Takes place a few years after the movie. Its rated M for future chapters.

Toothiana loved her job now more than ever.

After collecting teeth with Jack and the other Guardians, she realized just how much she missed seeing all the children as they slept in bed, waiting for the Tooth Fairy to exchange their teeth for a shiny coin.

And now she was there herself, collecting teeth while fondly watching the children sleep.

She allowed herself a few moments to smile and gaze upon the little face of a sleeping Japanese toddler who just lost her first baby tooth. Lost from the first bite of an apple to be precise.

'Such a precious thing, she takes such good care of her teeth.' She thought.

'So young and she already flosses on a daily basis.'

The moment was ruined however, as a mini fairy zipped in hurriedly through the window, accidently knocking into the glass before flying frantically in front of Tooth's face.

"What is it? Shouldn't you be on your way to Brazil?" she whispered scoldingly.

The little fairly hovered up to murmur in her ear and Tooth's eyes widened at what the little hummingbird had to say.

Tooth's palace was in chaos.

Mini fairies flew around frantically as balls of fire blasted against pillars, leaving beautiful pink designs burned in black.

The culprit strolled merrily along, fire arising from his body as he admired the palace's design.

"What a beautiful place." His voice was low and raspy and smoke escaped from his throat with each word.

"A bit too much water than I would prefer though." He said as he looked down one of the ledges to peer at the waterfalls below.

The mini fairies were trying to distract him by pecking at his face, but he would simply blow fire around himself with a swipe of his arm, forcing them to flee each time to avoid the flames.

The man laughed as he watched a few of the fairy's feathers burn up as they flew away.

He caught one of them between his fingers and examined it.

"Now calm down little bee, I just want one thing. If you show me where it is, then i'll leave you all alone."

The little fairy, which happened to be Babytooth, struggled against the man's hot and burning grasp.

"Stop struggling now, just show me where I can find Jack Frost's memories."

Babytooth's eyes widened and she struggled harder, trying with all her might to escape the cage of hot fingers around her.

The man laughed hard until he heard a loud voice echo through the palace.

"And just what do you want with those?"

The flaming man turned around to see the Tooth Fairy herself, floating high above him, a look of anger across her face.

"Ah, there she is! The flying peacock with all the answers!"

Tooth continued to glare.

She had never seen this man before but it was clear that he wasn't human.

He had ear-length red hair that jutted out at the sides. He wore a tattered orange, sleeve-less shirt and a pair of baggy blue jeans, with black shoes poking out.

He was as tall as Bunnymund and had flames dancing off of his hair and shoulders.

He grinned up at her with yellow eyes. Eyes that withheld a fiery sadistic look.

"Who are you? And what do you want with the memories?" She asked carefully.

The strange man looked very powerful, and Tooth wasn't one to tamper with fire, however she wasn't about to let some stranger waltz in and do harm to any of the teeth or her fairies.

"Doesn't matter who I am." He replied with a laugh. He looked completely at ease as he leaned back with his hands in his jean pockets.

"And its only Jack Frost's memories I care about."

Tooth's brow furrowed. 'Why is this man interested in Jack?'

"The memories can only be seen by the ones they belong to. You have no right to be here." Her voice was loud and threatening.

The man's smile faded and he narrowed his eyes at her.

"Now leave this instant or I won't go easy on you." Tooth stated.

The man looked irritated now and the flames on his shoulders grew, seeming to react with his emotions rather than his movements.

Then he held the injured fairy in front of him for Tooth to see.

"Oh!" Tooth gasped in surprise, hands reaching forward when she saw Babytooth struggling in the man's fist.

He smiled menacingly at the Tooth Fairy's reaction and gave the hummingbird a good squeeze. While he petted her little head with a fiery finger.

Babytooth shrieked in pain and Tooth began flying forward but halted when the man held a flaming fist right above the fairy's body.

"Now then, nobody has to get hurt, just show me where I can-"


The man was cut off as a giant ball of ice slammed hard into his side, sending him flying off the ledge of the palace.

Babytooth flew out of the man's grasp and landed in the palm of Jack Frost, who floated downwards from above the palace until his bare feet touched the pink floor.

"Oh Jack!" Tooth flew towards him, wanting hug the daylights out of him, but she stopped short when she saw him glaring at the man who had fallen.

Now the flaming person was standing on a fireball that was hovering in the air, looking up at Jack with a smile.

"Are you okay, Babytooth?"

He asked as he turned his gaze away from the man and back to the little burnt up fairy in his palm.

The humming bird nodded it's head and sighed in delight as jack's hands cooled her aching burns.

He gently set the fairy in Tooth's hands as she flew up to him in worry.

"Just leave this guy to me, Tooth."

She nodded and watched as he walked off the edge and hovered in front of the enemy.

Tooth now noticed that a cold wind along with snow had picked up around them at Jack Frost's entrance.

