HERE'S A NEEEEW STORRRRRY! Um, I'm working on my other one, but this struck me suddenly and I HAD to write it...Well, enjoy I suppose. It's not a really long chapter, but it's okay! It's a three parted, by the way..:]

"BOY! GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" Harry winced from the anger he heard in Uncle Vernon's voice and with shaking legs, he stumbled to the living room where his uncle stood, holding a letter. He recognized the emblem on the envelope crushed tightly in his hand and he felt woozy from the punishment that was sure to come. The walrus shaped man turned to Harry, his face purple with rage and began bellowing at the poor boy. "IT SAYS HERE, boy, THAT MAGIC CAN NOT BE PERFORMED BY UNDERAGED FREAKS LIKE YOU!" Harry shrunk back towards the wall, wary of his uncle's free hand. "WELL?" A spray of spittle came flying to Harry's face and he flinched as they landed. He wiped his face with the over sized sweater before answering.

"It's true. I'm not allowed to do magic until I'm of age." Harry whispered, his eyes darting around the room for an escape. He was cornered because his aunt stood in the doorway while Dudley became a rock before the front door. Aunt Petunia let out a malevolent laugh and advanced towards the boy, her eyes burning with hatred and fury.

"It also says that if any more magic is performed, you are to be expelled from that school immediately." She hissed. Harry nodded once in confirmation and she continued in the arrogant tone she always used with him. "That trick you did there with the cake, boy." Harry looked up, denial on his face.

"It wasn't me! It was that weird creature, Dobby!" Dudley, coming out from behind his father, let out a loud, grating laugh, disbelief showing on his face. "It's true!" Harry looked for any mercy from his relatives, but he found none. He should have known, really. All the pain and abhorrence he received from his family since he was born was a proof of the unmerciful nature of the family. Uncle Vernon ripped the paper up into shreds and began laughing.

"If you do anymore magic, you'll be expelled." He stalked up to the cornered boy and raised a meaty hand. "Which means you won't be able to do anything about THIS!" He yelled before bringing the hand down to smack Harry in the face. Stunned, Harry stood there for a minute, but as the hand rose up again, he dashed out of the room and made his way to the stairs. Dodging the many household appliances, he tore through the house. He only had one foot on the staircase when a blow to his back sent him sprawling. "THIS IS YOUR PUNISHMENT FOR COSTING ME MY JOB!" A series of punches rained on his side and Harry curled up, desperate for the pain to stop. "FREAKS LIKE YOU SHOULD BE KEPT LOCKED UP AND HIDDEN FROM SOCIETY!" The walrus man stopped for breath and Harry dashed up, ignoring the forming bruises and the outraged yells from his uncle. Upon reaching his room, he slammed the door shut and began piling his stuff into a small bag he had lying around. His father's cloak was the first thing in, joined by some clothes and his wand. The doorknob to his door started rattling and he grabbed Hedwig, ignoring the screech she emitted. He kicked the door open and pushed his way past the furious man before barreling down the stairs. Running towards the front door, he didn't expect the punch Dudley threw at him and he fell, breaking the table next to him. Pieces of glass poked into his skin and he winced from the pain. Hearing the pounding of his uncle behind him, he got up and ran. He tripped on the table pieces and fell again, but the pain didn't even faze him. He was up and running again as he heard curses behind him. He wasn't sure how he got the door opened, but he could care less because he was finally out of the overbearing house.

He ran past a few houses, Hedwig's cage bumping against his leg painfully. She let out many indignant hoots, but he ignored it, his blood still flowing freely from his wounds. He was on the next street when his vision began darkening. He could still feel the blood rushing out of his cuts and he sat down, gasping for breath. Hedwig gave him a resentful screech that turned into a coo when she saw his injuries. "Sorry girl, but I had to get away." She chirped in response and Harry smiled back. Leaning back, he let the cool night air wash over his face as he contemplated his actions. "I'm free now, Hedwig, free..." He trailed off as darkness began to take over. As he fell unconscious, he didn't notice the green light surrounding his body and his belongings, but a small woman by the name of Arabella Figg noticed. As a spy for the manipulative headmaster, she watched carefully as the boy began glowing brighter and brighter. She began to panic when the lifeless boy's body dematerialized, leaving only a pool of blood behind.