Disclaimer: Would not be writing fanfic if I owned them.

A/N: Yay, Engilsh projects! Our assignment was to write a Shakespearean sonnet that follows all of the rules. We were supposed to do it about something we loved. I rarely ever do as I am told, so I turned my assignment into a fic!

There was a great debate among some people in my class regarding the syllables of the word 'child'. We pretty much all agreed that it was one syllable. That may or may not be accurate.

I got 25/25 on this, despite not actually doing the proper assignment...Not sure how I managed that...

Sometimes I think about how we once were,

Between the battles and diplomacy,

Never would I have feared a child like her,

Who hiccups through life cold and woefully.

We found her robbed of her humanity,

She was but a victim of circumstance,

To help her, I risked my own sanity,

But I never thought she would steal my chance...

It's not right, you're my subordinate.

The Brass would have a fit if they found out.

But we're far from our home coordinate,

And getting back, I'm starting to doubt.

If we told the crew, would they say 'NO, DON'T'?

Secrets are fun. I won't tell if you won't!