just a middle man though. He worked for someone much more cunning, much more dangerous, and it was this man's orders that ended up turning Lightning Farron into the criminal she never wanted to be.

It was Rosch's boss who set her up with the training she needed. He started calling the shots when it came to the fierce woman with eyes of a blue so cold, it could freeze even the most fiery of spirits and hair the color of pink innocence that she no longer possessed. Lightning wasn't sure what had happened to her former employer after Dysley got a hold of her, she didn't rightly car though. All she knew was that her new boss paved the way for her little sister to get into Eden U. Not that Serah couldn't have done it on her own. The younger Farron could have been fine operating on scholarships alone, but Dysley's influence was what made it impossible for her sister to not succeed. And that's all she ever wanted for her only family.

That's why she took all of those jobs. "That's why I went back to stealing," she sighed and looked through her binoculars at the museum across the street once more. The boss had a new mission for her, to steal Etro's tear. Getting it would secure Serah's internship up at Sanctum and would guarantee that her sister got both the job she wanted and one that would provide her with everything she'd ever need.

Refocusing on the mission at hand, she scanned the room where the crystal was being guarded. Her eye's widened a fraction upon seeing the last of the five guards who had been monitoring the gem crumple to the floor and the warrior of a woman responsible step into the light of the tear's pale glow, intent on taking Lightning's quarry. Impressive, I couldn't have been looking away for more than forty seconds and she managed to take out all five of them without having an alarm raised.

She watched the newcomer work, noting how she disrupted the museum's protective barrier for the artifact. Lightning noticed the guard still conscious before the other woman, seeing him reach for his silent alarm trigger before feebly trying to restrain the thief.

Not surprisingly, his efforts didn't work. The woman said something to him and left down a hallway, one that led towards the building Lightning was currently occupying. No unnecessary violence, no display of aggression. Not many people would have let him live after he set that alarm, she's a strange one…

She looked on as the thief threw something at the window and it appeared to ice over. With no loss of speed she went careening out the window and rolled smoothly back up to her feet. The thief's escape route became apparent as she ran through an alley and reached for the nearest fire escape.

"I should probably thank her for making this easier for me," Lightning commented before grabbing her gear and slipping out of sight just as the stranger hoisted themselves onto the rooftop. Sticking to the shadows behind the building's ventilation system to avoid detection, the pinkette waited for the mysterious woman to face away from her before she made her move. It was as the woman ripped off her face mask that Farron pressed the barrel of her weapon to the back of the other thief's skull.

"Hand over the crystal," her voice was cold and her words direct. The other woman tensed upon first contact but gave a pleasant shudder once addressed.

"And who might you be?" the thief's accent carried a playful lilt, one that didn't match the situation she was in and was beginning to throw the more stoic woman off.

"I won't repeat myself again," Lightning growled before applying more pressure with her firearm and cocking the hammer back.

"I heard ya the first time sunshine, don't get your panties in a twist." The chuckle she heard almost pushed her to the edge. Exercising what little restraint she could, the icy eyed woman yanked her taller counterpart around before reaching for her hip pouch to take the crystal herself. Her hand was stopped however, and she locked eyes with the woman before her. The color alone could have thrown her off, a piercing verdant green, but it was the dangerous fire that danced behind them that truly gave her pause.

"Think ya might be moving a little too fast there, we did only just meet." The words were playful but the tone held a bite to it that was not to be ignored. Fortunately for Lightning, she was as quick as her name sake and when she felt the other woman tense and prepare to strike, she lashed out and felt her fist connect solidly with the green eyed thief's jaw. It was a blow strong enough to daze and the smaller woman acted quickly, pulling the pouch free and sending her opponent sprawling onto her back.

With her goal in hand Lightning spun on her heel, intending to make a hasty exit, keeping her weapon in one hand and the pouch in the other. Taking off at a sprint towards the far side of the building she didn't expect the heavy weight that suddenly crashed into her, sending both items she'd been holding skidding a few yards away. Lightning rolled onto her back to gain leverage in fighting the thief. She aimed another punch for the woman but felt it stopped cold as a fist enclosed around her own, and seconds later her other arm was pinned to her side.

"What'sa matter sunshine, leaving so soon?"

Dominated by all you hated, this will make you ULTRAnumb.

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