Tooth examined her fairy before turning her gaze back to Jack.

He had gotten so much stronger in his few years as a guardian. He had millions of believes all around the world and his strength was amazing. If Pitch were to fight Jack now, the nightmare king wouldn't stand a chance.

The flaming man in front of Jack straightened himself up and adjusted his shirt as he continued to balance on his ball of fire.

"What's wrong Jack, are you still mad that I melted your snow?"

"That snow has been replaced." Jack said simply, aiming his staff at the man's head.

"Now I'm mad because you hurt my friend!" Jack's staff glowed and shot out and bright streak of ice straight for the man.

The flaming spirit's face looked panic stricken as he leaped off the fireball, which immediately went out as the ice struck it. He soon recovered though as his legs and feet turned into flames, allowing him to hover in place like a rocket.

The man grinned up sadistically at Jack, and Tooth shuddered.

'That look.' Tooth thought. "Why is he looking at Jack like that?"

The flaming man was eyeing Jack's body, gaze running from the snow spirit's face down to the bottom of his feet again and again.

He looked…hungry.

Tooth's feathers ruffled in worry and she glanced at Jack, but he didn't seem at all distracted by the man's expression.

"I forgave you for melting my snow and destroying my icelings, but if you hurt any one else I'll blow you out like a candle!"

It had been a long time since Tooth had seen Jack as angry as he was now. Though it had been awfully calm since Pitch's defeat.

"Oh… Jack Frost is gonna put me out!"

Tooth was still puzzled by this man. He didn't speak at all mockingly towards Jack, if anything he seemed excited at the statement and his eyes seemed to glow even brighter.

The cool wind grew stronger around them and the flaming spirit's grin melted as he looked around. The icy surroundings were causing his flames to diminish and he seemed to have trouble maintaining altitude as his flaming feet burned out against the wind.

Jack really was going to put him out.

The man smiled at Jack again, this time faking innocence.

"Come on Jackie! I just got lost, I was exploring and ended up at the Tooth Fairy's place and couldn't help but take a look at-"

He was cut off again as a giant icicle barely missed his head.

Jack was already forming more; ready to strike them through the man's body.

The flame spirit huffed and sunk down lower.

"Okay, you're mad, I get it, but you'll forgive me later!"

He ducked as a shard of ice went sailing for his head, then he shot downwards and towards the east, melting into the darkness of the mountains nearby.

Jack shot forward to follow him but halted when he heard Tooth call his name.

He stared at the mountains for a moment to make sure the man had disappeared then flew back up to the palace.

Tooth flew over and gave him a hug, which made him smile and hug her back.

"It's okay now." he said. "Is everyone alright?"

He looked around as the little fairies swarmed them. Some of them had blackened, burn feathers but were flying just fine.

"They're all okay. Jack did you know that person?" Tooth asked, concern lacing her words.

Jack looked at Babytooth who had flown into his hand and he chilled his palm to help cool down her burns.

"Kind of. He calls himself Flicker. He's been harassing me for months now, melting my ice and stuff…but I never thought he would do anything like this."

He gestured to the palace, which was covered in black marks from fire.

"I'm sorry, I should have told you guys about him from the start."

Tooth smiled and hugged him again. "Oh don't even apologize! I'm just grateful you came here to stop him. I can't say I have a lot of experience with fire."

She pulled away and put a hand to her chin in thought. "Flicker? I have never heard of anyone by that name."

"Where do you think he came from, Tooth?" Jack asked her.

"I don't know, but I think if he is going to cause trouble to Guardians we should go speak with the others."

"You don't want to stay and take care of things here?" he asked.

She shook her head. "The palace will be alright, and the fairies can take care of things for a while. Right now my duty as a guardian is more important."

Jack nodded and held his staff up. I began glowing blue at the tip and slowly, a bird made out of ice formed then broke off and began flying around them in circles.

Tooth watched in amazement. She loved the animals Jack made out of ice, something he had started doing soon after becoming a guardian.

Jack touched a finger to it and it suddenly switched direction and headed downwards into the mountains.

"I sent it to fetch Bunnymund, can you get Sandy?"

Tooth nodded and spoke to one of her fairies before it flew off into the sky.

"Alright girls! Lets get our feathers together! I need ten of you in Brazil and five in London!"

Tooth continued barking orders and listing off types of teeth.

Jack waited for her to finish, and then she hovered in front of him excitedly.

"To the North Pole then!" Tooth stated.

The flaming spirit grumbled to himself as he rested his head on one of his palms, watching Jack talk to that annoying pile of feathers.

He was perched behind a rock on one of the mountains, watching the spirit of winter intently.

"Well Jack's memories are out of the question."

His side still ached and he definitely wasn't going to try breaking into the palace again.

He would have to find some other way to get Frost's attention.