I woke up as I heard my name being cried from the bedroom above me.

"No! Holmes! Holmes!" Loath as I am to admit to emotions, Watson's heart-wrenching cries filled me with pain of my own. Even though I know Watson's pride will suffer, my legs carry me up one story.

"Holmes. Did I wake you? I apologize." Honestly, that man did not have a selfish bone in his body.

"You did not have any control over it, Watson."

"Nevertheless, I apologize."

"You had a nightmare."

"Yes. About… about Reichenbach."

I could have kicked myself then. This was my entire fault. How I now wished to turn back the time and reveal myself, just to save Watson the grief.

"I am sorry, my dear Watson."

"It is not your fault."

But it was. It was my fault.

"I… I was too late. You died because of me."

"Holmes! No!" His face was a mix between terror and grief. His voice was broken, and his will seemed deflated.

I bit my lip to keep from crying out to him. His next words I should not have been able to hear over the roaring of the falls, but hear them I did, and they sent an icy chill through my entire body.

"Forgive me, Mary."

No! No, I was doing this to save his life, not so he could end it in the same way he now thought I had died! Abandoning all thoughts, I fled from my hiding place. I had to reach him, reach him before he jumped.

Time then seemed to stand still. I knew I would remember that moment forever. My dearest friend drew a deep breath and disappeared into the roaring water.

"WATSON!" No, he couldn't be… not Watson… he… he could not be… be dead. No. Not Watson. My mind rebelled at the very thought.

"WATSON!" Surely, there was still some hope? Even as my mind knew him to be gone, my heart, yes, my heart clung to some hope. Watson had described me as "a brain without a heart," but I did have a heart. I knew that now.

But my newfound heart could not change the fact that my friend was dead. Because of me. Watson was dead because of my actions. And I wondered I should be better off joining him and Moriarty at the bottom of those wretched falls.