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I stared at the message in shock. SHERLOCK HOLMES AFTER YOU STOP RUN STOP

I never thought when I joined the ranks of criminals that Sherlock Holmes would be chasing me. But he was. I clutched my gun, the one that had committed the murder that had started this in the first place. I heard voices coming into the alley, and I slipped into a crack between two buildings. I was made of shadow. Nobody would find me. Except perchance the man that was chasing me.

"Holmes, I-"

"Be quiet, Watson!" the second man- the detective himself- hissed. "He's here."

My game was up. I stepped out of the shadows with a snarl, brandishing the gun.

"Holmes, look o-"

He stopped as I fired a shot at the detective. Enraged, the doctor fired a single shot out of his revolver. I fell.

A/N: I figured that criminals would have nightmares like that.