Pinhead's adventure

Pinhead awoke early one day. He was happy and in a good mood. He jumped out of bed and greeted Chatterbeast who bounced around happily. After getting them both some breakfast Pinhead said to his dog, "well im off. Be good while im gone." he pat the dog on the head and set off. But before he left he went to brush his teeth. After his teeth were cleaned he checked himself over in the mirror and for some reason grabbed some tape and put it up on his nose taping it into place. "Hello. My name is Kirsteeeee!" he cackled. He tore it off. "Owwwwwwww!" he laughed. He then raced out the door grabbing his favorite box on the way out. As he whistled happily who should happen to come his way… Angelique. The beautiful woman was on her way as well. She saw Pinhead and stopped standing to the side.

"G'morning Pinhead." Angelique said sarcastically cheerful. Pinhead saw her and groaned. "Hello Angelique." he intoned. He really did not want to deal with her today. "Today's my birthday and my father said I can have anything I want. So guess what I want?" she asked. Pinhead grinned. "A new brain?" he asked with a giggle. Angelique crinkled her nose. "No! Your Box! " now Pinhead dropped to the ground. "Ahahahah-hahahahaha!" he cackled literally rolling on the ground. "wh-whats so funny Pinhead?" Angelique asked trying not to laugh at his stupidity. "Its not for sale Angel-ique!" he said tartly. Angelique bristled. "My father says everything's negotiable Pinhead." she smiled waving a few valuable mini souls in his face. Pinhead shoved her hand aside.

"I wouldn't sell my box for all the souls in the world. Not for a hundred, million, trillion, billion souls!" he growled. "Then your crazy!" Angelique said angrily. "I know you are but what am I?" he asked. "You're a nerd!" she growled back. "I know you are but what am I?" he asked back happily. He was enjoying this. "YOU'RE AN IDIOT!" she growled getting angrier. Both got into an 'I know you are but what am I' battle until Angelique told him to shut up. "Why don't you make me?" he growled. Angelique stepped towards him. "Why don't you make me?!" she challenged. "Because I don't make cenobites..I just train em!" he giggled. By now Angelique was near begging. "Awww listen to rea-son!" she begged. Pinhead stuck his hand by his ear and listen for said reason.

"COME ON!" she begged nearly in tears. "Shhh I'm listening to reason." he giggled. He was enjoying this. "Pinhead…." she begged. "That's my name don't wear it out." he laughed and walked away. "Re- remember when I first saw your box and I came running out too look at it? Even way back then I loved it-" she begged. "I love that story hahaha." Pinhead laughed and skipped away. Angelique wiped the tears form her eyes. "YOU'LL BE SORRY XIPE TOTEC!" Angelique called out after him. Tearfully walking home she vowed one way or another she. Would. Get. That. Box. Maybe if she had the box she'd get friends.