The following week, I rise from my bed to hear a wail from the kitchen, there is no Ravinia by my side so I rush out to the next room. She is sitting on the floor with a paper in her hands.

"Toby?" She looks up at me from her spot on the floorboards. I suddenly see her vibrant blue eyes, stained by tears.

"Ravinia…" I lower myself to the floor and reach out a hand to her. She sits in a crumbling remnant of the woman I saw last week at our wedding, her smile seemingly gone forever.

"It's Todd."

"What about him?" I scoot over to her and hold her close as her sobs shake her fragile body.

"He's…" Ravinia crumples the letter and throws it across the room with an angry cry. She puts her head in her hands and cries until the sun rises. And I come to the realization.

"Todd has died." She chokes out.

The days following that terrible letter are horrific. I am shunned from my wife for days as her father pretends to have a newfound love for her. I sit alone with my feelings. I can't stand this. I've already lost my mother, and now my best friend? Harry sends his condolences, but it means little to me. Todd was my only true friend besides Ravinia. To think of how happy I was just last week.

His funeral is the saddest event I've witnessed, young children crying over how Todd died so young. I keep my head bowed the entire ceremony. At the end, I am called up by the priest to say a few words.

"It is on this saddening occasion, that I have to stand up here and pretend I'm happy that my brother in law, my best friend… is out of his pain. But is it so selfish to wish to say goodbye? To wish to hold him one last time in my arms? Perhaps that's unchristian of me. But I would give anything just to see him smile again. To hear his laugh. He's gone now. But I suppose he'll never really be gone."

With that I step back to the seat where a crying Ravinia sits. She holds my hand when I sit back down, but I know that after today, nothing will ever be the same for us.

sorry this is so short- the next one will be longer and Toby will have much more character! :)