FULL SUMMARY! PLEASE READ!: It's been several months since Jason Todd and his sister, Allison "Alli" Todd, moved in with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson to work with the famous Batman and Nightwing as Red Hood and Scarlet Rogue. Alli has been happy since she moved into Wayne Manor. She has her brother, in control of himself and completely rage free, she has a roof over her head, and food to eat. But she's been struggling to adjust to all the sudden changes. She's not used to working on a team, and the people of Gotham don't entirely trust her, or Jason. Not to mention the villains have decided to go after her and hold her hostage to draw out her teammates, simply because she's the only girl on the team. To top it all off, she has to adjust to the life of Gotham's wealthy class, and deal with the press, and her confusing and unsure love/hate relationship with Dick makes for a dangerous game. Will Alli make it out unscathed and unscarred?

Here's the second story in my Red Hood: Time of Red series. This will be easier to understand if you read the first one, Changing Red, since there will be a lot of references and will be focusing on a character from that. Enjoy!


Allison Todd was starting to get annoyed. Well, actually, annoyed wasn't the right word for how she was feeling. Pissed, ticked off, or absolutely at the edge of her patience were more accurate descriptions of her emotions. And for once, the source of her annoyance wasn't Dick, or her brother Jason. It wasn't Bruce or Alfred. It wasn't that she couldn't afford any food and it was next to impossible to steal it, or that the police department had done one of their semi-annual warehouse checks and she'd been forced to stay out of her warehouse home. Those were problems she'd never need to worry about again. True, Dick annoyed the hell out of her sometimes but that wasn't it either. Now, she had to deal with this. Ever since she'd moved into Wayne Manor, and had joined Batman, Nightwing and her brother, Alli had been happy. She'd never admit it but happier than she'd ever been. But she had not expected this. She knew she'd be commiting herself to late nights and to occasionally getting beat up, but to be kidnapped and held hostage to draw her teammates out? She hadn't seen that coming.

Sure, she was the only girl on the team. And yes, in general, though she hated to admit it, the boys were stronger when it came to brute strength. But that, by no means, made Alli weak. What she lacked in brute force she made up for in cunning, agility, and speed. She knew she was not, in any way, a weaker fighter than them. If anything, it made her strive to be better so she could hold her own against them. So when villains decided to target her and kidnap her, they ended up getting more than they bargained for. She may be a girl, but she was not willing to play damsel in distress.

Most of the time, by the time Batman, Dick, and Jason would get to wherever she was being held, she'd always already busted herself out, was fighting the leader, or was waiting impatiently for a ride back to Wayne Manor. Despite how often she busted herself out, she was the one they kept on trying to kidnap. True, she'd often allow herself to be kidnapped if she was way outnumbered and wasn't positive she could win the fight. But that was strategy! You'd think after a few times of having their asses handed to them, the bad guys would realize kidnapping her was a bad idea, but they hadn't and it was pissing Alli off.